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200% up to £300 and 30 free spins

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Winner Casino Review Of Promotions & Bonuses

Winner Casino Reviews must mention the fact the welcome bonus is a standard bonus on the first deposit for new players, and it comes at a relatively generous 200% up to £300. While this appears to be a very good deal, it is slightly limited by quite high wagering requirements, with players required to wager 35 times the bonus and deposit before being able to withdraw it as cash. While this isn’t too bad, it’s definitely at the higher end of the spectrum.

This Winner Casino Review must mention the fact there’s also a free £30 on offer for downloading the app, although this has an even higher wagering requirement of 50 times. In addition, Winner offer a 60% up to £300 bonus on players’ second deposits, too. Added in to decent regular promotions which run at different times of the week, and this all adds up to a pretty solid package of bonuses for new players and regular customers alike. While the wagering limits are generally high for the bonuses on Winner, it’s somewhat made up for by the fact that the bonuses themselves are in general higher than you’ll find is the average on most online casinos out there on the market. All in all, it adds up to a pretty decent deal.

Winner Casino Review Of The Best Games To Play

Winner Casino Reviews always let you know the site boasts a wide variety of games from Playtech, one of the best providers of software around and an understandably popular choice when you check out the quality of games on offer. The standard is high across the board, providing entertaining and engaging slots, table games and video poker for any punters looking to try their luck, although Winner’s live casino and Winner poker are located on separate sections of the site.

The downside of sticking to one provider, of course, is a lack of variety, and although most types of game are catered for, you’ll miss out on some games from other providers that you might find on other casinos that take their games from a few different sources. You might also run into a few games which you’ve seen elsewhere on other online casinos. With the quality high, you might not care, but there’s no doubt that Winner suffers somewhat from looking like another identikit Playtech casino, of which there are currently many on the market.

Despite that, this is a pretty good collection of games here, with some nice additions in a live casino section, as well as some huge progressive jackpots if you’re feeling particularly lucky. The choice of table games is also one of the largest around, which is great news for players who aren’t too keen on slots, with many online casinos focusing most of their time on them. You’ll find a huge variety of roulette, blackjack and video poker games to keep you satisfied for a long time.

Winner Review Of Software & Gaming Graphics

Winner Casino takes its games from the popular Playtech provider, one of the best software developers around in the online gaming world and one of the most ubiquitous out there, especially among major online casinos. As a result, you can be assured that the games on here are all up to the highest possible standard and compete with pretty much any other online casino out there. Most of the games use a downloadable casino which is relatively simple to install, or there’s the option to play most of the games directly in-browser, too. The mobile site is also pretty well-optimised for those punters who prefer to do their gambling on the go.

Backing all this up is a website which is pretty well-designed and easy to get around, which doesn’t distract too much from the games themselves and allows them to take centre stage. It would have been nice if Winner had used some other software providers to mix things up a little, but all in all, it’s a very solid and professional website that does the simple job of delivering high-quality games for players on a user-friendly website. You can’t really expect much more than that, so Winner Casino gets definite pass marks here.

Winner Casino Online Support

When it comes to customer support, you’ll find that Winner again matches up to the standard of the biggest and most well-established brands in the online casino world. You can get in touch with them by email, telephone, or by the ever-popular live chat service, all of which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The UK telephone number is even free, so they really have all bases covered, and, when factoring in that their support staff are usually very helpful, knowledgeable, and able to solve almost any problem very quickly, they offer pretty much as good a service as could be reasonably expected.




In general, it takes a matter of minutes (if that) to get a response, and you can quickly get back to the usual business of winning at the tables, so it’s really hard to find fault with Winner here. They deliver a top-notch service with the utmost professionalism, and mostly the site seems to have few problems anyway – of the customer Winner Casino review posted on the internet, very few mention any technical issues with the site, and those that have been brought up are in general quickly resolved. The customer support is another big positive for Winner Casino.

Winner Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

In general, this Winner reviews show that Winner do the nuts and bolts of running an online casino very well, providing a simple and efficient service. So is the same true for deposits and withdrawals? They certainly have you covered for almost any payment method you would care to imagine, with major debit and credit cards accepted along with several e-wallets, from Neteller, Skrill, and some more obscure options. PayPal has now been added too, pretty much completing the set and giving you a full range of options. There’s also a useful wallet system, so if you’re signed up to Winner’s separate live casino or sportsbook, you can move your funds between them easily and have different balances for different sections of the site if you wish.

But then comes the problem – despite the FAQ section of the site promising fast withdrawals, Winner add a needless pending period of a maximum of three days to all withdrawals, in addition to however long it takes to clear for the individual payment method. In practice, this means that most card transactions will take over a week to clear, while even e-wallets will take you up to four days. Winner aren’t the only online casino to do this, but it’s far from a universal practice, and it’s easy to find places that let you get your money out much quicker. This is always a hugely frustrating system, and for all the technicalities of their online casino that are otherwise done so well, this is a significant black mark for Winner.

