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Will Arsenal Falter In January Once Again?

Unlike other teams in this year’s Premier League, Arsenal really needs to step up to the plate. Despite their millions of supporters, the football team has failed to succeed in recent matches, which leaves us to question how they will perform in January. Throughout November and December, Arsenal have undoubtable faced some difficult fixtures, and it’s safe to say that they’ve already cracked under the pressure. Their last 5 games (at time of writing) have resulted in a single win, with the rest being draws and even a loss against Manchester United. Will they continue to falter moving into 2018, though?

What Do The Statistics Show?

The recent failures of Arsenal aren’t down to opinion, as there are plenty of factors to back up such statements. For a start, November saw the football team average a 1.59 points per game, and 1.88 in August. Sure, it could be worse, but these are hardly statistics to be proud of. Then, you need to evaluate their performance last season. If they perform anything like they did in the previous season, they have a hard time ahead in January, with just an average of 1.66 points with just two draws and a win. Already, Arsenal has faced the likes of Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, which has shown how on top of their game these two teams are, having a prominent influence on how Arsenal will perform moving into January.

Unimpressive Start To The Season

Naturally, when a team doesn’t perform to their best ability, a finger is soon pointed at the manager – Arsene Wenger. There have been many questions fired at the manager, especially since another quiet transfer windows are drawn to a close. Initially, Arsenal had shown a lot of promise as they slowly creeped their way up the table, but this was soon shattered after a couple of difficult games. In the current Premier League, Wenger’s presence as manager has been heavily questioned, especially after two losses against Liverpool and Stoke City. If Arsenal is to prove us all wrong come January, they are really going to have to push the boat out, including Wenger, otherwise they could have a very poor season indeed.

Sánchez’s Performance

Arsenal have found themselves regularly drawing with their opponents, and it’s hardly surprising considering one of their largest assets, Sánchez, is failing to score a large amount of goals. Whilst Arsenal have had a tough year, so has Sánchez, as he was denied his summer move to Manchester City and also proved unsuccessful when attempting to qualify for the World Cup with Chile. With Arsenal’s match against Swansea earlier in October, Sánchez was only able to fiercely score a single goal against the opposing team, and has openly aired his frustration about lack of scoring. Despite the unsatisfactory performance, Wenger appears very content and calm, claiming that he isn’t slightly worried about Sánchez’s performance, but it’s safe to say that we would be.

Arsenal’s Match Against Watford

Watford aren’t the most highly praised team, especially compared to other major teams in the Premier League such as Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. Therefore, when Arsenal failed to prevail over Watford earlier in October, Arsenal’s streak was over, and they began to falter rather rapidly whilst moving into the winter months. The failure was voiced largely across social media, with people strongly believing that Arsenal are incredibly far from a Premier League win this season. With a loss like that, it’s not surprising that the football club aren’t performing to the best of their ability, and are likely missing that morale that they’ve had in previous seasons.

People love to bet on their favourite teams when participating in sports betting, however it’s become rather apparent that Arsenal might not be the way to go this year. Despite major successes in the past, the future doesn’t look promising for this football team, which could be a heavy combination of players and Wenger. At least they aren’t the only team struggling, with the move to the Olympic stadium proving difficult for West Ham as well. In regards to Arsenal though, we don’t have long to find out how they will perform at the start of 2018 – let’s hope a new year brings them luck.