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Winneroo Reviews Of Casino Promotions & Bonuses

Winneroo reviews usually pick up on the fact this casino offers a fairly eye-catching special promotion to their new customers, with the promise of a total of three deposit bonuses and a no-deposit offer thrown into the mix. Unlike many other structured bonuses offered by online casinos, it’s all pretty simple, too. Here’s how it works: you’ll get a 100% match of up to £150 on your first deposit, a 100% match of up to £50 on your second deposit, and a third match of 100% on your third deposit up to a maximum of £25. However, while this seems reasonable, the wagering requirements needed to be able to actually withdraw the bonuses as cash is pretty high – you’ll need to wager 50 times the bonus amount, which is significantly over the median rate across the online casino world (although at least it’s only the bonus you’ll need to wager, rather than the deposit too).



It doesn’t end there, however – you’ll also get a £5 no-deposit bonus to use in the casino when you sign up. This, however, is restricted by the same 50 times wagering requirement as the deposit bonuses, so while the offers are decent, the times you’ll need to wager them make them a little worse than many other promotions out there. The regular promotions, however, fare a little bit better – there’s usually a couple of decent promotions running at any time you care to look, providing a great way for regular players to boost their bankroll.

Winneroo Casino Reviews Of The Best Games To Play

Winneroo casino reviews always note the fact Winneroo runs on the Probability platform, so you might have seen some of their games before on other online casinos. For the most part, these games are pretty fun to play and feature decent graphics and some good added features, although there is an obvious criticism to be made of the collection of games at Winneroo. Quite simply, there aren’t very many of them. With only a handful available to play, if you’re the kind of gamer who likes to flick around between different slots and table games to try new things, then this really isn’t the casino for you.

A slight saving grace is that Winneroo is a mobile casino, so you’ll be able to get all of their games on handheld devices – since many online casinos only have a portion of their collection of games available for mobile gaming, this does even things up a bit. Yet even with that in consideration, it’s still a very limited selection. The games here are decent, but you could quickly tire of them, and it’s one area where larger and more established online casinos have a big edge over Winneroo.

Winneroo Casino Review Of The Software & Gaming Graphics

As we mentioned before, Winneroo runs off the Probability platform, and with all their games coming from one source and being well-integrated, it ensures that Winneroo Casino runs smoothly and without hitches. The use of an established third-party software developer also means that the games have a high standard of graphics, with plenty of additional features to keep things fresh and compete with the very best available on the online casino market.

Being oriented towards mobile gamers, Winneroo is a little bit different, and with their handy app you can find all of the games in one place, perfectly optimised for mobile gaming and ideal for players who like to gamble on the go. The app doesn’t take up too much space, runs really well on a variety of devices, and adapts well for tablets too. You can play the games on desktop by switching over to Winneroo’s other site, but with the focus definitively on handheld devices, it’s the mobile casino where Winneroo should really be judged. As you might expect from a dedicated mobile casino, it really stands out compared to some efforts from other casinos, where the handheld variants can feel a little bit tacked-on and thoughtless. If you are a mobile gamer, this is definitely a platform worth considering.

Winneroo Casino Review Of Online Support

Many smaller online casinos can struggle to compete with the larger and better-established companies out there when it comes to customer service, and while Winneroo certainly isn’t too bad, it does have one or two issues. Firstly, and most importantly, they do have a customer service department which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is really nice, and particularly a source of relief for players based outside of Europe. Yet unlike their bingo site, which allows live chat, you can only contact the help section of Winneroo Casino via email or telephone, which can be a minor annoyance – live chat is popular because it’s fast and free, and it’s the method that most players at online casinos prefer when dealing with any technical issues.

Otherwise, the online support at Winneroo is very good, with helpful, well-trained advisors and generally pretty fast response times. Most customer Winneroo casino reviews report not having to wait very long, and few of them mention any problems with the site in the first place. It’s a decent service – it just would have been nice to have a live chat option, particularly since their sister bingo site already has it. Overall, Winneroo aren’t bad here, but certainly not quite up to the standard of many other online casinos.

Winneroo Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

Winneroo Reviews have to mention the fact their site has a useful banking section on its website where you can easily find out everything you need to know about deposits and withdrawals. Moving money into and out of your account is one of the fundamentals of usability for an online casino, and while some small and large companies alike have frustrating systems for doing so, in general it’s a pretty good test of how user-friendly a casino is.

