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Wink Bingo Casino Reviews of Promotions & Bonuses

Our Wink Bingo ratings and review team found that wink bingo host one of the most vibrant and impressive promotions and rewards sections of all the online casinos. With offers virtually every day and regular weekly promotions, gamers who choose Wink Bingo casino will find themselves with plenty of opportunities to get that little bit more from their gaming experience.



To begin with this Wink Bingo casino review mentions that, there is the introductory bonus for new players and first time depositors. You simply register and you will be eligible to play in the special Wink Bingo games rooms for newbies, where in your first three days you could win up to £900 – for free. That means you’re eligible for the first three days to win up to £300 per day. That’s a very enticing offer and what’s more, you’ll be brought into the community of the Wink Bingo casino as you’ll be able to chat to other new players, potentially forming new friendships or indeed finding friends you already know. There is also a 200% deposit bonus for new depositors, with a minimum deposit amount of £5.

Further promotions include guaranteed jackpots every day, where one lucky gamer can open one of the daily prize boxes and see if they’ve won anything from £500 on a Monday up to a delightful £5,000 on a Saturday. This is all very exciting and we haven’t even mentioned the promotions which run on Wink Bingo casino games, including exciting opportunities (eligible once you’ve deposited between £15 and £100) to be one of 40 players who share a jackpot of £2,600.

Effectively any new prospective gamers can be sure to feel they’re getting that little bit extra if they decide Wink Bingo casino is the online casino for them.

Wink Bingo Casino Reviews Best Games To Play

When it comes to choice, our Wink Bingo review find that these games deliver across three major areas of online casino gaming, notably bingo, slots and table games (of those three, table games are the least covered), and the casino has found a good balance – you’ll be able to browse them in the links below. When it comes to slots games, Wink have a decent enough selection, comprising some of the most popular in the casino gaming world today. Featuring popular favourites such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Bejeweled 2, you’ll be sure to find a slots game that suits you. Wink Bingo casino games consist of only four titles, so if you’re looking for real life Las Vegas style table games, Wink Bingo casino may not perfectly suit you. At least you can be assured of the quality of the casino games as Wink Bingo is powered by some of the most cutting edge software technology in the world.

To top this all off, Wink also have instant games and a solitary scratchcard game but most gamers who are really interested in Wink will be heading to the online casino for one reason: Wink Bingo.

Wink Bingo games are some of the most popular for online casino gamers, with a thriving community and several varieties of bingo games, including excellent 90 ball and 75 ball variations – the fun never stops for bingo gamers at Wink Bingo. Furthermore many of these games have energetic and vibrant communities who interact through the live chat. This means Wink Bingo delivers a real life bingo hall experience straight to your desktop.

Wink Bingo Casino Review Software & Gaming Graphics

As mentioned previously, Wink Bingo casino reviews often point out this site features some of the most cutting edge technology to deliver state of the art slots games like Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest, and this is because of Wink Bingo’s partnership with software developers like the popular NetEnt. This means you can be sure of fantastic graphics, with reliable game-play and smooth 3D animations. Games like those mentioned above look stunning and feature incredible audio quality as well.

Even more impressive is Wink Bingo’s dedicated mobile app, which brings Wink Bingo games into the mobile and tablet markets with a bang. A dedicated app is a positive statement for any online casino to make, meaning gamers on the go can enjoy a slice of the action while out and about. What’s more, the software allows you to pick and choose your favourite chat hosts, allowing you to mingle with like minded gamers everywhere.

However, some games, regardless of the dedicated mobile app, are Flash based. This means that while the app can be downloaded onto iOS (and Android), Flash games may still be incompatible with some devices.

Wink Bingo Casino Online Support

Befitting the size of Wink Bingo, this casino has a dedicated help section built into the website that is intended to cover all major topics that a potential new gamer may have concerns or questions about. After reviewing this section, it’s obvious that Wink Bingo casino has dedicated a lot of thought to the guides and frequently asked questions section it has published for its gamers. Plenty of the major topics are more than adequately covered, including sections on bonuses and promotions, deposits and withdrawals, your account, registration and technical issues. Clicking any of these boxes takes you further into the FAQs so hopefully you’ll be able to find your question and have it answered.

When this isn’t enough, you can phone a 24/7 dedicated phone line, calls are free from within the UK but those calling from overseas may incur a charge. A 24/7 helpline is a benchmark for most major online casinos and Wink Bingo delivers commendably on this front. There is also an online form to email any support staff on hand at the Wink Bingo headquarters who will be able to help you with your questions. This shows that Wink Bingo is dedicated to providing reliable and trustworthy customer support and is certainly reassuring for any new gamers out there.

