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Football betting online is at an all-time high, mainly thanks to the modern smartphone technology that makes online betting so simple, plus the boom in 24/7 live sport.

It’s fair to say that football is one of the most watched sports in the world. Online football betting provides you with the chance to place the best bets worldwide, thanks to the variety of football betting sites. The beauty of betting online is that you can place your bet at any time of the day or night, while keeping on top of the latest odds, tips and football betting offers.

You’ll never again have to worry about making it to the bookmaker’s on time, or missing out because you’re too busy, because you can place bets 24/7 from the comfort of your own home, or from virtually any location if you’re using a mobile device. In addition to the regular matches that take place all year round, there are key events throughout the year, when the best football betting sites will keep you on the ball in terms of finding the best betting odds.

What’s more, most of the betting sites will offer customers a free football bet. The offers vary from site to site and can be quite lucrative. The best thing to do is take a good look at all the free football betting offers before making a decision. There are so many to choose from, it’s in your best interests to check them all out thoroughly before placing a bet.

Bet on matches worldwide

In addition to the UK football leagues, you can bet on the outcome of virtually any match worldwide. Among the most viewed matches are those taking place in the European football leagues, including the English Premier League, Italy’s Serie A, Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga and the French Ligue 1.

You can also bet on football in the Brazilian, South African, Asian, Dutch, Scottish, Portuguese, Belgian, Greek, Finnish, Australian, Irish, Swiss, Welsh, Austrian and Turkish leagues. Betting online on football doesn’t mean only the top divisions, as lower league matches are also on offer. The world’s your oyster when it comes to placing a football bet and the choice of matches is truly astounding.

International football offers fans even more chances to bet on football, with the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League being particularly popular. When you check out the amazing football betting sites online, it’s like visiting a one-stop shop, where all the best betting deals are at your fingertips.

Different options for placing bets

When it comes to football betting, there are seemingly endless ways of trying your luck. You can bet on the result of any football match. Alternatively, you can place a more specific bet, such as who the first goalscorer will be; who will score the next goal; the total number of goals scored; plus even more unusual bets, such as whether the goalkeeper will score, for example.

Due to the massive growth in recent years of football betting, UK online sites are offering a much wider variety of bets, in addition to the traditional bets on the result of a football match.

A recent addition is live football betting. This enables you to bet on live matches as they happen, with online betting sites offering live scores, match updates and a stats centre. Live football in-play betting odds are updated regularly, so that you can get the best odds as soon as they appear. The stats and odds are clearly laid out, making it incredibly easy to bet.

You will also have the chance to cash out your bet at any time during the match. This makes betting more exciting, giving you more ways to win. Placing football bets has never been easier. You don’t even have to wait until the end of the match to cash out.

The addition of mobile betting applications allows customers to place a bet on their chosen match from a mobile device from wherever they choose, at any time. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Accumulator bets explained

The ever-popular accumulator bets are readily available on the online betting sites. The accumulator bet remains one of the most popular football wagers. It’s a single bet that links two or more individual wagers. Whether you’re a winner depends on all of those bets coming in.

The main benefit of an accumulator is that the pay-out is much higher than when you place the individual bets separately. This is because the chances of all your selections winning is lower, of course. You can add a huge number of selections to your accumulator bet.

There are several popular accumulator bets. These include: double, which is betting one wager on two different football matches to win; treble, which is betting on three different matches to win; and fourfold, a single bet placed on the outcome of four football matches. In all cases, if even one of your choices is wrong, you won’t win.

You don’t have to bet on matches which are all taking place in the same league, or even the same country. You can bet on a mixture of matches from, for example, the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga. If you’re planning on placing an accumulator bet, football betting sites’ odds will vary. Always check out all the sites and find out where the best odds are on offer before making your choice.

Look for the best deals

The best football betting sites are very competitive when offering odds, due to the growth of the market. When you’re checking out the options for making a football bet, UK sites will be offering myriad different bets, with the odds changing all the time.

Keep up to speed with the latest odds on your mobile device and don’t delay if you find the odds you’re looking for, as they might change if you wait. Football betting is a fast-moving market, so make sure you bet at the right time.

Free football bets

In addition, keep a look-out for sites offering football free bets. Most sites will offer some type of bonus if you’re placing a bet. These vary from site to site and your best option is to check out all the offers to see which gives you the best deal.