Firstly a Winneroo Review will mention that there are plenty of payment options available to you for both deposits and withdrawals. Major credit and debit cards are of course accepted, and there’s also the opportunity to use PayPal (although some other e-payment methods, notable Skrill and Neteller, aren’t permitted, which will be a source of frustration for some.) You can also deposit by mobile phone bill, which is a nice touch. However, there are a few issues – many methods of withdrawal, even some major ones like Mastercard, will actually see you receive your money in cheque form, which will be far from ideal for many players. This is a big issue, and it’s unfortunate because the rest of Winneroo’s banking system is pretty good – the payment options are plentiful and the withdrawal times are fast. But for people using certain payment methods, they may think it’s better to play elsewhere, rather than rely on cheques and the postal service to get their hands on their winnings.

Winneroo Casino Payout Policy

Our Winneroo Review points out another unfortunate area where Winneroo casino can be a bit of a let-down is when it comes to their payout policy. There are no published RTP (return to player, or house edge) figures for any of their games available on the internet, and nor can you find anywhere that displays a payout rate, confirmed, audited or reported. This will be a major source of frustration for some players, as it leaves punters in the dark over the long term balance of risk and reward. It’s particularly problematic for those who like to sit down at one game for a lengthy period of time, and while far from all casinos provide this information freely, it’s certainly not hard to find an alternative online casino which is a lot more forthcoming with the information.

Overall, it’s another area where Winneroo could do with improving upon, and one where some of their competitors, large and small alike, have the edge over them. Regardless of what level you’re playing at, it’s nice to have the extra information. Winneroo are certified by a few regulatory bodies and their games are certainly fair, but it’s a lot more trustworthy for players to have the payout and return to play information too.

Winneroo Casino Pros & Cons


  • Fresh and new casino offering something different compared to many of the standard and larger casinos out there on the market
  • Fully-optimised mobile platform specifically designed for handheld devices, perfect for players who like to play their games on the go
  • Dedicated app to download to ensure things run smoothly on a variety of devices, from mobile phones and tablets
  • Some good regular promotions with several often running concurrently that are updated frequently with a wide range of bonuses
  • 24 hour customer support by telephone or email
  • Good no-deposit bonus allows players to try the casino out first
  • Established third-party provider of games providing excellent quality and graphics


  • No published return to player or payout rate figures available anywhere, leaving players somewhat in the dark
  • No live chat option for their customer support
  • A very limited selection of games available to be played
  • No option to play their games on desktop, as the casino is strictly mobile-only
  • Very high wagering requirements on the new customer bonuses
  • Only one provider means that the game choice is limited in quantity and variety
  • Some major payment options not available when choosing to withdraw your winnings, such as MasterCard, instead requiring a cheque sent by post

Winneroo Review In Summary

In conclusion toour Winneroo casino review, it’s hard not to admire the ethos of Winneroo Casino. They’ve tried to provide something a little bit different to many of the identikit major casinos out there, and focused on one area to really try and get things right – mobile gaming. The result certainly has a lot of positives – a really solid platform and app for gaming, some good support, good regular bonuses, and a well-designed app to get around.

Yet Winneroo casino review finds that there are a few issues here which will simply put a lot of players off. The exclusion of some major payment methods for withdrawing money and the lack of live chat customer support are explicable for a smaller casino, but many less established casinos try and run a more player-oriented service to compensate. With no published return to player figures available however, and very high wagering requirements on what seem like otherwise good new customer bonuses, it’s hard to give Winneroo Casino full marks there.

Overall, some players might feel that the regular bonuses, style, and mobile optimisation for the casino might be worth the trouble. It’s certainly not a crazy thing to think – the online casino world could always do with more smaller, unique mobile-optimised platforms to use. Winneroo can certainly compete on that front – if you prefer to do your gaming on mobile, check them out to see if they’re for you at

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Rate & Comment
  • The uniqueness of Wineroo is what attracted me to this site. Most of the other casino sites are all the same but this one tries to do something a little bit different. There are always going to be problems with uniqueness however, and this is the fact that there just aren’t a lot of games. I want to be able to flick around the sites and have a go at a few different things to find what I like but at Wineroo you just can’t do that which is a huge shame. It has a lot of potential but it just isn’t quite there yet.

  • Quite frankly, there’s not enough on the site to warrant me even giving it a go. I can’t see what I can win and even if I was to win anything there’s massive wagering requirements of 50 times the bonus amount, so there wouldn’t be much point anyway in my opinion.

  • I love the fact that I can use Winneroo from my laptop, my phone and my iPad. This makes things so much easier for me. There’s only a small selection of games but I actually quite like that. The site is simple to understand and for those of us who know what we like to play and like consistency then Winneroo is perfect. I’m not worried about winning anything, I just want to play for fun so the fact that I can’t see any of the games’ player returns suits me just fine.

  • Bright and very quirky site. I really dislike online casinos that are dark and dingy, that is one of the main reasons that I choose Winneroo games. I rate their website so highly that I actually downloaded their app on my iPhone and on my iPad, as I know I can trust Winneroo, they offer the best selection of games and service.

