Top Sic Bo Tips For Online Casinos

Not many people know about the popular Asian game Sic Bo, but it can be found in many online casinos. But what is Sic Bo you ask? Fortunately, we’re here to give you a quick overview, and even give you some top tips to boost your winning chances when you play in an online casino. Whether you’re an online casino fan, or you prefer a bricks and mortar casino, Sic Bo can be found in both, so you’ll have no trouble jumping on the table and rolling the dice.


What Is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a game of Chinese origin, and is a game of chance played with dice. The game is exceptionally popular in Asia, and was introduced to the US and the United Kingdom in the early 20th century. The literal meaning of the name Sic Bo, is ‘precious dice’ and this can be due to the fact that all betting in Sic Bo revolves around the throw of the dice.

The game is very popular in land-based casinos in Macau, but can also be found in Atlantic City, and some other casinos across the world. The game uses three dice, and the aim is to throw the dice and bet on what you think the outcome will be – for example, if all of the dice come out the same. This game is usually compared to craps, due to its similarities on dice throwing, but Sic Bo is an entirely different world as it is purely a game of chance as every roll results in a win or a loss. In craps, some bets require certain rolls before they become winning or losing bets.


Choose A Good Sic Bo Site

If you’re playing Sic Bo online, then you should choose a site that offers a great deal of variance in their Sic Bo games, or at least so there’s not just one or two tables on the site. Although that might be a little more difficult that you can imagine, when you do find one you won’t be disappointed. Then, you need to choose a good game, just as you would when trying to choose a good table in a bricks and mortar casino.

House Edge

Looking at the house edge in a casino is really important. For example if a table is 60-1, this yields a house advantage of 15.28%. The very best tables will offer 65-1 for a house edge of 8.33%, which nearly doubles the possibility of winning. If you can’t find the house edge on an online casino, have a look at the return to player rates instead, to see if that game is worth your time and money.

Look For Promotions

If you can find a site that offers great welcome bonuses, on specific promotions for Sic Bo, then make sure you take advantage of that. Many sites will provide a range of bonuses and promotions, and because Sic Bo isn’t as popular as, for example, slots, you may find a really great promotion for Sic Bo that can get you in the winnings. Free throws, bonus money when you win, and other special additions all make the online experience even better, and may even get you on a winning streak.


Betting Tips

Big Or Small

When it comes to betting on Sic Bo, there are various things that you should keep in mind. Generally, on a Sic Bo table, the house edge can vary hugely, from as small as 2.78% to over 10%, depending on the table and the location of the casino. The best bets that you can make in Sic Bo is on either Big or Small. This means that you will be betting that the total score is from either 4 to 10 (small) or 11 to 17 (big). These bets pay 1:1 typically, and they have the smallest house edge of around 2.76%.

Improved Games

Microgaming has a new and improved version of Sic Bo, which allows you to make a bet on any two specific numbers or a combination bet. This game is worth seeking out, as it has a low house edge of around 2.77% and the odds against this bet winning is 6:1.


When playing on an online casino, don’t bet on a triple (a bet where all three die show the same number). Although this bet is worth 180:1 on odds, it is the riskiest one you can make, and you will win very rarely. Experienced Sic Bo players, both on and offline, avoid triples, or only use them as an additional bet. When it comes to triple bets, you are more likely to lose money rather than win, so make sure to avoid these.

Betting Systems

When it comes to Sic Bo, there is no betting system that will work 100% in order to reduce the house edge. Sic Bo is purely a game of chance, and because of this, betting systems cannot guarantee a profit. Although some players do develop strategies such as switching from big to small after a certain number of throws, when it comes to betting systems there’s just no way of knowing. Use your intuition, rather than your head.

Know When To Stop

When it comes to Sic Bo, the odds are titled so far in the houses’ favour that the longer one stays, the higher the probability of losing becomes. Because Sic Bo is a game of chance, you may end up staying longer than expected because you’re on a winning streak, but then quickly lose it all again. The best way to beat Sic Bo is to quit while you’re ahead. You can set a time limit, a fixed number of throws, or any other form of exit strategy, and make sure to leave when it gets to it. The house edge has a way of catching up with you if you stay too long, so make sure you know when to quit.