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Most Popular Online Casino Games

The online casino industry is expected to grow by 45% by the end of the year as more and more people join a site every day and discover their new favourite casino game. Here we take a look at some of the most popular casino games according to the many players who know them best.


The ancient card game is among the most popular online casino games and there are so many different versions available online so you need never get bored. If you explore our online casino reviews you’ll find there are a number of variations and unique twists for you to experiment with. There are even some games that allow you to play for free so you can figure them out before playing with real money.


It seems that there are more variations of online poker than there are websites to play them on. You can play traditional poker against other online players and you can play against the dealer. In recent times there has been a rising popularity of online live video poker where you can interact with a live dealer who is being filmed in a traditional bricks and mortar casino. Live video poker gets you as close as possible to a traditional casino experience without leaving the comfort of your own home.


Even if you’ve never played it before, everybody knows about roulette and understands the game in theory. There are a number of variations that offer slightly different odds to each other. French roulette generally has a lower house edge than its American and European cousins. Just like poker, there are live video stream options for roulette which allows for players to log in and play a few spins when they have some spare time.


Known as fruit machines in the UK, where they can be found in every pub across the land, slots games are just as popular in the online world with many thousands of different varieties. Take a browse through the different online casinos and you’ll find slots games with themes including Marvel, DC, Ghostbusters, Jekyll & Hyde, Sherlock Holmes and many others.