Anonymous slots player bags £1200 from free spins

Lady Wins $10.7 Million From Vegas Slots Game

A resident of Oahu, Hawaii was visiting the Wynn casino in Las Vegas where she won a jackpot of $10.7 million in mid-August after betting just $3 on the IGT Megabucks Wynn Wheel slot machine.
The game was uniquely created especially for the Wynn Resort and even bears a portrait of Steve Wynn, the businessman and CEO of Wynn Resorts, along with spinning custom video reels.

Unlike most traditional slots casino games, the Wynn Wheel doesn’t pay out in coins, which in this case the winning player would have been submerged in a pool of pennies, plus we imagine she’d have been over her weight luggage allowance when travelling home.
The state of Hawaii enforces an 11% tax on all casino winnings which means at around a $1 million of her winnings will go towards the state’s funds.

This comes along with the recent news of a builder who won £1.6 million from a Sky Vegas slots game. The biggest Vegas jackpot in recorded history is $39.7 million. This was won in March 2003 by a young software engineer who bet an initial $100 bet on a Megabucks machine at the Excalibur resort.
Vegas continues to be a popular tourist spot for gambling ever since gambling was first legalised in Nevada in 1931 and players from all over the world have visited on a regular basis ever since. The Las Vegas Strip is reported to make an annual gross gaming revenue of $6.2 million.

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