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Yachting Casino Review Of Promotions & Bonuses

This Yachting Casino review will often mention that the welcome bonus might just be enough to persuade any punter to come aboard, with a 100% bonus offer on your first deposit and a glorious 33 free spins. While we’re not quite sure why they went with 33 as opposed to any other number, we’re certainly not complaining! Like most casinos, Yachting Casino has a wagering requirement before any winnings made from bonus cash can be claimed – in this case it’s 30x. This is significantly lower than the new industry standard 40 or 50x, so combined with the generous free spins this should tempt even the most hesitant of land lubbers to come on deck with Yachting Casino.

In keeping with the theme, Yachting Casino review shows the site offers reward points called miles to regular customers which, after accumulating enough, can be exchanged for cash prizes! They also offer higher rewards to Gold and Silver members. Users are rated on their monthly deposit amounts, so simply deposit over £300 cash in one go to become a VIP member. Yachting Casino VIP members accumulate miles faster, as well as other perks and goodies like random free spins, deposit bonuses and exclusive premier access to new games before the rest of the general public.

Yachting Review Of Best Games to Play

A thorough online search found that users often highly rated Yachting Casino’s Indiana Croft & Lara Jones slot game, praising its unique graphics and hilarious, copyright baiting theme. Unfortunately, Yachting Casino doesn’t offer exact payout data on its slot machines, but this is the norm among many other casinos, so we can’t really hold it against them. The consensus among user-based reviews, however, was that Yachting Casino’s slot machines actually do pay out fairly well. Of course, this is anecdotal evidence, but why not try for yourself? With an extensive range of slot machine games, all your usual casino classics (from poker to blackjack and roulette) and a fresh, virtual sports betting section, there’s something for the gambler of all persuasions with Yachting Casino.

Yachting Casino reviews show that this from American football to rugby to many variants of soccer, users can while away many hours on virtual sports betting with Yachting Casino – and unlike with real sports, there’s no waiting around for results; users can simulate every result as quickly or as slowly as they like. This is a sweet section, not common to many sites and we can definitely see punters enjoying it immensely. All Yachting Casino’s games are also available on a free play basis, allowing potential customers to test out games they might enjoy or create and perfect new strategies in their casino classic without the pressure of real money on the line.

Yachting Reviews Of Casino Software & Gaming Graphics

Yachting Casino’s games are all provided by the well-known industry platform B3W. With a clear focus on their slot machine games, many of which have licensed characters (or close approximations of) created with immersive 3D graphics. Online reviewers particularly enjoyed the Superman themed game and the previously mentioned Tomb Raider style slot machine. Unfortunately, Yachting Casino doesn’t offer a specific application for tablet or mobile devices, although users whose device supports the Flash plugin should be able to easily and conveniently access the site through their mobile browser. They also don’t have a downloadable, standalone client for PC or Mac users. However, in our experience all their games run perfectly smoothly in browser, even on lower-end desktop machines, so this shouldn’t be much of a problem for the vast majority of users.

Compared to many sites, Yachting Casino’s live poker and casino game graphics are, while perfectly reasonable and good enough for most users, not as graphically impressive and shiny. The poker community is also not as active as many other sites, but if it’s slots you’re looking for then Yachting Casino has you covered, with many graphically intense games with unique licences and mechanics that make each game different to the last. With all games provided by B3W, there might be some games here that you won’t find anywhere else. Either way, you might just enjoy finding out! Oh, and good luck!

Yachting Casino Online Support

Through all the user Yachting reviews we diligently pored through for our Yachting review, the company were consistently praised for the quality of their customer service. Available 24 hours a day, through email, telephone and the innovative online live chat feature, Yachting Casino’s friendly and capable customer service team are always on hand to answer any queries you might have about the site. Coupled with an expansive and helpful FAQ section, you’d be hard pressed to find a single area of the site where your question might remain unanswered.

Our Yachting reviews found that online live chat is a feature rapidly being picked up by many websites in all areas and industries, so it’s nice to see Yachting Casino ahead of the curve in picking up this new and exciting technology. Statistically proven to be one of the most effective ways of satisfactorily providing customer care and support, Yachting Casino’s dedicated team are nearly always available to answer queries in a swift and concise manner. Punters should be aware, however, that their phone line is not free from mobile phones and cost information for this is not provided, so either call from a landline or use their online support for a more efficient, and totally free, service.

Yachting Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Our Yachting review found that  Yachting Casino offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods for customers use, from the usual credit and debit cards to a selection of online wallets for e-transactions. The full list of payment methods for deposits is as follows: Visa/MasterCard/Visa Electron/Carte Bleue, Ticket Premium, Neteller, Skrill, Bank Wire, PaySafeCard, Ukash, Ecocard, SOFORT and EPRO.

