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A short history

Squash was invented at Harrow School in the early 1830s, and was at first a version of tennis. The sport then spread to other private schools across the country, and as its popularity grew, the game became more technical and advanced. The rules were codified in the 1920s with the setting up of the first professional squash body, the England Squash & Racketball Association.

The rules

Squash is played on a court between two players. The game is played by hitting a small, rubber ball against the wall of the court, and the objective of the game is to score points by winning rallies. For each rally won, the player scores one point; the first player to reach nine points wins the game. Squash is known for being a very fast paced, athletic game that relies on skill, pace, and power, and can be played strategically in a number of different ways. Some players also wear safety equipment like knee pads and eye glasses during games.

International competitions

Squash has been a part of both the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games since 1998, and is now also played as part of the Pan American Games. However, although players and professional bodies have lobbied for squash to be part of the Olympics for some time, they have so far been unsuccessful. A new bid is being prepared, however, for the 2024 Olympics Games, which if successful, will see squash played on the biggest international stage there is.

Squash betting

Squash is not at the same level of popularity when it comes to betting as major sports like football or rugby. However, it is growing in popularity and more and more online betting sites are introducing squash as a new market. As the market is in its infancy, this also means that there is the potential to make good profits on your bets, and there are a variety of different ways that you can do this. Let’s look at the different types of squash betting in a bit more detail.

What are the different types of squash betting?

Although many people won’t associate squash with betting, the sport is becoming more popular with online bookmakers. As customers become used to traditional sports and betting markets like football and horse racing, bookmakers are looking for new ways to keep their customers interested. Squash is the ideal solution, as there are a number of different ways you can bet on it, some of which are different from those in more traditional betting sports. So, let’s look at a few of the ways that you could use your free bet offer on a squash match.

  • Match winner

This is as simple as it sounds – you bet on who you think will be the winner of the match between two players; it works in the same way as it does for many other sports. In tournaments, you can also sometimes bet on the outright winner of the tournament overall.

  • Total points

You can also bet on the total number of points scored between both players in the match. These selections often have better odds than those for match winner, and the two sometimes are bet in combination with each other to enhance the odds of the overall bet.

  • Handicap betting

Like in some other sports such a netball, handicap betting is popular in squash markets. Handicap betting is used when there is a mismatch of players in one match; for example, one very strong player and one very weak player. The weak player is assigned a + handicap, which will be added to their overall score at the end. The strong player has a – handicap, which is removed from their total score. This can alter the final result of the match, and therefore handicap betting often has better odds than traditional match winner selections.

  • Odd/even matches

This kind of bet is particular to squash, and relates to the way it is played. In a squash tournament, matches are given odd and even numbers and are played simultaneously – therefore you can bet on the outcome of both odd and even numbered games together as one bet with enhanced odds.

  • Live squash betting

Like with many other sports, lots of bookmakers also offer in-play live squash betting. However, as the game is so much faster than other sports like football, rugby, or tennis, live squash betting offers excitement and requires skill that it is hard to obtain elsewhere. The in-play market for squash covers a variety of different selections, including next point and next foul, as well as the other selections described above at changing odds.

Are there any offers on free squash bets?

Although squash isn’t the most popular of sports in terms of online betting, it is growing in popularity and stature. In order to encourage more people to bet on squash, betting companies are advertising free bet offers and promotions for their websites. This means that as long as you sign up, and in most cases make a deposit, you will receive the funds in order to place a free bet on squash, or any other sport you choose. This tactic is also used by the online bookmakers to capture more customers from their competitors in the market, as they hope that new customers that sign up for free bets will continue to bet with them.

However, there’s nothing stopping you from signing up for multiple free bet offers and promotions with numerous online betting companies, and our simple, easy to use table at the top of the page has collated all of the best ones together for you. This makes it easier to pick a free bet offer that suits your needs, and means you can claim a number of different free bets from different companies without having to search them out individually!

