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WWE and professional wrestling is fake – it is all pre-determined, and purely scripted for your entertainment, rather than being a pure sporting contest. Despite this, thanks to the many twists and turns of the average storyline, it can still be a lot of fun and very profitable to bet on WWE matches as, while results are chosen in advance, they are kept a tight secret.

For WWE betting, UK bookies don’t always have odds available. Only selected betting websites will give you odds on the matches, which makes for a more narrow market. If you get a great tip, more people could potentially get that same tip and bet on WWE results with the same betting website, driving the price to be less profitable if you aren’t quick to place your bets.

WWE is made up of weekly television and monthly major events, traditionally referred to as ‘pay-per-views’, as they were previously only available in the US on a pay-per-view network. It’s extremely rare to find a website that will accept bets on WWE’s weekly programming: it’s often the major events where odds are offered.

Most betting on WWE events is on the outright result of a match between two or more wrestlers or ‘superstars’. Matches can feature more than two competitors, either in a tag-team situation or with every man fighting for himself.

Matches are won by pinfall or submission, or in some cases via disqualification or by being counted out of the ring. Finishes that feature cheating, distracted referees or someone interfering in the match are relatively common and must be taken into consideration as possible options when betting. WWE writers use these finishes to matches to help get out of a corner they’ve written themselves into.

If you become a fan of WWE, you’ll soon start to detect patterns in how storylines work, so when you’re placing WWE bets you can make some serious money if you are clever. However because these patterns exist, you’ll often find that betting websites only allow bets to a certain limit, and even when you think you’ve got a match result worked out you’ll often be swerved by the writers of the product in order to promote an aspect of shock value.

It can sometimes pay to seek out tips online, but be wary of passionate fans who can sometimes predict results emotionally, rather than being logical, simply due to the nature of the sport.

Notable wrestlers to bet on

The active roster of the WWE at any one time can contain upwards of 40-50 superstars, and it is quite fluid too, as people are moved on and legendary wrestlers brought back for occasional appearances. There are some characters who stand out as the most prominent and who will feature in any WWE betting you wish to enjoy.

  • John Cena

Cena has been the face of the company for over a decade, and while his career is arguably starting to wind down (slowly), he still appears at every major event. Generally Cena has won a lot more matches than he has lost but as his active career begins to get nearer to its end, expect the win-loss ratio to become closer. It may be the ideal time to visit WWE betting sites and lump on a big Cena defeat, if you find the odds haven’t caught up with the downward trajectory of his career.

  • The Undertaker

The Undertaker is one of the most prolific and iconic superstars of the past 25 years. His endurance is testament to his exceptional popularity, although in recent years he has limited his appearances to only the annual Wrestlemania event, barring a couple of exceptions. Now that the streak is over, you’re still more likely to have ‘Taker as an overriding favourite for his match.

  • Triple H

The son-in-law of the owner of WWE (both in real life and in storylines), Triple H has previously had a reputation as someone out for himself: he even tries to influence the storytelling to make himself look better! In recent years, he hasn’t wrestled as much but when he has he’s taken the defeat to help build up the next star. A WWE bet on a Triple H win is a risky move if his last few major events are anything to go by.

  • Brock Lesnar

Currently being pushed as one of the most explosive and dangerous superstars on the roster following a stint as an MMA Champion, Brock Lesnar ‘achieved the impossible’ by ending the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak and has since dominated other superstars in matches. He wins more than he loses, but beware of finishes to matches that feature interference or cheating, which could scupper any bet you have placed.

  • Roman Reigns

If any one superstar is being positioned as the future of the company, despite fan reactions, it’s Roman Reigns. He’s wrestled at a number of the top events over the past year and while his win/loss ratio hasn’t been outstanding, this is down to chasing the championship while being at odds with the owners. Soon he will break through and hold the title for a substantial amount of time, when he will be winning on a much more regular basis.

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Wrestlemania – The grandest stage of them all

Wrestlemania is the showpiece event of the year for WWE, with months of storylines culminating at the event. Held annually in early April (although on rare occasions this can be brought forward to the last week of March), it is always the grandest and most famous event in the sports entertainment calendar.

It’s because of this immense popularity that Wrestlemania is the show on which most WWE bets are placed. As the largest event of the year, it’s the one that most people watch (many UK viewers preferring to stay up throughout the night to watch live) and it truly captures the spirit of the passionate fan.