You can claim free bets on some sites, while others offer cash back for placing football bets. Some football betting sites offer a sign-up bonus of up to 100%. This means that if you deposit £40, for example, the site will match this and give you £40 to spend on bets. There’s normally a cap on how much you can deposit to have it matched by the bookmaker. This can be up to £200 for new customers signing up for the first time!

Other sites will offer a sign-up bonus of more than 100% on your initial deposit, although there’s usually a cap on the amount you can deposit in order to take advantage of this promotion. For example, if you place a bet of £10, the site gives you three times this amount back to spend on the bets of your choice! This might sound too good to be true, but by looking around, you really will find some fantastic deals.

The offers are regularly updated, so if you don’t find one to your liking the first time you look, check out the sites again a short time later and you may find the promotions have changed. It’s simple to claim a free bet. Just click on the relevant site’s link, banner or logo and you’ll be taken there to open your account.

User-friendly websites make betting easy

If you’re concerned it’s a complicated procedure to sign up and place a bet, think again! When you’re betting, football sites make it as simple as possible for new and existing customers to place a bet. After all, it’s in their best interests to do so because it’s a competitive market.

All the websites are user-friendly and are constantly improved and developed to keep pace with the changes in technology. The in-play betting service is among the newest additions. The various options are laid out clearly and concisely, so that customers can make their choice with no hassle. You can choose from the best odds and the best promotional offers with ease.

As well as being a great way of making a little money should you win, football betting online is also an exciting and fun experience that you can enjoy anywhere.

If you’re in the pub with your friends watching a match and you decide to place a bet, there’s nothing simpler than using your mobile device to quickly call up a betting site if you’re feeling lucky. Even if the match has started, there are in-play betting options, so you will never miss your chance to place a wager.

Understanding the odds

The odds will vary from site to site. This isn’t usually by a massive amount, but even a small variation can give you an advantage. A small difference in odds may not seem to matter. However, over time, these variations can all add up. If you open accounts with a number of different betting sites, it’s simple to shop around and find the best odds. Although nothing can guarantee that you’ll win, it’s still the best way to maximise your profits if you do strike lucky.

Betting at the right time

The odds for a football match are usually available a few days beforehand. Although not a rule by any means, sometimes you’ll get better odds if you place your wager early. Bookmakers change their odds in the run-up to any match, dependent on such factors as changing statistics and betting trends. Check the odds as early as you can and if you think it’s a good deal, snap it up while it’s available.

Once you’ve decided on your maximum spending limit, if you place it all on the result of one match, on one betting site, your odds of winning are lower than if you bet on multiple games across several football betting sites. If you see one betting option that you fancy, make a bet, by all means. But keep your options open and some money in the pot so that you can keep an eye on the odds on other sites in the run-up to the match and place further bets where appropriate.

Understand your options and why some of the odds are so high. If you see a football match between two ill-matched teams, where one is obviously the underdog, you may wish to take a gamble on the off-chance that they will win, earning you lots of money. Realistically, the odds are long because the probability of the match outcome means the underdog has little or no chance.

Although nothing is definite in football betting and there’s always the chance of an upset on the day, usually the odds are a pretty accurate indicator of how the match is expected to go. However, there’s nothing wrong with placing a bet on the underdog when the odds are high, as long as you’re not spending all your money on this wager.

Betting predictions and tips will be placed on all the online sites, to give you a better understanding of how the odds have been reached.

Unpredictable factors when betting

Although some results are expected to be a “dead cert”, with the top-of-the-table team expected to beat the one at the bottom, for example, it’s a fact that nothing is 100% certain in the world of football betting. There are some factors which can influence the predictions, creating a result that nobody had anticipated.

The unpredictable factors can include what type of match it is, such as whether it’s a cup match, for example. Often, there are cup upsets. How many times have you seen a lower league team knock out a Premier League team in the FA Cup, for example?

Another unpredictable factor is the team’s resources. For example, if a key player suffers an injury or illness just before a match, this can affect the outcome. Sometimes, a key player might get injured even in the warm-up! Hence nothing is ever certain. You can spend hours analysing the statistics, only to find a change in the line-up will make you question your decision.

Luckily, with today’s online betting sites, you can make many different choices and even place bets during the match. Gone are the days when you have to rush down to the bookmaker’s to place a bet and if you want to change your mind, you may find you’re too late. The benefits of football betting online are countless: the convenience of being able to place a bet anywhere, at any time; the option to place in-play bets; the opportunity to check out the odds on many different football betting sites at the click of a mouse; the chance to receive a bonus for signing up to a site and placing a bet. If you’re ready to start football betting, click on the affiliate links above to see some of the best football betting options online!

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