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Trump Casino Trademark Gaffe!

While the rest of the world is aware of the fact that gambling is illegal in much of the Middle East, President Donald Trump seemed to have missed the memo. It has recently been revealed that Trump holds the trademark for a Donald Trump casino in Jordan! This trademark is supposedly one of four that the president received before he ran for office and suggests that he had high hopes of conquering the Middle East with his businesses.

People have been concerned about the fact that in order to keep his trademarks active, the Trump Organisation would need to continue reapplying for them during Trumps term in office. This is concerning ethically as Jordan is currently working with the USA to combat the so-called Islamic State threat. Jordan is also a mediator between the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

While the Trump Organisation told the press that the “decision to enforce its intellectual property rights is nothing new”, Jordan stated that “gambling is illegal in Jordan, so if a company applies for this, it will be disapproved.” In the grand scheme of things, perhaps the most worrying aspect of all this is the fact that Trump continues to get involved in international matters that are outside of what his current job role entails. His apparent disregard for foreign policy is something that continues to be problematic for both his supporters and those who oppose this work.

Trump did close some of his companies once he won the race for president of the United States but has in the past been involved in several lucrative business deals and propositions. Trump has in the past applied for trademarks in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Today he has handed business control over to his two sons, so that does suggest that his interest’s now no longer lie in trademarking his namesake.

It is yet to be established whether Trump will continues his foolhardy attempts to grown his Trump casino brand in countries where the games are forbidden, but it is unlikely that people will forget about this unfortunate venture…

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