Wrestlemania will always have the biggest match-ups in the year, which can make for interesting WWE bet predictions. Traditionally, the good guy (or “face”) wrestler will win the main event to send the fans home happy, but it’s been known for the writers to have the bad guy (“heel”) wrestler win in order to make the story more interesting – as with WWE the story always continues, and the live show the night after Wrestlemania is another huge event.

Then you’ll have your legend matches, where a fan favourite from previous years will make an appearance, often to fight a younger superstar. Sometimes the legend will win in order to keep the crowd pleased with a shot of nostalgia but at other times the legend will lose so that the younger wrestler looks stronger, building them up for their own legendary career.

Multi-man matches are also common, which means you’ll usually get better odds on WWE betting sites even though the result can still be more predictable. More wrestlers in a match doesn’t always mean more wrestlers who have a chance of winning, if you know the storylines and know who’s been included just for the sake of making the match more interesting.

One of the longest-running stories of Wrestlemania was the winning streak of the wrestler called ‘The Undertaker’. Between his first Wrestlemania appearance in 1991 and Wrestlemania XXX in 2014, The Undertaker won 21 matches with no losses.

The streak became famous even outside the inner circles of WWE fans, so when he lost to Brock Lesnar it was a huge shock.

Odds had previously always been heavily stacked in Undertaker’s favour as a win was always expected – and WWE betting websites didn’t lose out when he did lose because so many people were conditioned to have bet on an Undertaker win.

Make sure to check out the WWE bets available on the run up to Wrestlemania each year by clicking through to one of our trusted affiliate sites to enjoy great odds and a selection of special offers.

The famous Royal Rumble match

Each January, the Royal Rumble event kicks off the “road to Wrestlemania” and, thanks to a unique match, it remains one of the most popular events in WWE. The premise behind the Royal Rumble match makes it exciting: two men start the match, then every 90 seconds another competitor will enter. 30 men will compete overall, which each wrestler eliminated when they are thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor. The winner of the Royal Rumble is traditionally awarded with a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in the main event of Wrestlemania.

With 30 potential winners, it’s a great match to place a bet on. The number of potential winners and unpredictability of the match mean you have the chance to get some great odds on someone who could be a likely winner, making it much more interesting.

There are other bets available on the match, too; as the order of entrants is generally kept secret for the event, it’s possible instead to bet on the number entrant to win the match. The number 30 entrant, despite being the most fresh as the last to join the match, has won the same number of times as the number one entrant.

Other bets available on the match include the longest time in the match and the superstar to make the most eliminations, or whether a superstar will be around in the final four in the match, giving you a number of options to make money on one of the biggest matches in the year for WWE.

Find out which novelty WWE bet on the Royal Rumble you want to place this year by visiting our trusted partners.

Other notable events in the year

  • Summerslam is the second largest show of the WWE calendar, taking place in August and usually featuring high profile matches. However it isn’t particularly known for any large multi-man events and storylines at this time can be quite unpredictable, so be sure to beat this in mind when placing bets on WWE at this time.
  • The remaining events in the calendar all have the same theme each year, but this theme doesn’t always result in more unique matches. The two events still worthy of note are Survivor Series and Money in the Bank.
  • Survivor Series has traditional tag-team elimination matches, giving you more options for betting on not only which team will win but also who’ll survive, while Money in the Bank has its own match where up to eight superstars will compete for a future title shot opportunity. Again, this can be quite unpredictable and therefore, if you’re lucky, profitable.

Check which events you can currently place a bet on, and find the best odds by visiting one of our betting partners.

Tips on betting on WWE

It’s impossible to give concrete tips that you should apply to every match with WWE as the writers behind the shows change things on too regular a basis to help you guarantee a win. The biggest wrestler in the company can lose to someone on a losing streak on any given day, depending on whether it advances the storyline in a certain way.

However, with larger shows at various points in the calendar, it’s possible to make assumptions based on who may be champion going into a future event. There are other tips to follow too – such as taking in an event as a whole it’s extremely rare for all good guys or all bad guys to win on the night, which can help narrow down certain results.

Betting on a pre-determined sport may seem unusual but for the dedicated there is the chance to earn some serious money with betting on WWE matches and events. Be sure to pick up the current storylines if you want guidance on where to put your money, but remember that having results already decided doesn’t mean the shocking can’t happen, and you can bet WWE will try to employ the most surprising storylines.

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