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Pick Your Winner For The Grand National 2017

With the Grand National’s big race coming up this weekend, the UK is buzzing to find out whether their wagers will amount to a win. It’s not surprising that there is such a huge hype surrounding this sport as the races at Aintree have been going strong since 1839 and today are watched by millions of people from around the world in eager anticipation. Each year 40 horses take on the gruelling and notoriously treacherous 30 hurdle racecourse in a bid to win and make a lasting legacy for themselves.  If you are looking to place a bet this year then here are some of the key things you should be looking out for before attempting to make some serious money through wagering on your winner:

Pick a great name

While some may scoff at the very idea of picking a horse purely based on its name there is no evidence to say that doing so will make you any less likely to win that those who have taken the time to study a horses past experience etc. In the Grand National there is always a chance that something unexpected will happen so why not throw caution to the wind and pick a horse’s name that resonated with you?

Pick a colour

In a similar way to picking a stand out name, picking a horse to bet on based on their colour is also a fun way to get involved in all the hubbub of the Grand National. This also means that if you win you can boast that it was your study of colour that influenced the win!

Pick at random!

If you are really stuck for which horse to choose then why not simply place a bet based on a name picked out of a hat? Office sweepstakes are a fun way to bring the race to life and means you can all have an equal chance of winning some cash as a result!

Pick through science

Some people believe that placing a bet based on scientific study makes their choice superior. Apparently younger horses have too much energy and tend to fail early on in the race due to a lack of experience; whereas older horses struggle to keep up due to their age. Picking a horse in its ‘peak’ age range of 9 to 11 is said to reap monetary rewards!

Pick a favourite

If you’re well and truly stumped with what horse to pick out then you can never go wrong with going along with everyone else’s favourite! Picking the most tipped to win horse can either be a blessing or a curse as few know the way that a race will pan out- the best thing to do is just bet and let luck do its bit!

Remember that while studying your horses can come in handy when it comes to placing a successful bet that pays off, chance and luck also feature heavily when it comes to finding a winner. Take a look at our handy horse betting page if you have any further queries about when it comes to finding your perfect Grand National horse! With jackpots coming in at seven figures, it would be a wasted opportunity to not try your luck…