NFL team looking towards the camera with headgear on, white & red kit, crowd and goal in the background

Are the Cleveland Browns that bad?

Without trying to be a bully, it’s safe to say that the Cleveland Browns are really bad; everyone must have noticed it by now. The Browns are currently 0-14 with two games to go in the 2016 season; this leaves them with a 63.7 percent chance of finishing as the fourth winless team since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. The thing is, they seem to be getting worse, despite them almost winning several games at the start of the season, the statistics suggests that the Browns have not been favourites to win in the NFL at any moment of any game since the second quarter of week 10, when the Browns led the Ravens 7-3 with 1:12 left in the first half.

Are they the worse team ever?

So are they the worse team ever? Well, if they finish 0-16, they’ll be tied with the 2008 Lions as the only team in NFL history with 16 losses and no wins in a season. To discover if they are the worst team ever, you need to look at the Browns Pythagorean expectation, which is derived from points differential and if there is any promise to bettering their future win-loss record. Consequently, the Browns are to going to have a better Pythagorean expectation than 0.0 wins because the only way to end up with a Pythagorean expectation of zero wins would be if you didn’t score any points all season and Cleveland are hitting those points and at times pushing teams to the limit, yet they just can’t seem to get a win.

In regards to their  points though, the Browns are being outscored by 188 points in 14 games, or about 13.4 points per contest, which quite frankly is a very bad record, however… it’s not historically bad nor is it close to it. The 1976 Bucs, who went 0-14, were outscored by a full touchdown or more (20.5 points per game) during a time where teams scored fewer points than they do now. To note, since the merger, 26 teams have been outscored by more points per game than the browns.

So it’s safe to say that they might not be the worst team ever; just really bad. Despite hiring offense minded coach Hue Jackson and even having the presence of future Hall of Famer Joe Thomas at left tackle, the offence has been utter dyer this season and is the biggest problem for the Browns.  It’s a shame because; no one wants to see a team go through a white wash of defeats.

No clear path ahead

There’s no clear path ahead for the Browns, and it would be foolish to say that they need to be in the play-offs within certain number of years to redeem any positive reputation they have left. However it’s not all bad, you need to stay positive, look at the Lions, after having that embarrassing season in 2008, there years later they were in the play offs.  At the end of the day, it all depends on how they build as a team and how well they work in the draft system. I wouldn’t say there the worse team ever, but they could be going down that route… do you think they will? Why don’t you bet on their remaining fixtures with Best Deal Casino?