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Nevada Increases Presence Of Fantasy Sports

USFantasy have recently announced that there will be new locations made available in Nevada where fans will be able to place wagers on fantasy sports betting. Fantasy sports are usually confined to online realms, with brands like DraftKings and FanDuel being leaders within the industry.

A number of casinos, including Caesar’s Palace and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, have shown an interest in expanding their land based business by offering newer services to their existing premises. Fantasy sports are already legal in Nevada, unlike a number of states, including Texas who are set to regulate the DFS industry.

At the start of the NFL season, three different sportsbooks were involved with USFantasy. Signing on with a sportsbook was a slower process than initially anticipated, this was due to the state regulators. This means it will take time for the companies to be up and running with the gaming operations. In the coming weeks there are more than 60 sportsbooks that are expected to partner up with USFantasy.

These land based versions of fantasy sports will operate very differently to the online versions. For example, with DraftKings you have a virtual budget to select players for your fantasy roster. With USFantasy, players are designated in pools based on their positions. In the case of NFL you may choose from a list of quarterbacks or running backs, and you would choose one of these players to bet on in the same way you would for a horserace.

When making the bet you’d decide whether you think the player will win, or where they will place, just like a horse racing wager. If the selected player manages to earn the most fantasy points, based on the USFantasy scoring system, then you will win a return on your initial wager.