Young Donald Trump denied casino contract due to ‘mafia’ ties

30 years ago, property-tycoon-turned-president Donald Trump entered a bid to build a super casino in Sydney, Australia.

The reasons behind the rejection of this bid have just been released in the British national press in the light of the vote-rigging allegations against the president.

The police reportedly warned the government in New South Wales against approving plans for what would have been Sydney’s first casino in Darling Harbour. They expressed their concerns that Trump, and some business associates, had connections to the mafia. Trump was not the only bidder to be thrown out of the process by police allegations. Rival construction bidders, the HKMS consortium and the Federal-Sabemo consortium, were also denounced by the state treasurer Ken Booth after the police reports were brought to his attention.

This came at a time when Trump already owned two successful casinos, and was about to open a third. You can read more about Trump’s ventures into the casino world and his involvement in online casinos here.

At the time, the reasons for eliminating three of the four bidders from the process were not given to the public. It was said that the reports were confidential and that the information they contained was of a commercially sensitive nature. They were therefore kept from the press and the public, the nature of the information inside only coming to light now, 30 years after the fact.

The reports suggest that due to Trump’s alleged links with the mafia, having a casino being closely related to organised crime circles would spell disaster for the city.

It has emerged the commercial viability of the project was also called into question, as it was not clear how the casino would be bringing in all of the money it claimed it would earn. This made those awarding the contract all the more concerned about allowing such a venture to proceed in Sydney, and this contributed to their rejection of the bid.

This information about Trump’s unfavourability on the international stage is all coming to light 30 years later, as the now president is being publicly accused of rigging the US general election which awarded him the title of the most powerful man in the world.

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