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Volleyball is a competitive, fast-moving game that’s played by both men and women. For many people, it’s a game that they link with beach holidays and fun in the sun, having watched the lively beach volleyball tournaments in the Olympic Games.

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking volleyball is played only at major tournaments such as the Olympics! Professional volleyball is a serious sport that’s played worldwide. It’s the second most popular sport in Brazil, behind football. Some of the best international volleyball players compete in the Serie A1 league in Italy. It’s also a popular choice for online betting sites and even people who have never watched volleyball before will find it’s simple to follow.

At many online betting sites, you can even find live streams of volleyball competitions. It’s a sport that’s perfectly suited to wagering.

A brief history of volleyball

Volleyball has its origins in the USA in the 19th century. It was created as an indoor sport by YMCA director William Morgan in 1895, when it was called mintonette. Canada was the first country outside the United States to adopt volleyball as a sport. The Federation International de Volleyball was set up to include the many other nations that started playing in the early 20th century.

Volleyball was first recognised in the Olympics of 1924, but wasn’t featured as a competitive sport at that time. It was played as part of a display of American sports. It wasn’t until the 1964 Tokyo Olympics that volleyball was introduced as a competitive sport. Three decades later, beach volleyball was also recognised as a sport in the Atlanta Olympics of 1996.

Competition guide for volleyball betting

Online volleyball betting sites offer customers the chance to bet on a number of leagues and competitions. There are many domestic and international tournaments on offer. Volleyball bets can be placed on domestic volleyball leagues in all continents. Matches take place all the time, all over the world. You don’t have to be an expert on volleyball to learn about how bets work on this popular international sport.

In addition to domestic league betting, there are also many international competitions taking place regularly. The most well-known is the Olympic Games, held every four years. It attracts the cream of international teams from across the globe and is always a popular vehicle for volleyball betting.

In addition, the FIVB volleyball World Championship also takes place every four years. It’s open to men and women. 24 teams compete for the prestigious title.

There are also opportunities to bet on the World League, a men’s international volleyball competition that was launched in 1990. It takes place across five continents, featuring 16 top teams.

Betting is also popular on the Volleyball World Cup, an international tournament open to men and women. It’s a qualifier for the Olympics and is a well-respected tournament. Another favourite if you’re looking to place a volleyball bet is the Grand Prix, an international women’s volleyball competition.

How to bet on volleyball

Volleyball is an increasingly popular sport that features on most of the major online betting sites. If you’re worried you have only a limited knowledge of volleyball, have no fears. A little online research goes a long way and you can soon brush up on the leagues and teams.

Most online volleyball betting sites will have some tips available. Also, by checking out the odds, you will see which teams are the top contenders. If you’re interested in betting, volleyball opens up a whole new market to you.

Among the games covered by most top online betting sites are those in the Korean, Russian, Brazilian, Finnish, Argentinian, Belgian, Swiss, German, Dutch, Italian, Austrian and Polish men’s and women’s leagues.

Different types of bet

  • There are several ways in which to bet. The most simple to understand is a bet on which team will win the game. Another simple bet is predicting which team will win a competition outright. If you place a bet long before the start of the competition, you are likely get the best odds. Online betting sites will release the odds a considerable time before any major international tournament begins. If you check all the online bookmakers regularly, you can be sure you won’t miss out.
  • Another volleyball bet you can place is total sets betting, when you try to predict how many sets will be won by both teams. Another type of wager offered is volleyball sets handicap betting. This is when one team is heavily favoured to win. Bookmakers will offer a handicap of sets to counter the perceived difference in ability between the two teams. The sets will be included in the final score. The victor is the team that wins when the additional handicap sets have been added.
  • A further type of bet, volleyball first set betting, is just what its name suggests: customers can bet on who will win the first set in a volleyball match. A set handicap is a bet on the outcome of one particular set. This type of bet is often offered at similar terms to match bets.
  • A point spread wager requires the winning volleyball team to beat the spread. For example, the spread could be set at 40 and the winning team must beat that score. This type of bet is popular as, even if your team loses the match, you don’t lose your bet if the winning team fails to cover the spread.
  • A point totals bet is a wager on how many points in total will be scored by both teams combined. This means you aren’t betting on the match’s outcome. You’re betting on how many points in total will be scored. Another name for this is an “over under bet”. The betting site will suggest a total and you try to predict if the final score will be over, or under, the predicted total.
  • Accumulator bets are also available. You can make one bet, but put several selections of different games in an accumulator. You get high odds for this and if you predict the results correctly, you can win a considerable amount of money. However, bear in mind the more matches you have in your accumulator, the more difficult it is to predict all the results correctly. If you get even one wrong, you lose your bet.

