NFL team looking towards the camera with headgear on, white & red kit, crowd and goal in the background

Oakland Raiders Move To Vegas Delayed

The Oakland Raiders were formed back in 1960, and in their long and rich history they have won three Super Bowls, four Conference Championships and 15 Division Championships. In the same period of time they have had five different stadiums in Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. But throughout 2016 there has been talk of the team moving once again, this time to Las Vegas, Nevada. Mark Davis, owner of the team first proposed the $2.3 billion move back in January, but it would see them move into a 65,000 seater stadium.

The move would bring a new crowd of NFL fans to the Sin City area, no American football team has been based in Nevada, and it would raise a lot of money via hotel stays, dining, entertainment and casino games. Nevada lawmakers approved the building of a new $1.9 billion stadium, of which $750 million would come from public money. However, there could be a major bump in the road as it seems that Oakland isn’t quite ready to let the Raiders go.

There are a number of reports claiming that Libby Schaaf, the current Mayor of Oakland, is doing everything in her power to block the Raiders from leaving the Charter City, including the offer of a new stadium in Oakland. Their current stadium, the Oakland Coliseum, was opened back in 1966 and has a peak capacity of 56,000, which is 10,000 less than the domed stadium that they have planned in Las Vegas.

Previously, no other NFL team has expressed interest in moving to the Vegas area, and any blocking of the Raiders move could seriously hurt Nevada’s chances of attracting an NFL fanbase. It was estimated that 800,000 NFL fans would be attracted to the area following the Raiders move, bringing with them an extra $620 million in revenue.

Mark Davis remains determined to push through with the move and realise his dream of the Raiders being based in Nevada, and he plans to file al the necessary paperwork in the New Year. Meanwhile, Schaaf, the Alameda County Board and the Oakland City council are reviewing plans to negotiate a new stadium for the team.
As far as American football betting odds are concerned, the Raiders are doing very well this season. With a 9-2 record, they currently sit at the top of the AFC West Division and second in the AFC Conference, behind only the New England Patriots. As things stand, the Raiders are comfortably heading into the playoffs and remain in with a chance of winning a fourth Super Bowl. Davis only hopes that future championships are won in a different state.