Introducing Blockchain roulette

Earlier this year saw the traditional casino game of roulette being brought right up-to-date by a company called and their launch of ‘WinWin’ roulette.

WinWin roulette

WinWin roulette is an online Blockchain roulette game that is played with a cryptocurrency called Ethereum, rather than conventional credit cards. Blockchain works by using a decentralised way of betting on the wheel that lives in the ‘cloud’, rather than through connection to a specific server. Players purchase RLT tokens (the cyber equivalent of gaming chips) with Ethereum, and the game allows winners to earn dividends in the cryptocurrency as they play, meaning that every player stands to profit from other participants.

You can exchange your regular currency for Ethereum via one of the numerous online cryptocurrency exchanges.


Big bonuses are also available payable in RLT cryptocurrency tokens. Players holding a minimum of 1000 RLT tokens are included in a list of players eligible to claim dividends from the game’s profits. In June this year, paid out in excess of $100,000 in Ethereum tokens. There’s no registration requirement, just sign up and play.

The idea of paying dividends is to encourage players to invest in RLT tokens, which in turn stabilises the price of Ethereum and pushes up the value of the cryptocurrency against other terrestrial currencies.

Fair play

Developers at claim to have produced a product based on fair gaming principles that are broadly adhered to across the general online roulette strategy market. As Ethereum contracts are used on the games, all results are fully transparent, meaning that there is no limit or interference from the game provider.

Blockchain roulette is played using RLT tokens and Ethereum cryptocurrency. Players have the chance to earn dividend bonuses that can later be exchanged for traditional national currency. The game is completely transparent and is played via computer servers based in the cloud, rather than through land-based operations.

For those gamblers who are not squeamish about using non-traditional currency, Blockchain roulette perhaps offers the chance to play their favourite game, whilst contributing to the growth of a currency that is seen by many as the currency of the future.