What are blocks and spikes?

This terminology refers to when a volleyball player jumps up high into the air to smash the ball down hard on to their opponent’s side of the court. This is referred to as a “spike”. The “block” occurs when the opposing team tries to stop the ball from hitting the ground.

Seasoned volleyball fans believe a team that’s able to set up a number of quality spikes throughout a match will do well. If you’re betting on who you think will win a particular tournament or league (known as “futures” bets) you would be well advised to check out some online footage of the contenders, to see who can produce a quality spike when it matters.

Another factor that volleyball fans look out for is how close to the net a team plays. They believe this is a reliable indicator that the team is good at winning back serves.

Live volleyball betting

Most online betting sites now offer live volleyball betting. This means that they provide in-play volleyball odds. All the live matches that are in-play will be listed on the site, which means the most up-to-date odds are offered. The odds will be updated and by accessing the site on your computer or mobile device, you can have all the information that you need at your fingertips.

You can place your bet at any time, from anywhere, by simply clicking on the relevant link to see a list of all the live volleyball matches taking place at any given time. You can see and compare the current betting odds from all available live matches. You can also check on the betting sites for upcoming in-play live matches.

Advances in technology and the 24/7 availability of live sporting events has led to a huge increase in live betting’s popularity. It’s actually taking over from pre-match betting as customers’ favourite way to place a bet.

Having a live in-play betting option takes any online bookmaker to a new level. It offers many different betting options, dynamic odds and other new features, including live streaming. All of these benefits will improve your experience as a customer and add to the excitement of placing a bet.

Both traditional pre-match betting and live in-play betting have advantages. Customers who favour live in-play betting find it more exciting having an ongoing supply of betting options. Betting live offers the thrill of rapidly-changing odds. If you trust your gut instinct and have the courage and determination to make decisions fast, click on the links above to find the best live betting options.

Many online bookmakers enhance their customers’ overall experience by offering live streaming of events. They will stream the match action to add to the thrill of the event.

Any advice on volleyball betting?

Although volleyball receives less coverage in general than the more mainstream sports, such as football, this is not necessarily a disadvantage for customers. It’s possible to conduct your own online research into the various leagues, teams and results.

You might also be surprised at how widespread volleyball is. If you think there aren’t matches played every day, think again. By checking out the various betting site links, you will see that matches are being played all over the world, every day. There will be no shortage of games on which to bet. There’s always some volleyball action on offer somewhere in the world.

One strategy adopted by some gamblers is to place a small bet on a team with an outside chance of winning a tournament. It may be a team that has been written off by volleyball fans. If you look for teams like this, you will get massive odds on their matches before the tournament starts. If you’re playing on a site where you can cash-in your bet early and your outsider team starts a tournament surprisingly well, it may be worth your while to cash-in early. That way, you will be winning before the tournament finishes.

Look at points lost statistics

People who bet regularly on volleyball will scrutinise the statistics on lost points. This refers to points lost when the ball has landed outside the court’s marked areas, or points lost as a result of a foul. They will make use of these statistics in order to make a pre-match bet. Those gamblers who feel confident enough to do so will also take into account these statistics during play before making an in-play live bet.

For example, if one team is making an increasing number of errors by either hitting the ball out of play, or committing a foul, they will start leaking points. Some customers making an in-play bet might feel these errors will prove sufficient to make the team lose. They may make a further bet if they feel one team is making an increasing number of these unforced errors.

Once you’ve become more familiar with volleyball betting and your confidence increases, you can start making more complicated types of bet. For example, you can check out the “double result” market. This means you can predict both who will win the first set and who will win the match, for example. The odds increase for this type of wager, so as soon as you feel confident enough to predict both results, it can be a way of making considerably more money, should you predict correctly.

As the attraction of online volleyball betting grows, it’s apparent why so many fans are turning to betting sites to try their luck. You can place a wager from the comfort of your own home if you don’t feel like going to the bookmaker’s, or place your bet from virtually anywhere if you’re using a mobile device.

In addition, you have all the forthcoming volleyball matches, current games, odds and results at your fingertips at the click of a button. Take advantage of in-play live betting in a matter of seconds and watch live streaming of matches to add to the thrills. If you want to join the excitement of the online volleyball betting market, click on one of our affiliate links above and join a growing number of fans who enjoy having the world of volleyball bets at their fingertips.

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