WWE betting: Is the wrestling company stopping leaks?

WWE is reportedly working towards stopping leaks ahead of future PPVs. The wrestling company – the biggest in the world – holds monthly pay-per-purchase events throughout the calendar year, with viewers able to bet on the match results. However, the gambling landscape may soon change now that the organisation is introducing new measures to avoid spoilers leaking in advance.

According to Bet Wrestling, the ‘smart money’ didn’t pay off after a number of wrestlers beat the odds by winning at SummerSlam in New York last month. Just some of the unexpected victors included Sasha Banks, Randy Orton and John Cena. All in all, there were five upsets out of 13 matches on the card. This is highly unusual and is being put down to WWE’s new measures.

While it’s possible WWE just switched the finishes in the final moments to add a surprise element to the event, the company has been working towards limiting the number of spoilers that make their way on to the internet – and as a result, cause people to bet in a certain way. This has been a problem for the company for quite some time.

In particular, WWE suffered a huge leak before their annual Royal Rumble in January. Ahead of the event, six wrestlers – including stars such as Finn Balor, Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg – were among the favourites to win the 30-man battle royale. However, as the event got closer, Randy Orton became the odds-on favourite. Orton went on to win the match, despite the fact that there was little storyline to suggest he was going to pull off an upset.

WWE’s next PPV event will be No Mercy on September 24 in Los Angeles. While betting lines are already open at some online casinos, it remains to be seen whether the ‘smart money’ will be placed as a result of the storylines or whether bets will be determined by spoilers and other leaked information.

Meanwhile, just two weeks later WWE will host Hell in a Cell on October 8 in Detroit. On this occasion, WWE champion Jinder Mahal – who wants NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski to be banned from all WWE arenas
– will defend his belt against Shinsuke Nakamura in a rematch from their clash at SummerSlam last month.