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PSG Or Barcelona – Where Will Players Prefer To Go?

Both of these teams play incredibly on the pitch – look at PSG for example, they are a French League 1 team currently positioned 1st in the 2017/2018 season table. Barcelona has an 89.5% passing accuracy in the UEFA Champions League, so it’s crystal clear to see how successful both teams are. Therefore, the choice of selecting a team is quite challenging for players, and we have seen some migrate from Barcelona to PSG and vice versa. But what are their reasons for doing so?

Why PSG?

When weighing up the disadvantages of playing for each team, one of the most prominent negatives for Barcelona will be the presence of the legendary Lionel Messi. After the Champions League in 2015, Messi was responsible for an impressive 39 goals in total, so it’s clear to see how his presence might out-shine the talents of other players on the team. Messi seems to maintain his form throughout every football season, and so the skills of each other player may not shine to the best of their ability. Therefore, when considering PSG, plays can be rest assured that their talents on the pitch will be more obvious to the public, allowing players to dominate and make a bigger impact on the field.

Depending on the player’s heritage, it might be worth playing for PSG instead due to the strong Brazilian contingent that resides there. Recently, the sports industry has seen Neymar make the transition from Barcelona to PSG, and a big part of this decision was down to being able to play with his fellow Brazilian team-mates. Marquinhos, Lucas Moura and Dani Alves are just a select few to play for PSG, so for players that originate from Brazilian culture, this might be the most tactical move.

Why Barcelona?

As we’ve already identified, Barcelona has been a very successful team within football leagues, and it is hardly surprising with epic players such as Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho. In total, Barcelona has won the Copa del Rey 25 times, as well as the La Liga 21 times. In addition to this, the Champions League has been dominated by Barcelona 4 times, so there really is no end to the success that the team has had. Therefore, as one of the most dominating clubs that Spain has ever seen, playing for Barcelona can provide players with prestige and a rather hefty wage each year. With former players such as Cryuff and Maradona, players can be rest assured that by playing for Barcelona, they are really going to enhance their football skills and increase their football reputation, making sports betting on the team a real treat!

Playing for a team isn’t just about the wage though, as support from other players and general public can really round off the experience that a football player has. Reasons for players to favour Barcelona are down to the inspiration of the players, and their ability to overcome harsh ailments and still put their best foot forward on the pitch. Let’s take Eric Abidal for example – in 2011, he was suffering with a severe tumour in his liver, but he was presented with support from fans and opposing football teams alike, with Real Madrid wearing shirts on the eve of Abidal’s surgery to provide him with support. There is no denying that the community surrounding Barcelona is favourable for players, which is why some are able to make this decision so easily.

To summarise, I think it would be a phenomenal experience to play for Barcelona, as you get the opportunity to play alongside some of the best players that the football industry has seen, and you can be surrounded by people who really care. However, PSG pips Barcelona to the post, as moving here would be more tactical. With the ability to really take control on the pitch and let your skills shine, moving to PSG would allow players to climb to the top of their football prime.