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American Citizens In Support Of Legalised Sports Betting

Who knows what the future holds for the United States with their upcoming Presidential election, but many of them are very much in favour of changing one specific law, legalising sports betting. A recent public opinion poll found that 48% of the population are in favour of sports betting being legalised, while 39% are opposed.

A fundamental factor is that, legal or not, a large percentage of the population are already betting on sports events without facing any kind of punishment. Sports betting throughout the States is very easy to do, even if it is happening underground or behind closed doors.

The state of New Jersey has been particularly vocal on the legalisation of sports betting for eight years, will Nevada, Oregon, Montana and Delaware have since joined the campaign. Lawmakers from New Jersey have come up with the idea of initially repealing all sports betting (betting on horse racing is currently allowed) and then introducing a new sports betting law from scratch. Jersey’s horse racing industry are calling for the matter to be brought up with the American Supreme Court as soon as possible to the matter can be resolved.

Another argument in favour of sports betting is the amount of money it would generate revenue for the country through taxes. When you consider the amount of illegal betting that must take place in the country every single day, that is an incredible amount of revenue that has already been missed out on. Betting on NFL is easily the most popular among sports bets, with more than $1 billion estimated to have been illegally bet on the Super Bowl.

The wider American public are rather divided on the matter, with many of the oppositions citing concerns gambling addiction and crime among reasons to keep the ban. These issues are bound to crop up within any conversations that could take place in the Supreme Court, but there are protocols that can be put in place to minimise the risk.
While there are genuine concerns about the possible effects of gambling on individuals and their families, there are far more benefits to the eventual legalisation of sports betting to outweigh the negatives.