Winner Reviews Of The Payout Policy

Unfortunately, this Winner reviews show that Winner Casino don’t publish their RTP (return to player, or house edge) rates for their slots or table games on the site, which leaves customers in the dark somewhat. As their games are all provided by Playtech, you can find reported RTP rates for many of them, but with some capability for the rates to change between different casinos, this isn’t exactly clear (although if the reported rates are to be believed, they’re not bad at all, certainly at the better end of the market.) This might frustrate some players, particularly those who like to settle down at one game for a long period of time and know they’re not onto a bad deal.

As an alternative, some of the games do have a demo mode so you can try them yourself to try and get a feel for the likely balance of risk and reward, although for some reason this is only available on a certain number of the games on, with the option simply not being available on some of the games. Ultimately, it’s frustrating, and while certainly not every casino publishes their own RTP rates, there are plenty that do, and some players might feel better off and more secure at a competitor that does.

Winner Review Of Pros & Cons


  • Really professional outfit with a smoothly-designed site backed up by high-quality games
  • Top-quality customer support providing 24 hour help via live chat, email and telephone
  • The best games Playtech have to offer providing a seal of quality to their available library
  • Casino is optimised for mobile and tablet to provide a better experience and great cross-platform compatibility
  • A wide range of payment options accepted for both deposits and withdrawals
  • A decent bonus for new customers signing up
  • Some nice regular promotions and special offers
  • A dedicated VIP system for high rollers and regular gamblers
  • A very reasonable no-deposit bonus for players to try before they buy
  • A nice balance between slots and table games, with a great variety of games on offer
  • Some very high progressive jackpots for players feeling seriously lucky


  • A time-consuming and unnecessary pending period added onto all withdrawals, greatly delaying the rate at which you can get your hands on your own money
  • No published return-to-player rates, so customers have little information on the likelihood of their long-term losses on each game
  • Uses software from only one provider, which can give it the feel of being another identikit Playtech casino, with many games shared with other websites
  • Many games lack the option to try them for free before you risk your own cash

Winner Reviews In Summary

In conclusion, this Winner review shows that the casino is a bit of a mixed bag. It could very easily be one of the better online casinos on the market – it has some top of the range games, it’s very well-designed, the bonuses for new players and existing customers alike are very good, it has excellent customer support, and the site is very well-designed and a pleasure to use. In many areas, Winner runs a great casino and does some things very well indeed.

Then there are a few problems, however. The very high wagering limits to actually make use of those bonuses will be frustrating, as will the realisation that it will take you such a long time to get your hands on any winnings even when they’re converted to cash. These problems are frustrating, because they make a big difference to how you should consider Winner – one problem is that there’s the feeling that Winner is just another Playtech-based casino with little personality of its own, just trying to be functional. It doesn’t do anything spectacularly well, other than perhaps customer support, but a lot of online casinos do that brilliantly too.

Ultimately this Winner review shows that you’ll probably go for one of the larger and more established brands which try to do everything to a high standard and succeed, rather than Winner, which makes a few slip-ups. It’s a shame, because it certainly has potential, and it should by no means be automatically avoided – indeed, it’s definitely worth checking out to see if it’s your thing – have a look at But ultimately, it fails to make the real top tier of online casinos out there.

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Rate & Comment
  • Frustrated and let down. As a loyal customer to many online casinos, Winner casino has left me feeling really frustrated many times. They need to sort out their withdrawal system because it just takes so long compared to other sites I play on.

    As a loyal customer I just feel let down by them and I now feel reluctant to use their service now. Although when you get in contact with their staff they are very friendly and helpful, there are other sites out there that let you take your winnings out easier and quicker.

  • From slots to live casino games, Winner casino has it all. As a regular gambler I’m really impressed with the continuous promotions and special offers this casino has. It feels like they truly value their regular and existing customers as well as their new ones.

  • I love to play bingo and I’m really happy that winner casino has a whole section just for bingo. I think more online casinos should follow suit as there aren’t that many good sites like winner casino that offer bingo. They have a pretty good selection of slots too, which always keeps me entertained in the evenings.

  • I have been a player on Winner casino for a few months now and couldn’t be happier with their services, I regularly get emails about new promotions and bonuses that the casino is offering and they are all fantastic in my opinion. Another thing I really like about Winner Casino is that they use Playtech and NetEnt software which means they only have the highest quality slots and table games. great range of blackjack games too, very much impressed and keep up the good work Winner casino.

  • Finally an online casino that offers its customers video poker. I really like playing video poker but there are so few online casinos that provide, and with Winner casino I feel they offer some of the best games. With a good selection of games and a fast withdrawal system there is nothing bad for me to say about them.

  • I first joined Winner casino on my mobile, and I really struggled applying my welcome promotion to the games. So I contacted the help staff and they couldn’t have been better. Not only were they friendly but they resolved my problem right away and gave me an extra bonus for the hassle. Would definitely recommend to my friends.

  • A good friend of mine recommended Winner casino to me, and since then I haven’t looked back. As its providers are both my favourite software NetEnt and Playtech which make great slots games and even better classic table games.