  • I am really impressed that Winneroo casino offers more than just slots but poker and bingo too, which not many casino apps have.

    It means that when I am on my way to work, I can just sit on the train and happily play a few games of whatever I fancy, it passes the time quickly and when I win, which seems more often than not I get a little extra spending money.

  • Winneroo is a really easy site to navigate and I like that the online casino has a very clear and well thought out brand name. As part of their VIP section I couldn’t be happier as I get extra promotions and I feel like my loyalty has finally been rewarded.

  • Wineroo casino is unlike any other casino I have played on, I feel like it truly offers its players something unique. The site itself isn’t just easy to use, but is really colourful and interactive.

    On top of that they also have some of the best slots games available including Starburst which is one of my personal favourites to play and Gonzo’s Quest. They have recently added bingo games too which I think is a really nice addition as I am not a fan of casino games like blackjack and poker.

  • Wineroo is really bright and colourful and really easy to navigate around. It shows you all of the top games straightway and also show you how much players have won the slots too. The VIP section is pretty great with extra bonuses and stuff too. Really like the site, and the Loopy Lotto is my favourite.

  • Wow just wow I have played on alot of different online casinos but Winneroo casino is by far my favourite. I would recommend this to anyone, has a great selection of some of the best games, a nice variety promotions and a very easy to use site.

  • I have now signed up to quite a fair few online casino but Wineroo casino is by far my favourite, they have the biggest selection of games as well as the highest quality. And when it comes to their withdrawals they are super fast and easy. No complaints whatsoever.

  • Winneroo casino is a great place to play lots of different games. If you want good promotions and fast withdrawals then this is the online casino for you.

  • I was looking for an easy, bright and friendly gaming website and Winneroo provided all of this and more. There is a limited amount of games but as a casual gamer this is not an issue for me. I normally use the Winneroo app on my phone which is really easy to use and handy when on the go. Winneroo deserves this review, especially considering its accessibility.

  • I have been a member of Winneroo casino for a while now, and have been nothing but impressed with everything from the design of the site to the vast majority of high class games! Am a very happy customer.

  • The thing about winneroo is that it is fully optimized so you can play no matter where you are or what you want to play on, and that it offers something just a little bit different on the market. Winneroo comes complete with a good no-deposit bonus which is great fun!!

  • I find all of the reviews on here very helpful so I thought I would return the favour by writing one myself. The registration process for Winneroo I found was really safe and easy. Everything after that have also been easy – playing games, getting in contact with customer service and withdrawals. I cannot fault Winneroo everything is great so I would recommend this.

  • I wanted to write this review as I’ve been a member of a few different online casinos but Winneroo is my favourite. It gets dull playing the same games on casinos that all look and feel the same as one another, whereas Winneroo has its own individual personality. The app is so handy for playing on my phone or tablet and I have yet to experience any issues with the technology or games.

  • Winneroo offers a fairly eye-catching special promotion to new customers with a promise of a total of three deposit bonuses and a no deposit thrown into the mix. It is all pretty simple.. . Winneroo is fresh and new offering something different compared too many other on line casino games. And its great that you can on mobile and ipad. Review is its bright and quirky.

  • I read a mix of reviews about Winneroo but personally I think it’s great. Has a huge amount of different slot games, as well as table games if you want to mix it up a bit. With this online casino, their site has a useful banking section on its website where you can easily find out everything you need to know about deposits and withdrawals. Handy for people that only just join!

  • My review for Winneroo Casino. The VIP section of this site is definitely the best part by far. You feel really involved and you genuinely get treated really well by the staff.

  • I read a mix of reviews about Winneroo but personally I think it’s great. Has a huge amount of different slot games, as well as table games if you want to mix it up a bit. With this online casino, their site has a useful banking section where you can easily find out everything you need to know about deposits and withdrawals. Handy for people that only just join!

  • I love the fact that they designed for handheld devices perfect for players who like to play their games on the go. Most importantly, they do have a customer service department which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is really nice and particular suite for people who are base outside of Europe.

  • Winneroo is one of the more modern online casino gaming platforms which I prefer because I really feel like some of them are designed for an older market. They have their own app to download, making the whole gameplay system really easy. They also have regular promotions on offer which only adds to the fun!

  • Winneroo welcome offer is very standard like other casino games, although it is relatively generous with 200% up to £300 while this appears to be a very good deal, it is slightly limited by quite high wagering requirements. There is however a free £30 on offer for downloading the app on your mobile so you can play on the go when ever you want. Overall review awesome!!

  • I love Winneroo as it is designed for handheld devices for those who like to play on the go as they cant get enough of the fave games like me. And they have a 24/7 customer service which is also very handy to know. When you first sign up you get £5 free and 25 spins no deposit, does not sound like a lot but its a start to get you going

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