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Texas Set To Regulate Daily Fantasy Sports

They may be good news on the horizon for all citizens of the Lone Star State as Texas could be next to provide regulations for the daily fantasy sports industry. We’ve previous reported about the existing laws regarding fantasy sports and now the individual states of America are making their decision on a case by case scenario. DFS are set to be recognised in the state of Texas as skill based games and not games of chance.

Draft Kings are one of the biggest names in DFS and are extremely popular at this time of year due to the return of the NFL with fans of the sport wanting to draft their teams before the start of the season last week. There has been an ongoing debate between state officials and residents as to whether fantasy sports are another method of betting on American football or if they are in fact games of skill.

When you break it down, fantasty sports have very little in common with the spin of a roulette wheel or the odds of the card drawn earning you a win in blackjack. All fantasy sports require a high level of knowledge about the specific sport. For example, if you were to participate in an NFL fantasy league you’d need to know a fair bit of information about the individual players, the role they play in their respective teams and how well they’re expected to perform in the coming season.
Although there are still no guarantees as someone like Odell Beckham Jr was a first round draft pick in many fantasy drafts, but there is every possibility he could break his leg early in the season and then that would be a lot of lost points for anybody who drafted him to their season, and that’s where the element of chance comes in.

The newer regulations will state that DFS players will have to be a minimum of 18 years old and they would have to pay an entry fee. The projected incomes from fantasy sports are expected to raise hefty revenue towards the annual state budget. However, the measure will be unable to be filed this year as the current legislative season is over for 2016.