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A Drop In Revenue for Table Games Stateside

The Casino table games revenue has dropped over the last year at Mohegan Sun Pocono and Mount Airy Casino Resort, creating a trend across the whole of America. It was recorded that a total revenue from these specific games at Pennsylvania casinos was more than $853 million in 2016, creating a 5.6 percent increase from more than $808 million in 2015, per the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

With that said, despite this increase, table games have in fact dropped in revenue by a near 7 percent and the slots revenue at Mohegan Sun Pocono continued to declined slightly, 0.08 percent, from $216.4 million in 2015 to $216.2 million last year.

Again, table games revenue at Mount Airy Casino Resort in Paradise Twp. dropped nearly 8.6 percent, from nearly $46.6 million in 2015 to nearly $42.6 million last year. However, Slots revenue did increase there with 1.57 percent rise, going from $139.8 million in 2015 close to$142 million in 2016- “The drop in table games revenue at Mohegan Sun Pocono and Mount Airy comes as Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem is leading the state’s casinos for the total revenue generated from table games “said Joe Weinert, a casino analyst and executive vice president with Spectrum Gaming Group in New Jersey.

The Sands Casino provided more than $230 million worth of table games in 2016, another 7 percent increase from the previous year, according to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. “They (Sands) are putting a lot of money into that property and a lot of effort into their table games business so I suspect some of the decline at Mount Airy and Mohegan Sun Pocono benefits Sands,” Mr. Weinert said. “Sands is a large facility and it designed its marketing program to appeal to mid to upper-end table games players. They are succeeding in attracting them.” Mr. Weinert said Mohegan Sun Pocono and Mount Airy are gaining progress with their table games but despite certain increases, it’s it’s not their major driver and both casinos are doing less than one-fifth of the table games business as Sands.

“Mohegan Sun Pocono has done a very good job adding an array of amenities that will keep people coming there,” Mr. Weinert said. But to increase the table games revenue, Mr. Weinert said casinos must decide on whether or not to increase or decrease their table games marketing efforts.

“Any casino can increase its revenue, but if it’s not profitable revenue, it doesn’t make sense,” Mr. Weinert said. “If you’re going to give someone a $1 coupon to gamble $1, it’s not profitable.” Consequently, the total revenue at the 12 Pennsylvania casinos from slot machines and table games combined a total of $3.2 billion last year. This amount indicates the highest amount since legalized casino gaming began in Pennsylvania 10 years ago, it also marked the sixth straight year in which total casino revenue topped $3 billion, per the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

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