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Bookies Didn’t Expect Trump’s Presidential Win

In what has completed a trilogy of unpredicted betting outcomes, former US Apprentice host and hotel tycoon, Donald Trump has been named as the 45th President of the United States. Following a gruelling 18 month campaign and competing against Democrat Hillary Clinton in the build up to the Presidential Election, Trump won last Wednesday morning by an overwhelming majority and will assume office in January 2017.

With over 30 years of experience in politics, Hillary Clinton was the first lady to husband Bill when he was Governor of Arkansas and President, she has also served as New York Senator, and after a previous unsuccessful run for President in 2008, she served in Barack Obama’s cabinet as Secretary of State. So it is understandable that she would be seen as the runaway favourite to beat Donald Trump (with no prior experience in politics) to the White House.

Paddy Power are among the many bookmakers who backed Hillary to win and are now paying out huge sums of money to those who backed Trump. Come election day (Tuesday 8th) Trumps odds stood at 15/4 while Clinton’s were much narrower at 9/50. Furthermore, there was a high number of five figure bets being staked on Trump. It is claimed that one woman even put more than $600,000 at William Hill on Trump’s victory.

It is estimated that more 35 wagers per minute were being placed on Ladbrokes. With more than $180 million staked worldwide, the 2016 Presidential Election has been the biggest non-sports based betting event in UK history.
It is believed that Trump’s celebrity status attracted a wide number of bets from people who weren’t usually interested in politics. It has caused particular embarrassment for Paddy Power as they’d already paid out more than $1 million to those who’d backed Clinton, in the presumption she would win.

It has been a year for underdogs and unlikely outcomes in the world of betting. First Leicester winning the English Premier League, followed by the British public voting to leave the European Union and completed with Trump becoming the new President Elect. In fact, if you’d have placed a £5 on all three outcomes at trebles odds, you would have won in excess of £36 million.