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$3 Billion Gold Coast Casino Complex

With Macau potentially under threat due to casinos in Japan becoming legalised and implemented this year, Chinese investors are looking elsewhere to back casinos. Reports have shown that Chinese-based interests are looking at implementing a brand new $3 billion casino, hotel and resort located on the Gold Coast of Australia.

This is set to be a mega-complex and could be the largest in Australia to date it development plans are approved. The Chinese government owned construction group known as China State Construction Engineering Corporation are at least one entity that is a consortium partner in the complex.

The casino is set to be built in between Sea World and the Palazzo Versace hotel. However, there are reports that there is set to be a lot of backlash against the plans due to the ‘anti-gambling’ Chinese government is set to be at the very least partially involved in this. With Macau & mainland China being two separate legal entities, China may be looking at the success of the gambling capital of the world and trying to determine how they can get their own cut. The government is yet to request a detailed proposal of the casino and because of this it is likely to be stalled for a period of time.

Analysis of the project has said that more than 13,000 jobs will be created with the implementation of this new project, and supporters believe that it has the potential to deliver widespread economic benefits. This is because such a huge workforce will ultimately create a new increase in demand for basic lifestyle needs such as accommodation, retail, commercial offices and more, and this is likely to bring a huge boost to the economic climate of the Gold Coast.

Some of the main features of this project will include a 1200 seat amphitheatre, two public beaches and a waterfall. In addition to this, there will be five towers, a public piazza featuring multiple restaurants and conference halls, and all of this will overlook the Broadwater.

Nevertheless, local community groups are set to fight the casino, so it’ll be interesting to see whether it will continue to go ahead or not. While you’re waiting for this thrilling casino development to appear on the Gold Coast, head to some of these online casinos to practice your skills today!