Football On The Pitch In An Empty Stadium

Spurs Fans have opportunity of having tunnel view seats in new stadium

Tottenham fans are in for a treat as they’re going to be able to watch Pochettino’s player’s line up in the tunnel when their new stadium opens in 2018. Spurs have outlined an impressive £750M venue, which is slowly looking like one of the best spectating venues in the world. There will be a total of 104 tunnel club seats within touching distance of the home dugout costing the club £9,500 each and they must be bought in pairs! It’s signifies Tottenham’s audacious statement as they look to become a title challenging club and reach the heights and achievements of their neighbours Arsenal.

Additional Membership fees

If you were to get tickets for these seats, it will cost an additional membership fee of £30,000 for the two tickets and a club official said ‘it will be the closest thing to pulling on a pair of boots and playing’. These membership fees also offer access to a restaurant that includes a one-way glass wall to see the likes of Harry Kane, Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen as the line up in the tunnel area. Spurs boss felt the need to add something and joked that the idea is ‘dangerous, because there have been a lot of things in the tunnel, this is why it’ll be very expensive.

The stadium will have a 61,000 seat capacity, and 7,000 of these seats will be corporate while other key features offer a  number of priced packages including the longest bar in the United Kingdom, containing self-serve beer pumps to avoid those extra cues- which is going to happen as they have doubled their capacity in this ground. Once the stadium has been conducted, it will have a 17,000 one-tier stand which is the biggest of its kind in the UK and was inspired by Borussia Dortmund’s ‘yellow wall’, hopping they can create an engaging  atmosphere during their matches like Dortmund do in Germany. An impressive feature will be the front row; it will be situated only five meters away from the goal line.

Other attractions

Other than football, the stadium will host NFL games and a number of concerts which will add a boost to the local area and economy- Daniel Levey, Tottenham’s chairman said “With the cooperation of the government, Mayor and local authority, you will see massive investment coming into this area; transport improvement, lots of new houses and most importantly lots of new jobs.”

Like I’ve already mentioned, Spurs are now looking to establish themselves as one the Premier League elites and they are going to have a stadium to back themselves up with this claim. Last season they had the chance to win the Premier League for the first time however lost their form towards the latter part of the season and ended up finishing 3rd, a position behind rivals Arsenal who were trailing behind them most of the season. However, they currently sit 2nd and look to put up a fight for the title once more, but this season will be harder than the last as the teams around them look to be stronger than the previous season.  Where do you have Spurs finishing this season? Don’t tell me, tell Best Deal Casino and back up your claim with a bet.