English Football Youngsters

England’s Youngsters – The Next Generation Of Football Heroes

There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing a group of youngsters working their way up in the world, and what better way through the world of football. Already, our favourite teams have some flawless players, but it’s about time that we introduce some new faces into our beloved football leagues, especially with the England International team performing so poorly. English football in particular has sparked concern among many, including Jamie Redknapp, making some new faces refreshing more in demand. In fact, the FIFA Team of the Year had zero English players featured in the rankings, so let’s hope that these following English youngsters will change that.

Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City)

Manchester City are about to earn themselves a very valuable player, as Jesus has received a summer signing to play for the team in January after his time at Palmeiras. We’ve already seen the 19 year old play superbly for his former team, putting his all into everything on the pitch. It’s likely that he’ll face every challenge head-on moving forward, with his abundance of skill and determination, which undoubtedly pushed him to scoring 3 times during the Olympics. Costing an eye-watering £27million, I think it’s safe to say that he is going to prove as a very profitable player indeed.

Luke Shaw (Southampton)

Gareth Bale is an absolute legend within the football industry, and considering that Shaw has been dubbed as the new Bale, I think we can expect great things from the 17 year-old. Originally, people were concerned about Shaw’s young age, fearing that perhaps he’d be unable to handle the sheer pressure that the Premier League can put on new players, especially the youngsters. However, it’s clear that we all had nothing to worry about, as thus far he has proved to be one of Southampton’s best players. The youngster plays as a defender, and has proved very prevalent on the pitch, particularly against Saints. Despite this though, Shaw also works well in a forward position as well – is there anything he can’t do?

Benjamín Garré (Manchester City)

Manchester City haven’t only gained one powerful asset, as Garré is another talented player ready to take his place in the next generation of football heroes. Remember Oscar Garré? Well, Benjamín happens to be his grandson and instead of playing as a defender, Benjamín plays as a very useful winger. Despite his talent on the pitch, Garré has faced a troubling start to the team, as he has been subject to a court hearing regarding Velez’s accusations, sparking controversy across the nation. However, this hasn’t dampened the lad’s spirits, and he has instead continued to play very successfully for the team. Considering that Manchester City currently take the first position of the Premier League table (at the time of writing), signing over Garré may have been a very wise move for the football club.

Leonardo De Silva Lopes (Peterborough United)

There is controversy surrounded by all youngsters when they’re signed on a major football league team like Peterborough, and this wasn’t any different for Lopes. The chairman of the football club, Darragh MacAnthony, didn’t hold back on speaking highly of his new midfielder, and we can see why. The youngster joined Peterborough’s academy at a mere age of 14, and since has showed raw talent and dedication to the football club. When it comes to winning the ball and clean tackling, Lopes is your guy, as he manages to complete both feats seamlessly. No doubt that this 18 year old has a successful career ahead of him if he keeps up that work ethic and passion to be a future football hero.

Ben Woodburn (Liverpool)

Starting out in a Premier League team can be daunting and nerve-wracking for young players, which is why Liverpool went out of their way to bring in Woodburn from his home in Cheshire to make him feel comfortable within the team. Despite being the young age of 17, Woodburn has found himself playing amongst senior players due to his overwhelming talent for other youngsters within the under-16s team. However, whilst his talent is clear for everyone to see after his spectacular goal in the EFL Cup against Leeds, Klopp has been cautious about the praise that he receives from the media, worried that it could affect his performance on the pitch. Regardless, now that he is the youngest ever goal scorer for Liverpool, only time will tell when the aspiring hero will become a first-team regular.

There’s no denying that England are in need of some fresh faces to add some life and energy back into our British teams. Redknapp wasn’t wrong when he feared for England’s future, but with these bundles of talent being signed onto some incredible teams, England’s future should be as bright as ever. If you want to try your luck at sports betting on these budding footballers, don’t hesitate to read through our beginners guide here!