Unfortunately, Wink Bingo reviews often complain about how this site does not have an online, in browser live-chat service but with 24/7 email and phone line support, this problem is negated somewhat.

Wink Bingo Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

As a major online casino, Wink Bingo reviews point out that the site accepts deposits through a wide variety of financial methods; all of these methods are considered to be extremely secure and Wink Bingo maintain a modern and highly safe website to help ensure every transaction made between them and their gamers is handled in the best possible way. Here at Best Deal Casinos we know it’s paramount for gamers to know they’re safe when making transactions online, to expand upon this we’ll examine the ways in which you can deposit to Wink Bingo casino. In other reviews of Wink Bingo, the integrity of the security of Wink Bingo’s website is rarely, if ever, called into question.

The ways in which you can deposit to Wink Bingo casino include tried and tested methods such as credit and debit card giants Visa, MasterCard and Maestro – all of which run their own stringent safety checks to guarantee your financial and personal information remains private and safe. New gamers at Wink are restricted to the following deposit limits: a daily limit of £1,000, a weekly limit of £3,000 and finally a monthly deposit limit of £5,000. Each player is also limited regarding how many credit cards they can register with Wink Bingo – it’s currently a total of five.

Other methods with which to deposit money into your Wink Bingo account include trusted and safe e-wallets, such as those services provided by Neteller. Furthermore, globally popular and highly secure payment platform PayPal can also be used by gamers to both deposit and withdraw funds with.

Wink Bingo Casino Payout Policy

A Wink Bingo review will point out that the site has several terms and conditions to their payout policy, all of which are in line with most other major leaders within the online casino industry. Just like their deposit policy, gamers are restricted on the total withdrawal amount they are allowed to make. There is a daily maximum withdrawal of £1,000, a weekly maximum of £2,000 and a monthly maximum withdrawal limit of £3,000. Please note, Wink Bingo have a withdrawal policy which means your withdrawal will be processed after a wait of 48 hours, during which time should you wish, you’ll be able to cancel your withdrawal request. This is fairly usual practice but may irk some gamers, especially considering further waiting times after this period.

Depending on the method you decide to use for withdrawing funds from your account, the length of time you can expect to wait will vary. Using, for example, a major debit or credit card such as Visa or MasterCard, you can expect a total waiting time of up to six or nine working days. This is a fairly lengthy wait for most gamers but absolute security is pretty much guaranteed. This wait pales in comparison to the bank draft method of withdrawal, which for European gamers can take up to 13 or 18 days; meanwhile, gamers in the rest of the world can expect a period of 24 to 31 days.

Other, faster ways than that method include the online transaction services, such as Neteller (four to five day wait), although gamers in the US won’t be able to withdraw using this method. PayPal users will potentially have to wait between nine and 11 days. These waiting times reflect the rigorous security processes used by the banking industry and Wink Bingo to ensure your financial security. But it’s a pity they aren’t faster.

Wink Bingo Casino Review of Pros & Cons


  • Wink Bingo is a major online casino that is trusted, respected and well loved
  • Wink Bingo delivers a fantastic, lively bingo community, with great jackpots
  • It has an incredible range of rewards, promotions and bonuses
  • 24/7 phone line and email support
  • Superb FAQ to help gamers of all experience levels
  • Decent range of excellent slots games
  • Dedicated mobile app


  • No live chat in browser
  • Flash based games can be problematic for some devices
  • Severe lack of table games
  • Lengthy withdrawal periods for most methods

Wink Bingo Casino In Summary

Wink Bingo casino reviews show that Wink Bingo offers gamers the chance to have a contemporary and fun real life bingo hall experience in their own homes through a professional and well designed online casino, which offers reliability, security and quality. It backs these facts up with one of the best reward and promotion schemes in the online casino scene, meaning potential new gamers will always find something new and enticing to help them feel like they are getting great value for their money while gaming at Wink Bingo casino.

This Wink Bingo casino review mentions the fact Wink Bingo represents one of the liveliest communities in existence in the online casino world, allowing players social opportunities that other online casinos cannot or do not offer. If bingo is your thing, you’ll be hard pressed to find somewhere else that represents such a quality bingo offering. In saying that, they also provide gamers with a range of highly advanced slots games, even though some are Flash based which may cause some gamers issues. Even for table gamers, while not having a vast catalogue by any means, they may be able to find their desires met for a short time. In conclusion, Wink Bingo casino, as other Wink Bingo reports have shown, is a truly outstanding choice for any new or experienced gamer to make as they enter the online casino world.