There is a minimum €25 deposit and a maximum that, depending on your payment method, goes up to €$2000 or equivalent. For security reasons, Yachting Casino only allows withdrawals using the same method a deposit has been made with in the last six months, but as long as you choose carefully when you make a deposit, you shouldn’t have any problems. Like most online casinos, users must provide proof of identification (picture of a driving licence of passport) on their first withdrawal and funds stay pending for up to two days, and then however long your chosen method takes to process.

This can vary from instantly to up to five days via bank transfer, so punters are encouraged to do their research and check each method is suitable for their needs before committing.

Yachting Casino is certified by the Maltese gambling authority and contractually promises customers the most advanced security available to ensure any and all details are kept completely safe. Yachting Casino also promises to never share information, up to and including your email address, with third parties. So you can sign up to gamble, in total confidence that you won’t be comprising your account safety or signing up for a torrent of spam emails – which is always a plus.

Yachting Casino Payout Policy

Unlike some online casinos, Yachting Casino doesn’t offer up their payout rates on their slots for customer perusal. However this is hardly an industry standard position, so we can’t really call them up for it, even though it would have been a nice feature. The general consensus of online reviews, however, is that their payout rates are fairly reasonable, although they vary from game to game, especially with slots. Whatever the odds though, as a Maltese Gambling Authority certified provider of online games and a well-known brand to boot, punters can rest assured that if they legitimately win money, Yachting Casino will pay up. Just remember though, that if you took advantage of their generous bonus offer, all the wagering requirements must be completed before any payouts will be considered.

This is hardly unfair, considering the 100% bonus and all the other perks associated with being a registered member of their site.

Like most online casinos, Yachting Casino also has a strict code of rules and regulations to prevent fraudulent or otherwise questionable strategies that can be employed to win money in their games and, needless to say, if you are caught using any of these tactics to gain an unfair advantage, then any winnings you may have received will be void and unavailable for withdrawal. For a full run-through of Yachting Casino’s terms and conditions when it comes to pay-outs, take a browse through their FAQ or look here: http://www.yachting-casino.com/en/terms-and-conditions/.

Yachting Review Of Pros & Cons


As soon as you log on you can tell Yachting Casino really knows it market. With a classy, sophisticated layout they are clearly catering to the high rollers of the online world, with generous welcome bonuses and rewards for premium and VIP players. Their library of games, while not huge by the standards of other sites, is adequate enough for most players’ needs and their slots library in particular is fairly extensive. A nice mix of games, from licensed themes to dubious, yet comical, rip-offs of popular franchises, make exploring Yachting Casino’s slots section a fun and possibly profitable experience for most punters. Virtual sports betting is also an interesting draw and isn’t an area of gameplay fully explored by many other casinos, making it definitely worth a look at.


The lack of standalone application support for Yachting Casino could be a drawback for punters who like to play on the move and don’t have an Adobe Flash supporting browser on their mobile device. The graphics on their virtual casino games are also clearly not the main focus of the site, and suffer in comparison with some of the top end software available but are perfectly fine for most players and still constitute a decent online casino experience.

Yachting Reviews in Summary

In summary, Yachting Casino reviews show that this is a great place for those looking for a high class, big money feel in a secure environment with friendly and helpful customer service. Seemingly focused on slot games, with a wide range of titles available in a plethora of styles, punters looking for a slot based thrill won’t be disappointed. Although their traditional casino games selection might be on the small side, they have all the classic bases covered in a more than adequate fashion. They might not have the shiniest graphics this side of the real thing, but that’s not to say they are bad at all. The biggest downside is probably the lack of mobile support, although this doesn’t affect all customers and most tablet devices should be fine!

The benefits Yachting Casino offers the discerning gambler easily make up for the downsides, however! With a high welcome bonus and some great weekly and monthly deals for members and newcomers alike, Yachting Casino will leave you feeling ship-shape in no time. Add to that their interesting virtual sports betting section and some truly amusing themed slot games, it’s easy to see why Yachting Casino have been on top of their game for the past 10 years.

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Rate & Comment
  • I didn’t enjoy playing on Yachting Casino. There weren’t enough table games for me and there were so many slots that I just got lost in them. I think I’ll stick to what I know instead of trying to move into other sites which will end up confusing me like Yachting did.

  • Yachting Casino has been a great place to look for a classy, big money environment to gamble in. Although there are a lot of slot machine games which seem to dominate the site a little bit, there is still a lot of other choices of games. The welcome offer was a great start to the site and it’s just been getting better ever since!

  • To me, playing an online game is all about the graphics, and despite the amazing environment which Yachting Casino brings, the quality of the games just isn’t there. With just a few tweaks on the site Yachting Casino could be competing against the big names in the online casino market.

  • As an avid gambler I am very impressed with Yachting casino. Not only is their site filled with high class they have a great selection of games. I very rarely play slots but the few slots games I have played have been very enjoyable. I particularly like their live casino with live blackjack being my favourite. Unlike most casinos their live casino is a great experience in which I will never get bored of.