So, what do you need to do to get your free squash bet? It’s as easy as following our three step guide:

Step 1: Pick your free bet offer

The first step is to pick your free bet offer from the table. Each offer is slightly different, so it’s really down to whichever one suits you the best. Or, if you like, you can simply work your way through them, taking advantage of each free bet promotion to see what that bookmaker has to offer. Once you’ve decided, we’re ready to move on to step 2.

Step 2: Sign up to the online bookmakers

In order to claim the free bet, you’re going to see need to sign up to the bookmakers. This will require you to enter in some basic personal information and possibly provide proof that you are of the required age. In addition, this step may also require you to enter in a promotional code so that you are eligible for the free bet – but don’t worry, all of the promotional codes you’ll need are available at the top of the page, so all you need to do is simply copy and paste it into the box on the online betting website. Once you’ve signed up, you’re ready to move on to step 3.

Step 3: Make a deposit and claim your free bet

Now all that you need to do is make your first deposit, and then you should be able to claim your free bet! You can then start looking through the sports and markets available on that particular website, and make your squash selection.

However, although this part is very easy, you should also be aware that some betting websites add terms and conditions to their free bet offers, which may restrict the way you are able to use your free bet. So, take a look at the six common restrictions below, so that you’re prepared in the eventuality that one of them applies to whichever free bet offer it is that you choose.

What are the restrictions on a free squash bet?

When you’re claiming free bets, you should always be aware that many will come with a set of restrictions, which could limit how and when you use them. Therefore it’s important to know what these restrictions are before you start choosing a free bet offer from the table at the top of page, as this means that you won’t be left with a bet that you are unable to use or that you cannot use on your favourite squash markets or other sports. Let’s take a closer look at what some of these restrictions could include, starting with time limits.

1. Time limits

Many free bet offers come with strict time limits. This means that once you have claimed your free bet, you will only have a certain amount of time to use it before it expires. This time limit varies between online bookmakers, but is usually between one week and one month. Make sure you check the time on your bet to make sure that you don’t lose out.

2. You may have to bet more before you can cash out

Lots of free bets also come with what’s called a rollover requirement. This means that you will need to bet your free bet money a certain number of times before you can cash out your winnings, making it less likely that you will have any winnings left to cash out. Be wary of these, as they can mean that all of the hard work you put in to winning your first bet is wasted.

3. Betting type restrictions

There could also be some restrictions in place based on the type of bets that you are allowed to play. Most free bets are available to use for single and accumulators, but are not allowed to be used in conjunction with other offers, such as enhanced odds, in-play specials, and certain promoted combinations. Again, this will vary between bookmakers so make sure you check the terms and conditions.

4. Odds restrictions

As well excluding certain types of bet, free bet offers may also only be used on selections with minimum odds or prices. This is to force customers to blow their free bet on a higher odds selection, but if selected properly this also means that you can make a tidy profit from your free bet.

5. Market restrictions

Another restriction that may be placed on your free bet relates to which sports and markers it can be used in. Some free bets will only be redeemable in pre-determined sports, markets, or selections.

6. You won’t get your stake back

You should also be aware that the stake from your free bet will not be returned should your bet win. This means you will need to calculate your return without the stake so as to get it right.

Squash betting tips and tricks

1. Pay attention to injuries

Injuries are very important in squash. As the game is so fast paced and relies heavily on athleticism, power and pace, as well as skill, even the best players find it hard to play through injuries. As a result, you should find out who is injured at the start of a tournament, as this can heavily affect their ability to win games and play to their best.

2. The form book is king

In squash, form can change very quickly. That’s why it’s so important to pay close attention to which players are in form as they are entering and tournament, and, just as importantly, which players are out of form. This will allow you to make better and more informed judgements about who will win or lose, and who might win the tournament overall.

What are you waiting for?

Now that you’re clued up on everything to do with squash and squash betting, and you know how to get free squash bets online, you’re all ready to go! Get started by clicking the links in our handy free bet table at the top of the page.

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