    I decided to try some of the progressive jackpot slots as there were large sums of money adding up and after a few games of playing I won a very decent amount. Then when I went to withdraw my winnings it was really easy and quick. Very impressed and happy.

  • I adore how simple this site is. I don’t play very often but I’ve made a few big deposits on it. I’ve had my fair share of decent wins and my fair share of losses too, but I praise Winner Casino because of how highly interactive and visually stunning the site looks. The games are the bomb, particularly the superhero ones!

  • Wow just wow, I really like Winner casino I think they honestly have the best games in the online casino world. they also have the fastest withdrawals systems too and at times I have had my winnings within an hour or so. Would definitely recommend.

  • Really impressed with the quality and amount of games. Winner casino also gives me the fastest withdrawals so I can have access to my winnings within hours.

  • In my personal opinion Winner Casino is a great place to play a range of different games. If you are looking for a casino with great promotions and bonuses then this one is for you!

  • Very impressed with everything about this online casino! From the high class games to the best support staff. I would definitely recommend this casino to many more people as there is something for everyone.

  • Winner casino is really simple to use and quite a cutesy site. I think it’s a really good place for beginners to get the hang of online casinos to play all of the games that they can. It’s a really good site to play on and everything runs smoothly, but I’m looking for something for a more experienced player. That doesn’t take away from how good the site actually is though.

  • I was pleasantly surprised with Winner Casino and i really like this online casino. Overall I had a really great experience in this casino and I actually might come back and try my luck again.

  • I felt like I had to share my experience playing on Winner Casino by writing a review. I like that the bonuses for existing customers are just as good as the bonuses for new players. Winner Casino is well designed and I always find e new fun game to play. I don’t necessarily like to play only one type of game. The balance between slot games and classic table games is nice.

  • Winner Casino welcome is a very standard like all other casino games although it is relatively generous with 200% up-to £300 while this appears to be a very good deal, it is slightly limited by quite high wagering requirements. There is however a free £30 on offer for downloading the app on your mobile so you can play on the go whenever you want.

  • Winner casino has everything you could want to play from slots, roulette and bingo. I am always very impressed by the the special offers and promotions that Winner review frequently offers to me. Winner casino review also has video poker available 24/7 which is great if you can’t sleep at night or for the early morning commute to work.

  • I wanted to review to thank Winner Casino! I am always very impressed by the special offers and promotions that Winner review frequently offers to me. For the first deposit for new players it comes at a relatively generous 200% up to £300.While this appears to be a very good deal to me. On top of that you also get £30 on offer for downloading the app on your mobile it is so handy!

  • I highly rate Winner and recommend this casino to everyone! Winner have the finest gaming collection have seen with online casinos and each one with excellent graphics. The introductory offers are amazing and you really do achieve the ultimate casino gaming experience. New promotions and bonuses are always advertised and a dedicated VIP system for high rollers and regular gamblers shows Winner is very loyal to their customers and not just new ones.

  • I wanted to review to thank Winner Casino! I am always very impressed by the special offers and promotions that Winner review frequently offers to me. For the first deposit for new players it comes at a relatively generous 200% up to £300.While this appears to be a very good deasl to me. On top of that you also get £30 on offer for downloading the app on your mobile it is so handy!

  • Thought i would give Winner Casino a try as i have read some good reviews about this site, i do like the site and have enjoyed playing the games as they do have really good graphics, what i am not fussed on is the fact that it is hard work finding the RTP rates and this is major factor for me when choosing what i play.

  • I play Winner casino because I’ve actually won a considerable amount from it- it really does do what it says on the tin! It’s great to use on all platforms and is great for regular users. Winner is one of the most top rated gaming sites and their quality games are really indicative of that.

  • Winner caught my eye on the list of games on Best Deal Casinos as it’s in the name- I wanted to win! Winner has the perfect balance of games for those of all abilities and has come decent bonuses too.

  • Winner is my favourite online casino as it has a brilliant no deposit bonus to try out and it gives you a great balance between table and slot games. They also accept loads of payment options which I know is so important for people. I would recommend Winner to anyone!

  • If you’re a fan of video poker, then be sure to give Winner a go- this site is modern and friendly in its layout and is super easy to use on your mobile (not all online casinos are as good in this respect!). Withdrawals are also super efficient on Winner casino which means I am able to have access to my winnings with ease. Love it!

  • As soon as i logged on to Winner casino i was greeted with Superman the Movie and i could not resist in signing up for a play and then i had to play Superman II With 200% up to £300 welcome bonus it would be rude not too. Oh and must say loved the fact there is a free £30 on offer for downloading the app, although the wager requirement is pretty high of 50 times but it is worth a shot.

  • If you love casino games then you will love Winner. Upon review of this site I was greeted by Father Christmas smiling at me with a promotion 200% up to £300 welcome bonus, and just what a bonus that would be for Christmas. A great variety of Slots, Card games, Roulette and Live games. Love the fact Winner is available to play on mobile and Android Devices, you can claim a nice welcome bonus as a new mobile user and take advantage of complete in- play betting on the go.

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