English International Team

Why Is The English International Team So Bad?

By now, we are pretty much all aware that the English International Football Team is bad at what they do – but why? There are countless reasons that explain why the English International Team is so bad, not to mention why their games are often unsatisfying and lack excitement. From poor management restraining players from broadening their horizons to player after player quitting the English International Team because it is no longer good for them, here is exactly why we are far less victorious than other international teams.

Poor Management

One reason why the English International Team is so bad is due to a lack of good management. Though the performance of football club managers is based on both skill and luck, the impact of changing a manager, or one that heads out the door, doesn’t go amiss. Poor management often leads to a high turnover rate, from which the English International Team definitely suffers just as any other football team would. Whilst the football industry often sees football managers come and go on a regular basis, the English International Team seems to suffer every time and are often less productive as a result. In order to improve gameplay, more time must be created and more care needs to be taken in order for players to be coached effectively.

Lack Of Skill

Yet another reason why the English International Team is so bad is due to poor skill. In order to improve skill, the English International Team must create a system of effective quality assurance and measurement. By creating a player performance plan, England can monitor their progress and identify areas that require improvement with ease, which is often ignored within in the football industry and can be aided by efficient team management.


Today, hearing that a player has decided to retire from international football is no longer a shock. In fact, many current England players have retired from international football at one time throughout their career or another.  Instead of simply withdrawing from the English International Team, players are deciding that their team is no longer good enough for them and quit. The players that choose to retire from international football often have the best skill, hence why they feel as though their team is no longer good enough for them, and leave their team behind in the wake of their disappearance. This means that the team is forced to get another football player on their team in good time, and carry out the necessary training, which may not be efficient enough to win.

No Time For Rest

Whilst some people believe it is just a poor excuse, it is true that the English International Team suffers dramatically from having no winter break. During this time, rivals get the opportunity to refresh both physically and mentally ahead of training three times a day in pre-season. The importance of recovery in football is essential. Not only does time away from the football pitch enable each football player to head into the New Year with a better frame of mind, but it reduces the risk of injury, thus enabling the English International Team to play in full form. After a strenuous year of training, they deserve a break, right?

Poor Results

It’s a given. The International English Football Team may be so bad due to previous poor results. After all, we rarely have the best of luck when it comes to playing on the pitch, which can become extremely frustrating when heavily sports betting on the team! Whilst the International English Team might boast some of the best players, having failed to beat numerous international football teams, most, if not all, hope has been lost in order to successfully qualify for events. Though the English International Team is not as good as we hoped, it’s not just us these results effect. It’s hardly encouraging!

There we have it; some reasons why the English international team is so bad. Whilst international play is often based on luck, in order to get the English international team we deserve, the English International Team need to improve their management in order to improve results, as well as take a well-deserved break that could make a significant different to our players performance! It might be frustrating, but we can only hope that they improve and do us proud!