Video Slots Guide 2021

Video slots are the most popular form of slots; they have more or less phased out traditional casino slots and are enjoyed in the brick-and-mortar world and online. The easy availability of fantastic video slots online games has added to the already burgeoning appeal of video slots.

Appealing visuals and multimedia, multiple pay lines, and the chance to win big with only a minimal investment have contributed to the rise in popularity of video slots.

What are Video Slots?

Video slots are an excellent outlet for those who love the rush that accompanies probability-based gaming. They’re analogous to traditional slots, but they’re more evolved, more fun, offer more variety, and can be played online from home. There’s also the attraction of winning more money. Video slots are a hit worldwide because they offer a fair opportunity of winning to everyone; this is a game of pure chance and does not involve any skill. A computer randomly generates the results.

Video slots have been around for more than 45 years. Fortune Coin Company introduced the first video slot in 1975.

Video Slot Basics

Video slots machines use video technology to display the games, and their inner workings are managed by sophisticated software verified and regulated by appropriate authorities. Images, sounds, and cutting-edge animation are the standout features that define video slots.

There are some basic considerations to take into account before putting money on video slots online. Check the security and licensing of the online casino to ensure that it has a valid stamp of approval. Look up information on the website regarding SSL encryption. Look up reviews about the online casino you wish to patronize and find out about the website speed, variety of videoslots on offer, cash rewards, welcome bonuses without too many strings attached, etc.

Ensure that the video slots casinos offer a choice in payment methods. Deposits and withdrawals should happen smoothly.

Video Slot Machine Features

Video slots machines offer all kinds of features that add to the fun and overall experience. Knowing what these are can help players approach each game judiciously and enjoy more.

  • Progressive Jackpot – A progressive jackpot keeps growing as players wager at the slot machine. A small percentage of each bet goes towards the jackpot. While the odds with these jackpots are low, the rewards are higher than with fixed jackpots.
  • 2-Way Pay – Two-way pay slot machines offer wins left to right and right to left combinations. These video slots are known as win both ways machines.
  • Autoplay – Online video slots feature Autoplay. Once a player has selected this feature, the machine plays the spins one after the other, stopping only to display results. It’s an exciting way to play this game.
  • Nudge – Not a very common feature these days, but it is an interesting one. It allows the player to move down a reel once or multiple times to form a winning line. It can be done manually or automatically.
  • Gamble – Particularly popular in the UK, this feature takes various forms. In the simplest one, it allows the player to guess the color or suit of the card to appear on the screen. A correct guess doubles the win; a wrong one results in a full forfeit.
  • Symbols – The lifeblood of an online video slots game, symbols can trigger bonuses. Multiplier symbols multiply earnings. Scatter symbols yield payments even when not a part of the winning combination. They can appear anywhere on the screen and yield money.

Playing Video Slots

There are no real differences between the various iterations and styles of video slots out there. Playing video slots casinos or video slots online becomes more manageable once a player understands what happens when you press a button.

The buttons are present in the front area of a video slots machine. Usually, there are two rows, and each row may have five to seven buttons. One row, usually the back row, is for selecting the credits a player wishes to wager per line. The buttons on the front regulate the lines per spin, which is the number of lines you want to bet on during a game. The Bet Max button automatically raises the stakes to the maximum number of coins. The Cash / Collect button lets players take the money out of the video slot machine.

The Help or Payouts table on casino video slots is present on the top portion of the panel above the screen, on the lower panel, or on the screen itself, where it can be accessed via a “View Payouts” button.

The most crucial step in playing video slots online is first to read the payouts table. Slots are a fun way to make money gambling or play for fun. A video slot game can be enjoyed without having to learn any special playing skills.

How do Video Slots Work in a Casino?

Essentially, all video slots machines operate similarly. Players click on a button after staking an amount. The reels with evenly placed symbols spin after the button is pressed. And if spins end with a payline appearing, the player wins. The chances of winning increase with the number of paylines in an online video slots game.

Modern video slots are governed by a Random Number Generator (RNG). All video slots have this computer component that generates the millions of sequences of numbers that define this enjoyable game of pure chance.

The numbers created by the RNG are random, and each new sequence appearing on the screen is independent of the preceding sequences. All spins have an equal chance of winning, and the outcome of previous spins does not influence the result of the succeeding spins. A different series of determiners comes into play each time a player spins the slot. The video slots machine does not know if the player has won money with the previous spin. It cannot alter the sequence of numbers to prevent a payline from appearing. With online video slots, the RNG makes it possible for the players to win big by wagering a small amount.

How do Video Slots Differ from Physical Slots?

Video slots chiefly differ from classic, physical slots in terms of the number of reels, paylines, and bonus features.

Classic slots are simpler to play and feature three or five reels. The traditional physical slots are the best choice for those who wish to test the waters with slots because of the streamlined and straightforward gameplay. There’s still a sizeable number of slots lovers drawn by the traditional, old-school appeal of conventional slots.

Video slots, the ones found in online casinos, offer more excitement because of the jackpots, wild and scatter symbols, and bonuses available. With video slots, players can realistically hope for pleasant surprises in the form of wins or free spins.

The higher number of reels and rows with video slots increases the chances of winning and lure players. There are only so many ways to win with classic slots, but there are video slots with more than 1000 paylines.

These slots possess the feel of high-end console video games and provide the thrill one expects from a quality slots game.

As compared to physical slots, video slots offer a unique experience with each game. Online casinos offering video slots do not run the risk of boring players with repetitive reels. The range of colors and themes available with video slots ensures endless variety.

Top Tips for Video Slots

Video slots are even more fun to play when one does so in a structured and informed manner.

  • Players should have a budget to begin with and then stick to it.
  • Video slots are a great way to unwind, and if one wins something along the way, then great. One should avoid getting carried away by wins becoming despondent on losing.
  • Video slots regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission are regulated and licensed and are safe for all involved.
  • The amount wagered influences the bonuses and free spins.
  • A player should consider quitting when he’s winning.
  • Playing in the free mode to understand the game enables the player to wager judiciously and enjoy more.
  • One should only play an affordable machine.

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