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Irish Casino Player Prevented From Collecting His Winnings!?

This month an Irish gambler found out that there was no legal guarantee that meant that those playing casino games in Ireland will be paid their winnings. How can this be? We investigate…

Judge Francis Comerford has recently ruled out any action being taken against Automatic Amusements Limited by Sayed Mirwais after an unfortunate series of events meant that the player was unable to collect his caino winnings. Mirwais had made a complaint against D1 Casino in Dublin (the casino owned by Automatic Amusements Limited) when they refused to pay him more than €11,000 in winnings after he won several bets on an automated roulette machine.

Somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd March in 2015, Mirwais won his very first bet of approximately €7,500 and when he wanted to cash it out, was given €2,500 in cash and €5,000 worth of chips. He was then told to play again and that he would be paid the full amount at the end of the night. Well, Mirwais continued to play and discovered that this was his lucky night; as he went on to win a further €6,713. After being told to cash out, Sayed went to do just that at the cashier counter but was told that the casino did not have enough money to pay him that night and that he would be paid the next day. He was also told that an engineer would be checking the machine he was playing on too.

When the casino refused to pay Mirwais on multiple occasions, he became suspicious and presented his situation to court. He stated that following on from his first win he was encouraged to keep playing the hope that he would lose all his winnings and had to intention to pay him in full in the first place. He claimed that the casino was operating on the grounds of unfair practice. The defence of this case stated that the casino was suspicious of the large sums of money the machine doled out. The casino went on to argue that Mirwais changed the screen layout and switched a bet which allowed him to cheat the system and took advantage of its malfunction.

In the end, Mirwais’ claim was refused under the Gaming and Lottery Act of 1956 which ultimately states that “if you happen to be too lucky when placing a bet or gambling, the person can simply say ‘no you’re not entitled to the money’. That is simply the law in Ireland.” Shocked?

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