Rate & Comment
  • Wink Bingo is one of the biggest and most trusted names which is what led me to join the site. There are always a vast number of promotions available to enjoy on different games which can also match different celebrations, such as St Paddy’s Day and Easter. The bingo section is extensive and there is always something new and exciting to do. Fortunately, I am not a table player which suits this site as there are not a lot of table games available. The only downside is the long wait for withdrawals which can be almost a week, if not longer. It’s a great, reliable site with a great community.

  • I’ve been playing Wink Bingo for a few months, and have found that it is a really friendly site to play on. The progressive jackpots in the 75-ball and 90-ball bingo games are a brilliant incentive to keep playing and there are so many other rewards to play for too. Having Wink Bingo available on mobile is also convenient and keeps me playing all the time.

  • I love Wink Bingo! There are so many different bingo games to play and the Wink Bingo community is so lively and friendly that it just makes the whole experience so much better. There are so many promotions and rewards to be won that it makes playing with Wink Bingo a lot more competitive than other sites, but also motivates me to want to play more for fun. There is no live chat, but the 24/7 helpline service makes any problems that come up (which in my experience have been very few) easy and quick to solve. A lot of my friends and family play Wink Bingo, and we’re always challenging each other to who can win the biggest jackpot. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone.

  • Wink Bingo is meant to be one of the most reliable bingo sites and although it is fun to play and is attractive to the eye, the wait for withdrawals is ridiculous. I’d rather play on another bingo or casino site where I don’t have to wait so long for my winnings.

  • I cannot rave about Wink Bingo enough in this review! Wink Bingo has such a welcoming, lively community, coupled with weekly promotions and a range of bingo games, what more could you ask for? My favourite part of Wink Bingo is the live chat option which enables me to have the same experience I would in a Bingo hall but from the comfort of my own home. This is why I have rewarded Wink Bingo 5 stars in this review.

  • I love playing Bingo online and after reading the reviews I decided to try Wink Bingo. I was really impressed that even though Wink Bingo is an online casino there was still a lively community feel when playing. I also really enjoyed that I could try slots and table games as well as playing Bingo, all in one place!

  • I am new to Wink Bingo but since I quite enjoy playing bingo I decided to give it a go and I have to say I don’t regret that decision! The Wink Bingo community is so friendly and the 24/7 helpline gives me a really secure feeling. An overall positive review for Wink Bingo from me, well done!

  • I am new to Wink Bingo but since I quite enjoy playing bingo I decided to give it a go and I have to say I don’t regret that decision! The Wink Bingo community is so friendly and the 24/7 helpline gives me a really secure feeling. An overall positive review for Wink Bingo from me, well done!

  • I just have to share my great experience playing at Wink Bingo in a review. First of all they have got a fantastic range of bonuses and rewards. But more important their games are flawless, I never get tired of playing and I even downloaded the app on my phone so I can play on my way to work! I couldn’t be happier with Wink Bingo.

  • Wink Bingo is perfect online casino if you love slots and bingo. I am not a big table games player so suits me down to the ground. I have the Wink Bingo app so i can play on my commute to work and during my lunch and i must say this one of the best sites for mobile gaming i have come across.

  • When you’re first join up, in your first three days you could win up to £500 for free. Wink Bingo has a fantastic, lively bingo community, with great jackpots. Also they provide 24/7 phone line and email support which is helpful when you have a problems’

  • Wink Bingo is for me! Where in your first three days you could win up to £900 for free! Also I love the fact that you are able to chat to other new players, potentially forming new friendship or indeed finding friends you already know.

  • I love Wink Bingo because I love their app- it makes it so easy to access everything and I don’t have to rely on my web browser to load up all the graphics. They have loads of support systems in place too, so you never feel like you’re ‘alone’ when it comes to dealing with any issues that may arise.

  • I don’t know anyone who hasn’t heard of Wink bingo and this is exactly why I was so keen to give it a try- the brand is popular and well trusted so I knew I would be in safe hands when starting out as a beginner on the casino scene. The community they have on Wink Bingo is super friendly and lively which is what keeps me coming back.

  • If you love Bingo then Wink Bingo is a must for you. A great start of deposit £10 and play with £50 and for the first three days you play you could be in with a chance of winning up £900 WOW .. Overall review very bingo pleasing with 24/7 phone line and email support which is always good to have handy. A decent range of other games such as slots and a dedicated mobile app for those who cant get enough of Bingo if your on the go like me.

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