Live Roulette

Playtech Launches New Roulette Game

If you’re a fan of your online casino games, then you will recognise Playtech as one of the giants in the software development industry. Based in the Isle of Man, Playtech games are used by gambling brands like 888, Bet 365, and William Hill. Well, Playtech have now launched an all new HTML5 roulette game that offers the latest in cutting edge technology and secures their place as leaders in the live casino game industry.

This new roulette game is the most sophisticated mobile roulette game around, leaving many of Playtech’s rivals in the dust. In a short space of time HTML5 roulette has experienced longer engagement levels from players and longer session time across a vast array of devices, which can only result in a vast increase of revenue for all licensees with Playtech.

Players can now enjoy a seamless live online roulette experience from their computers, tablets and smartphones that is sleek, smooth and stylish. It can be enjoyed in both portrait and landscape styles to suit everybody’s personal preferences. Both formats allow players to be able to see the wheel and the betting zone at the same time.

Playtech pride themselves on offering the very best user experience for all of their players. The interface is user friendly and very easy to navigate and offers a number of personalised views for a unique gaming experience.

The success of HTML5 roulette has been such an overwhelming success that Playtech are now planning a blackjack game that will operate in a similar way. Roulette was decided as the first game because of its wide popularity around the world, and the success of this game may well lead to even more games after the blackjack one.
Within 48 hours, the game had received thousands of downloads leaving even Playtech pleasantly surprised. The phenomenal response has seen players rapidly shifting from the previous live roulette title and embracing the new one. Players are more engaged with roulette now than they have ever been before, and it could well be the best online casino experience on the market today.