Different Types of Financial Bets

Different Types of Financial Bets - title

When it comes to betting, there’s plenty of different strategies to discover. Financial betting is one of the broadest types of betting, and there are many different types of financial bets to discover. Financial betting has become increasingly popular in the last few years, and many online gambling sites have begun to offer it. It resembles normal sports betting, in the way that players use lucky, skill or experience to win and place their gambles on the outcome of an event. Within the context of financial betting, there’s plenty of things that you can bet on, including instruments, markets and timeframes. Stocks and indices tend to be the most popular choices that people make when it comes to financial betting, and there are plenty of different types of financial bets that you can make.

Connection With Financial Markets

Financial betting is generally inspired by real stock investment on the financial markets, and generally financial betting odds are consistent with the real prices displayed on the exchange markets. In the same way as in sports, around 60% of investors consider understanding what you invest in is a good idea before you bet. When it comes to financial betting, a player should have some general knowledge on the principles, the markets movements and the related risks involved. Trading on virtual stock products using financial betting is a way to experience what it is like to mirror the possession of a genuine share in a company.


Betting on stocks, essentially allows you to bet on the movement in price of an individual stock, allowing you to significantly leverage your capital. Leverage is a central feature of financial betting, and it can benefit the participant as it allows a great percentage change in capital than if it were invested directly into an asset. This is why financial betting is popular amongst many people they look to trade directly on the exchange.

Types Of Financial Bets

There are three main variations of financial betting, and these vary in the way the odds for each are displayed:

  • Fixed Odds Betting
  • Financial Spread Betting
  • Binary Betting


There are various differences between the three main variations, with risk being one of the main variants. The main difference between financial betting with fixed odds or binaries and speculation on financial markets (spread betting) using products is that the bet must result in a simple binary win or loss based on an event on the underlying financial instruments (stocks or shares). This triggers a payout for a win, while spread betting allows a variation in the payouts or losses, depending on the price level of the underlying instrument (stock or share).

Fixed Odds Betting

This type of betting allows players to bet on the movement of a financial market, by predicting a share or trading stock’s movement, above or below a certain level, by the end of the day, or another fixed period. The losses are bound to the stake that you enter, so if you bet £1, you can only lose £1. This dramatically reduces the risk of losses, dependant on how much money you originally wager, when compared to other financial bets such as financial spread betting.


Another variation is floating odds betting, where the odds change for a given price as the price of the underlying financial instrument changes. How much can be won is dependent on how much is bet at those odds.

Financial Spread Betting

Unlike fixed odds betting, players can win or lose unlimited sums of money, as there is no single stake to limit losses. Although there is more risk involved with financial spread betting, there is also greater potential for higher returns. With no fixed odds, spread betting is based only how much a financial instrument, such as a stock or share, goes up or down.

How Financial Spread Betting Works

Financial spread betting is actually quite easy to get your head around, once you learn the basics. A spread bet broker will quote a two-way price and the customer will bet on the movement of the market is either going up or down with an associated cost per point. Spread betting profit and loss are open-ended, which is important to know when it comes to learning the potential losses. For example, if you by £1 of a FTSE at 4200 and if the trade is held for a long time, it’s possible for the market to drop 500 points – equalling a £500 loss. However, you can protect your bet, by putting in stop losses, which are only activated should price move through a certain point. For example, if you buy the FTSE at 4200, risking £1 a point, and place a stop loss order at 4180, if the market moves below the 4180 position, it will automatically be sold for a loss.


However there are advantages to financial spread betting including, tax free profits, you can trade with smaller amounts of money, gain instant access to all of the markets, and reduce your losses with stop losses.

Binary Betting

Binary betting is similar to spread betting, but unlike financial spread betting, the risk of losing more than what you stake is removed. The odds in an index are offered from 0 – 100. The bet settles at 100 if the vent reaches that point, and 0 if it does not. A sum of money is wagered per point on the index, and in such a bet type, there are two possible outcomes: to win or to lose, or to buy and to sell. With binary betting, the bet settles at 100 if the event happens, and 0 if it does not. An amount is wagered per point on the index, and because you can buy or sell at certain points, it is actually possible to make a profit from the event occurring or not occurring. This allows participants to limit the risk to a known amount, rather than simply losing everything.

Binary Betting

There are a huge number of sites that allow you to do financial betting, and it is becoming so popular that many online gambling and casino sites are incorporating it into their websites. Financial bets offer a thrilling gaming experience, while incorporating the knowledge and skill needed to successfully bet on the stock markets. Although a little bit of luck is always needed, as much as it is when it comes to betting on sports as you are predicting the outcome, financial betting does incorporate a level of skill and knowledge, making it an exciting form of gambling to try.