Why have internet casinos become so popular?


There is no doubt that gambling has been part of our culture for many years and it’s becoming apparent that an ever-increasing number of gamblers prefer online casinos rather than the high-street or land based casinos. It is estimated that 164 million people in the world will be using mobile and online devices to access gambling by 2018. There are many gambling sites on the internet today that show you all of the odds and bonuses  with a touch of the button, it’s as simple as that. Over time there have been a number of sites that have gone the distance and are implementing some exceptional advertising campaigns- take Bet365 for example, they have actor Ray Winston leading their advertising surge and the casino company offers a staggering bonus up to £200! With these bonuses and the simplicity of their in-play bets, online casinos is becoming ever more appealing.

What has made it so popular?

The influx of the mobile phone industry has been revolutionary over the past few years. The popularity of smartphones has practically become unprecedented, and most of the public simply find it impossible to imagine life without their phones. This is where online casinos come in. The scope of activities that can be done on mobile devices is extraordinary and casino companies are hugely benefiting from this. Smart phones can emulate what a computer can do and for some, they believe these smart phones are even more ‘multi-faceted’ than computers.

This is where the appeal of online casinos have benefited – almost every working professional has their hands on a smartphone and online casinos have quickly realised that the expansion in the use of mobile phones is something they can use to their advantage. Mobile casinos make it so easy for their customers to access; they can be pretty much anywhere, even in the warm comfort of their own home. This makes playing on mobile devices even more appealing when compared to having to walk to your local high street casino. Whether it’s your football accumulator’s or the popular real money mobile pokies, online casinos have made gambling a whole lot more accessible for customers.

Huge Incentives for New and Existing Players

Internet casinos have become a kind of grand venture and are now commonly known for their fantastic welcome bonuses and amazing promotions in order to keep their players happy. For those who are devoted to a specific site, it has been known that some internet casinos offer VIP clubs containing extended bonus and free bets giving you even more chances to win. A casino’s promotions and promotion pages are accessible making it even more convenient than having to take the time to search for any promotional activity when it comes to a land casino.

A variety of games to keep customers entertained

One of the main reasons for the rise of online gaming is the fact that casinos operators really put a lot of effort in regards to their mobile versions and you get the access to an array of the best and newest versions of popular casino related games. These games really put the ‘fun’ into gambling and some of the graphics are HD quality. That is why these games are able to keep their customers entertained, as the latest state of the art slot machines make online casinos even more entertaining. Some of these games are also optimised for websites, and others operate solely as devoted mobile apps for IOS and Android devices. Some of the popular online casino games include:

These games are another factor as to why online casinos have become so popular. It is just so easy to escape from everyday stress and an exciting way to entertain oneself. Never before has it been easier to find new internet casinos to enjoy after a long stressful day.

You may have just read that finding new online casinos can be extremely easy… and that’s exactly right! There are dedicated sites that offer guides and catalogues of what internet casinos are on the market. Best Deal Casinos is one of these sites. We offer online casino reviews, links to a number of sports betting and financial betting sites as well as guides on casino games and betting formats, so you have everything that you need, all in one place. If you’re new to the whole internet casino industry- there’s dedicated sites that help you with everything you need to know.

With that said, there are a large number of internet casinos out there at the moment, so here is a list of some of the best ones and their bonuses  currently on the market:


The Industry Will Keep Growing and Keep Safe

The security standards and the safety protocols have increased and internet casino security is one of the most considered parts. On top of this, casinos also like to ensure that there are controls when it comes to gambling, and provide players with maximum limits. Internet casinos are also subjected to licensing and regulations and companies that own and operate mobile casinos have to obtain a licence from the appropriate body in the country they operate. While online casinos are becoming more popular, it is important to know that there are a huge number of safety boundaries,  to ensure players are responsible, and money is protected with the help of 2048-bit encryption. Reliable customer service is also a crucial task that helps online gamblers to enjoy the much needed playing fun. Internet casinos pride themselves in satisfying the needs of their users. Customer service departments usually strive towards giving online casino players the chance to benefit from a highly professional customer services team, which responds efficiently to user requests.