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Bournemouth Casino gets the Thumbs Up

Plans to open a casino in Bournemouth has been given the go ahead. There was a meeting recently, where the council’s planning committee approved the plans with six board members in favour and two against. This created much excitement for the Bournemouth residents and the decision comes after the application by Aspers Casino and BH2 developers, Licet Holdings and Legal and General was deferred last month due to a lack clarity.

The revised plans sought permission for a 24-hour casino, which was granted despite concerns from councillors about the suitability of a casino in a family entertainment centre, yet I am sure it will provide an increase in regards to the revenue for the area.

The Casino

The new two-floor casino will be open 24 hours a day, 364 days a year, with live jazz music, a VIP area and more than enough electronic gaming machines to keep you occupied throughout the night.  This £50 million development will also house an Odeon cinema as well as restaurants including TGI Fridays, Prezzo, Handmade Burger and Co, Ask Italian, Nandos, Coast to Coast and Las Iguanas, so it’s safe to say that you’re never going hungry when you spend your days at this complex . Initially it was hoped that the centre will open in the New Year, with all the venues up and running by February half term.

New Year Festivities

A spokesperson for the developer of Licet claimed that the entire complex will open in February, yet there are some establishments opening earlier than that. TGI Fridays confirmed that its restaurant will open on January 4th, announcing details of a recruitment drive. One spokesperson stated that all the building work is now completed and everything is progressing exactly to schedule. They were some who thought they might open early just before Christmas, but it was always planned for the New Year. Chris Dymond from Licet said: “We’re very pleased to see the restaurants taking shape now that the main building has all been completed to the exact programme following 22 months in construction”.

It truly is an exciting time for Bournemouth as this complex will bring a new star attraction to the area; it will allow a place for families, friends and students to enjoy new activities whatever the weather and it gives another good reason to visit one of the premier destinations in the UK. Other than providing entertainment for the Bournemouth locals and visitors, it’s also a healthy cause to the economy. A spokeswoman for TGI Fridays said the new restaurant will create 85 new jobs as they announced two recruitment days and that’s just one restaurant. It going to pump a large amount of money into the community, in addition to offering more jobs which is especially important as Bournemouth houses a large a number of students. So before you go visit this impressive casino, don’t you brush up on your casino skills with Best Deal Casino Guides.