  • I love playing slots games, but I am a bit disappointed with Yachting casino. Although they offer a wide variety of games I have played far better quality games on different sites. What attracted me to their site was the amount of promotions you are rewarded with. I often use the free spins in which I have made some pretty good winnings on.

  • I don’t mind Yachting casino but I am a bit disappointed with their table games choice. They have a massive variety when it comes to slots games I don’t see why they can’t extend that variety to their table games I find it very frustrating because I really like their site and their support system.

  • When I first noticed this online casino, they were giving away free spins as well as many other welcome promotions so I happily joined up. I had great difficulty in using the promotions and when I contacted the help staff they couldn’t have handled the situation better.

    Not only were Yachting casino really friendly, they resolved my issue and gave me extra free spins. I am now proud to be a complete loyal customer to Yachting casino and I am happy that my loyalty is rewarded.

  • I am not a fan of slots machine games as I find them rather boring after a while, which is why I was drawn to yachting Casino.

    I feel like they cater to more of an experienced gambler and they have the best range of live dealer casino games I have ever seen. I particularly really enjoy their live blackjack games and have made some big winnings, great work from the developers at yachting casino.

  • I am a VIP member at Yachting casino and frequently use their mobile site when I am on my way to work in the morning. I am really happy that they cater for both Android as well as IOS, as I have an iPad which is use to play games on when commuting to work. The reason I am such a loyal customer to Yachting Casino is that I think they provide the best range and quality of games as well as the best service. Yachting casino is always sending me new promotions and bonuses. Five out of five for me.

  • Yachting casino is really different compared to others I have played on. Although the registration is a little bit different it is still really easy to use and you are quickly able to start depositing money, taking advantage of promotions and start playing games.

    The casino does have some draw backs but ultimately you can easily win on many slots and it is well worth trying your luck.

  • The site reminds me of when I gambled in the luxury of Monte Carlo once upon a time. The site has such a huge collection of games some of which are not as popular on other sites, or are simply unique to this site which is nice because they’re not just regurgitating the same old games. Fab site.

  • Big thumbs up from me, I would greatly recommend Yachting casino to anyone who likes a great selection of slots and super fast withdrawals. When I had a problem with depositing money their support staff were incredibly friendly and helpful, five stars from me.

  • In my personal opinion yachting casino is definitely the casino for me. They have the best selection and quality of games from slot machines to blackjack games. I am very happy that I signed up to this casino as its the best.

  • Yachting Casino is really good online casino, good games, good promotions and fast withdrawals. The only problem is I am very unlucky on this site.

  • Yachting Casino is definitely the online casino for me! I was first attracted to the website by their generous welcome bonus and I have not looked back. I love the virtual sports betting option which I haven’t seen offered on any other online casinos. The range of games and the top rate customer service is why Yachting Casino deserve the 5 stars they have been rewarded in this review.

  • If i had to describe yachting in 2 words it would be glamorous and VIP. The site really knows how to cater for their big money gamblers, and I think that that is a fantastic way to show how much you care. All of the games are really fun, and I feel like I’m truly immersed in my very own yachting casino experience which is fantastic.

  • Yachting casino is a great place for a classy and fun environment to gamble in. There as a lot of slot machine games at Yachting review but they also have other choices and a warm welcome offer which is always a great start to membership on a website.

  • Yachting casino isn’t one of my favourites sites to use, i feel like it wants to big like some of the well known brand online casino sites but without having the games and site to match up. Its not one i will play on very often.

  • When I first playing casino online game, I wasn’t sure which game to pick because there was so many of them to choose from and they all look really good! So I choose Yachting Casino, because I think they give you so much offer and bonuses. Very enjoy playing roulette on this site, I would differently recommend for my friends.

  • Yachting Casino is such a fun site for playing my favourite casino games- their layouts are great and they give you really generous bonus offers and really know how to welcome you to the site. I don’t like having so many games that I can’t keep track, so the range of games on Yachting Casino is perfect for me.

  • I cannot stand tacky websites, which is why I adore Yachting Casinos- they are so classy that I don’t feel bad when I play! Hahaha! I would really recommend becoming a VIP player as you get some lovely bonuses which only makes game play more rewarding! Very happy!

  • In my yachting casino review everything seems to look great to me great games, great bonuses, and great customers service. There really is no better casino i like everything on this website.

  • I have really become obsessed with this site because it has introduced me to so many new games and I’m even playing on the slots which is not something I thought I would ever do. I love how nice people are on there and I’ve always had my questions seen to quickly and efficiently. Super bonuses here too!

  • Yachting Casino is really different compared to other sites. It offers higher to Gold to Silver member, users are rated on their monthly deposit amount over £300 cash in one go to a VIP member, as a VIP member you will get a random free spin. Deposit bonuses and exclusive premier access to new games before the rest of general public. Overall review excellent game play and will recommend to my friends.

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