The Rise Of Virtual Sports Betting

The Rise Of Virtual Sports Betting 01


Virtual sports betting has definitely taken the modern world by storm, it taps into the very fast paced culture of modern society. This new trend has been able to be created by new technologies that facilitate instantaneous betting opportunities on a variety of sports, with the action simulated using computer graphics. You may have already tested out the best mobile betting apps of 2016 and enjoyed those, but now is the time to take your betting experience to a whole new level. For those who aren’t sure what it is, not to worry. The whole idea around virtual sports is pretty simple, it delivers wagering opportunities on a whole host of sporting events 24 hours a day, seven days a week- 24/7 entertainment. For players who enjoy placing bets it has made it incredibly easy and fun to bet during the off season.

Are you a big fan of betting, but can’t be bothered with the hassle of popping down to your local shop? Or maybe you want to try the newest and latest betting technology? Then virtual sports betting may just be the new game for you. You have also come to the right place, as to how virtual sports betting works, the best sports and the best strategies.

How Does Virtual Sports Betting Work?

Now you have the basics of what virtual sport betting is, how does it exactly work? Well the concept of virtual sports betting is easy to understand. There may be a virtual football match; you’ll have a list of fixtures presented alongside a fictional league table, with many of the traditional markets available. The outright winner of the match can be wagered on, as can a multitude of other fields, including correct score, over or under 2.5 goals and even double chance. The match is then presented visually. Imagine it like the computer games series FIFA; you can also fast forward to the end of the presentation to check the results in the quickest timeframe possible.


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The key difference between virtual realm and real world sports betting is of course the results. As the results are instantaneous, it is easy to place a bet on almost any mainstream sport at any given time, rather than having to wait for the event to take place. There will always be different events across the sporting spectrum starting every couple of minutes as well; virtual sport betting has become on-demand betting.

The interesting aspect of virtual sports betting and the one thing to take away is that the virtual events aren’t swayed by chance; each sportsbook uses a serious algorithm. The algorithm is checked by independent verifiers to ensure that it is completely neutral. The form book and the recent results sections of a virtual sports platform are of relevance and any bettors can wager with confidence.

Virtual Sports To Bet On

If you check out virtual sports betting on various different online casinos then you will be surprised to see all the popular sports. The good news is, many popular markets can be backed in virtual sports, especially football, but also horse racing and motor sports as well. Players can wager outright or each way, and place combination bets such as Forecasts and Tricasts.


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All football betting fans will be pleased to know that virtual football can be played on many different online casinos and they all use the latest in 3D visualisation with an extensive yet varied betting offering. On most online casinos you will find that you have options to a wide range of league and cup competitions. The league format includes 16 teams, 240 fixtures per season, 30 match days and 8 games in parallel. The Nations Cup offers the same features as the Euro but also includes international teams. The Champions Cup which has 32 teams and over 100 matches, played by European clubs and the World Cup which has 32 teams and 63 matches.


When it comes to tennis the virtual sports betting is slightly different. It is based on the analysis and statistics of over 20,000 real tennis matches. If you are interested in tennis sport betting then you will be pleased to know that it has exceptional levels of intense realism and depth.

Horse Racing

Horse racing happens to be one of the oldest forms of gambling there is and it’s still a pastime that is enjoyed by millions of people each year. Now this beloved old sport can be enjoyed virtually and the best part is it is based on real time. Each race features broad levels of statistical coverage so that played can assess their chance well ahead of the race.

Choosing an Online Site For Virtual Sports Betting

Everyone in all parts of the gaming and gambling sector are incredibly excited by virtual sports betting. As the games simulate real sports allowing you to study your favourite sports and then back those 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you wish. There are many different sites that offer a lot of different sports; so here is a brief breakdown of the sports you can play on different sites. Each site has different promotions so be sure to check them out for yourself.


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Ladbrokes: Dog racing, horse racing, Football 24/7, Golden jacket, Soccer shots, Penalty Shoot out.

SkyBet: Horse racing, Greyhounds, Football, Motors racing, Speedway

PaddyPower: Horse racing, Greyhounds, Football, Motorsports, Speedway, Cycling

William Hill: Horse racing, Greyhounds, Football, Motorsports, Tennis, Cycling

Virtual Sports Betting Strategy

If you are interested in betting on a virtual sport then you may need a brief overview on how to strategically win. Before you play and bet you need to be able to remember that virtual sport is consistent with the unusual that often prevails in the real world action, so you will need to keep up-to-date with the real sports too. When it comes to any form of gambling you need to be able to have discipline. If you want to win do not chase losses, and you need to be able to manage your bankroll effectively. Consider each bet as an investment, and of course have fun and enjoy the modern technology.