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Does January Transfer Spending Achieve Premier League Success?

Throughout the winter, we’ve seen some pretty crucial signings from our top Premier League teams, such as Alexis Sanchez into Manchester United and Lucas Moura into Tottenham Hotspur. With millions upon millions of pounds spent on transfers across the month of January however, the question remains; does it actually achieve Premier League success, or is it a simple case of throwing money down the drain and losing valuable players? We have all of your questions answered here.

A Look Back Over Last Year

It’s still too early in 2018 to determine whether or not January’s transfer spending has severely impacted Premier League teams, however analysing last year’s transfer spending has highlighted numerous factors. In total, 5 out of the big 6 clubs made a net profit from winter transfers last year, with Arsenal being the only team that hardly recorded a net spend with a meagre £100,000 being spent on Cohen Brammall.

Last January, Liverpool were struggling big time with just three draws and a defeat in the Premier League, compared to 1 small win out of the nine whole competitions. It was noticed that manager Jurgen Klopp never added to the team during the January window, and thus it’s speculated that the lack of activity contributed to the drop in points in the second-half of the football season. Overall, we saw a combined net profit of £32m from winter transfers in 2017, so the simple after to the question would be ‘yes’ using last year’s statistics.

Team-Saving Signings

Crystal Palace is a prime example of how the January transfer spends saved the team during last year’s Premier League. To begin with, Crystal Palace was seriously suffering, losing 2-0 to Arsenal on New Year’s Day in 2017, and sitting 17th on the Premier League table. With Alan Pardew thrown out for Sam Allardyce during the January transfer spend however, as well as several other purchases, Crystal Palace were able to secure themselves at position 14 at the end of the league.

Similarly, Swansea were able to recover a place at the bottom of the table at 15th place, with a £13m spending spree on Tom Carroll, Luciano Narsingh and Martin Olsson during January transfer spending. Despite this, however, these two teams are the biggest spenders during the transfer window in order to make progress by the time May comes around. Burnley, for example, spent £18m on Robbie Brady and Ashley Westwood in last year’s league, however still managed to fall 5 places in the Premier League table, so clearly transfer spending isn’t everything.

Insights Into Some Premier League Teams This Year

With Wenger’s management causing a lot of controversy recently, there are many supporters keeping a close eye on the transfer spending for Arsenal. With rumours of Sanchez taking flight from the team, Arsenal are going to need to strengthen their midfield position drastically, although the main focus on the team will always remain on Monaco’s Thomas Lemar. Furthermore, while Chelsea are performing very well holding the 4th position on the Premier League table currently, Jamie Vardy would be a great choice of signing in order to bolster Conte’s forward options. Overall, it would be wise for Chelsea to make a couple of signings during the January window this year in order to achieve this, as there are still gaps that need filling.

Football managers spend millions on player transfers every year, but do you really think it’s worth it? There are some teams in the Premier League who undeniably need some assistance with brand new signings, but only time will tell whether they have an impact on the team’s performance throughout the Premier League.