Las Vegas Downtown the new Strip?

When we think about Las Vegas, the first thing that comes to mind is the renowned Strip which made the city what it is today.

It is home to some of the most beautiful casinos in the world. However, there could be an increase in attention outside the Strip, as Downtown Las Vegas is now making a name for itself too – in a good way.

It kicked off recently with the reopening of the Golden Gate casino-hotel. This was a momentous occasion as the hotel, over a century old, has recently undergone a significant amount of investment in order to expand the venue.

The expansion truly shows the extent to which Downtown Las Vegas is becoming a hot-spot; the project involved adding around 100 slot machines and an incredible panoramic television tower. This huge investment shows that Downtown casinos are experiencing an increase in demand, and are therefore taking steps to welcome punters with open arms and take every opportunity to show-off what they have to offer.

The resurgence of Downtown Las Vegas is not only good news for casino and business owners, but for visitors to Sin City too: the Strip and Downtown do not compete, but complement each other – each area has its own energy and vibe which give visitors a completely different experience.

Whilst the Strip is what Las Vegas is typically known for; extravagant and glitzy venues where the high-rollers reside, Downtown has a more mellow vibe. The area is more geared towards locals and low-ballers. That being said, it has a culture and integrity which means it’s definitely worth a visit.

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If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas and fancy a bit of a change of scenery, planning to stay a few days in Downtown could be an excellent option; you’ll be exposed to every aspect of the city, which will make your trip to Vegas even more memorable.


When thinking about Vegas, don’t just think it is the strip! Remember that there is a completely different side to Vegas which has so much to offer.

By all means, do not rule it out! We suggest you carry out your own research when considering a trip to Las Vegas to see if Downtown could be part of the plans.