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PokerStars Now Legal In Portugal

As of the end of November, PokerStars has now been granted a license that will allow them to legally operate in Portugal. The Inspection Service and Regulation of Tourism Portugal Games (SRIJ) were the decision makers who granted PokerStars permission to enter the Portuguese market with both a physical poker room and a website for all online poker needs.

PokerStars are run by Amaya, who were briefly in merger talks with William Hill. All players will find a safe place to play on the PokerStars site where there will be a wide range of options for games and tournaments where players from all over the world can challenge each other in a social environment. PokerStars users can also relax knowing there is a fully experienced support team in place and cutting edge software that has received multiple awards.

For any poker newcomers, they can enjoy the benefit of playing with pretend money while they learn how to play the game until the feel confident enough to play for real. This makes PokerStars a unique site as it allows players to learn and develop their poker skills in a fun and friendly environment before they feel ready to enter a competition or win a championship.

PokerStars feature two weekly Sunday competitions, the Sunday Special and Sunday Battle. Although these are usually better suited to more experienced players, they offer a huge jackpot so they’re always worth entering if you have the ability. On many occasions there is the opportunity to challenge professional poker players such as Vanessa Slebst, Jason Mercier and Daniel Negreanu.

Fitting in with the modern world and online currency, PokerStars offers a number of deposit options, rewarding an initial deposit of €10 with a free bet that can be redeemed on the poker tables, potentially providing a quick way to make a profit.
PokerStars is also available as a mobile app, allowing for users to play poker wherever they are and whenever they feel like it.