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Playtech Improving Their Gambling Software With Featurespace

If you love the online casinos then you must have heard of Playtech. In the industry their name is a sign of quality. Playtech has been the leading software and services supplier of the gambling industry for some time with more than 130 global licenses that include some of the world’s biggest online casinos and GSEs. This includes 888 Casino, Bet365, and Betfred Casino, all of which make up some of the biggest online casinos in the UK. Last year Playtech released an all new Roulette game that left everyone thoroughly impressed and reaffirmed their reputation as one of the top providers of excellent user experience.  However, while their software is known to be the best in the business, it seems that there is apparently some room for improvement. Featurespace are pros when it comes to fraud prevention and risk management software, which is why Playtech are so eager to get them on board to improve their player management software.

Featurespace’s ARIC platform was the world’s first adaptive behavioural analytics engine is capable of using machine learning to detect risk management abnormalities in players. Having the ability to quickly detect strange activity in their player base will help prevent fraudsters and help players to improve their risk management. Together, Playtech and online casino customers can minimise their losses both through fraud and poor risk management) and improve their revenue. Shimon Akad, COO of Playtech, said “Playtech has a proven track record in delivering the most advanced fraud prevention and risk management, software and services to our licensees. We are therefore delighted to be partnering with Featurespace in order to offer our licensees access to an additional sophisticated, best-of-breed fraud prevention solution. This arrangement further enhances our commitment to our customers and their players with the best gamine experience in the industry.”

Everyone is hoping and expecting this partnership to produce incredible results that will improve the online casino experience for everyone involved. Instances of fraud will decrease along with the losses victims of fraud accumulate in the online casinos. This is also an incredible step for Playtech to accompany their expansion into the global market. While they do have licenses with many oversees clients, some of the major land based casinos are hoping to expand their community and allow their online games to be accessed by an even wider range of online casino players. As the amount of players joining the community increases it had been a worry that fraud might become a lot more common, but Playtech are hoping to put a stop to that right away.

Everyone for now is optimistic that this partnership will ensure that no added risk will accompany the expansion of Playtech and the online casinos they have contracts with. With Featurespace’s help, everyone’s expecting that Playtech will continue to deliver software and user experiences of incredible quality and continue improving their software for players all over the world.