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Wicked Jackpots Review Of Casino Promotions & Bonuses

Wicked Jackpots Reviews always state the fact it has a hefty, multistage welcome package to entice customers to make accounts; new customers can get up to £1,100 in matched deposit bonuses, as well as 130 free spins on a variety of popular machines. Some of the bonuses are for VIP players only, so if you want to get those extras, you’ll need to play Wicked Jackpots on a regular basis. These bonuses all have a a 40x D+B wagering requirement (this is how much you have to play through before claiming your bonus as real money) so be sure to bear that in mind when weighing up how much the deposit bonus is worth.

The bonuses for long term players aren’t bad either; a cash back scheme will pay you back a percentage of qualifying bets each month, and since the cash back payments scale with your level and VIP tier membership you’ll have every incentive to keep playing. There are also some great bonuses for VIP players taking the form of deposit bonuses, either in the form of funds or free spins. For example, a gold level VIP member will receive a £2 bonus on a £20 deposit, and at the other end of the scale, platinum members can expect to receive a £60 bonus on a £200 deposit. These are some big bonuses and will allow players who deposit and play regularly to spin more reels and win more money.

Wicked Jackpots’ promotional offerings are pretty good taken all together. The new customer bonus is substantial and continues after the initial deposit, which is ideal for people who like to start slowly with a new casino. The VIP scheme and related bonuses present good value and a much better reason to keep trying for membership than many other sites.

Wicked Jackpots Casino Best Games To Play

Wicked Jackpots reviews almost always praise the collection of games despite it being unsurprisingly slot heavy – in fact with 130 plus slots and just five casino games (complete with four types of roulette and Caribbean Poker) you could say Wicked Jackpots’ selection is somewhat lopsided. Nevertheless, if you don’t care for casino games, or are a real slots enthusiast, there will be plenty to keep you entertained here.

Among the slots you will find a wide variety of games, many from NetEnt – the industry leader in online video slots. There are plenty of the popular licensed slots (many being software copies of hardware slots), many of which have progressive jackpots and other big money mechanics. Elsewhere, there are plenty of theme slots that feature impressive graphics and sound, as well as a wide variety of gameplay options. One useful feature is the ability to separate out the slots currently with large jackpots (The Millionaire Genie slot jackpot stands at £1.7 million at time of writing). This is handy for anyone who wants to hunt the big wins, or just wants to spend their numerous free spins at the right machine.

Unsurprisingly, the offerings beyond slots are virtually non-existent. The site is nearly a year old and has made no serious attempt to broaden its range of non-slot games, nor has it made any other overtures to that segment of the market; it’s safe to say that this will be the course for the foreseeable future. If you want to play cards, or roulette, or anything that doesn’t involve spinning reels, you’ll have to look somewhere else for now.

Wicked Jackpots Review Of Casino Software & Gaming Graphics

Wicked Jackpots Casino reviews often find that the many slots of Wicked Jackpots are played on the attractive and functional website; there is no downloadable client version of Wicked Jackpots. The site also functions smoothly on Android, iOS, and most other phone and tablet operating systems, so you can play slots on mobile.

Playing the games is an enjoyable and hitch free experience. An instance of the always popular Starburst game loads in Chrome on a 2013 Macbook in under five seconds; responsiveness is equally good across all the games we tested, which is what most people have come to expect from NetEnt and similar providers. Presentation wise, the games look as good as always, with stutter-free animations and plenty of effects and glitz to keep things interesting. Sound design is good all around, with some satisfying winning sounds that stick in your mind after the reels have stopped spinning.

Reviews  of Wicked Jackpots often note the fact the site offers a good package of quality games sure to hold your interest. The selection isn’t the widest and features a relatively limited selection of games, with some notable big-hitters from the slots world nowhere to be found. Essentially this is your basic NetEnt video slots casino as far as presentation, so if you are considering Wicked Jackpots bear that in mind.

Wicked Jackpots Casino Review Of Online Support

Customer service can make or break an online casino; no one wants to be lost in a complicated ticket system, or waiting weeks to hear about a large withdrawal. Our Wicked Jackpots review said customer service found a lot of positives, and a few omissions too.

Wicked Jackpots bucks the recent (and useful) trend of pre-empting common support questions with a wide-ranging and easy to read FAQ; no such page can be found at the website, with information instead tucked away in various sub-pages. This alone would be a problem, but the terms and conditions is not exactly an easy read – a monolithic block of text that does not exactly make enticing reading. This is a problem because any player who encounters anything out of the ordinary is going to have no idea what could be the cause. This presumably also causes more questions to be logged with customer service too.

In the pros column, Wicked Jackpots offer 24/7 phone and email support with toll free lines in the UK, and a special line for VIP members. Perhaps the company is confident in its ability to field and solve all problems quickly. In our case, our (late night) call was picked up straight away, and the customer service person sounded friendly and knowledgable. There’s nothing on the site about language support, so keep that in mind if you prefer to use another primary language.

Overall, Wicked Jackpots takes a strange approach to customer service, but it seems to work just fine. If you game here, you might not have too good an idea about the finer points of things, but if that’s not a problem you’ll be just fine.

Wicked Jackpots Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

This Wicked Jackpots review found play money accounts are available at Wicked Jackpots; all that is required for these accounts is your personal information, and not even that if you don’t care about keeping track of your play money winnings. Once you decide to move on from play accounts to real money gaming, you’ll need to find a way to get your money in and out of the casino. This can be a little complicated, with various limits and minimum amounts and so on, but at Wicked Jackpots things aren’t too complex.

Wicked Jackpots offers one of the wider ranges of banking options we have seen recently, with debit/credit, Wire Transfer, PayPal, NETeller, entropay, Paysafe, and an old school phone deposit option. There is no per se minimum deposit, but the bonuses don’t kick in until £10, and accounts do not have the option to withdraw money until they have deposited at least £30. There are deposit limits in place of £5,000 per day, and £25,000 per month; not likely to be a problem for the average gamer, but worth noting nonetheless.

Deposits show up in your account right away so you can start playing immediately. All deposits are non-refundable and Wicked Jackpots may contact you to request additional verification after making a deposit; most online casinos have a similar system in place, often known as KYC (know your customer). Finally, regarding gambling responsibly, Wicked Jackpots provide the ability to set daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limits that can be reduced at any time but require a wait period to raise.

Wicked Jackpots Casino Payout Policy

Online casinos are sometimes accused of making it unnecessarily difficult to get your money out after winning, in the hope you’ll choose to stick around and spend it instead. This part of the Wicked Jackpots casino review will cover this area and let you know anything that might stand between you and your winnings.

The minimum withdrawal is £30, and all withdrawals are paid back to the payment method that made the deposit, as per usual. Once a withdrawal request is initiated, the site states that it will be pending for 48 hours, during which period the withdrawal is reversible. This is not a practice that could be considered customer friendly, as the waiting period is plainly an attempt to win back some of your money. After the period, it takes a further five days or so for the funds to appear (the time varies by method). This isn’t the best withdrawal time or practices we’ve ever seen, but nor are they they worst.

At Wicked Jackpots you can make three withdrawals a day, and there seems to be no upper limit on the amount you can withdraw. There are, however, some fairly low withdrawal limits at £1,000 per day, £2,000 per week, and £3,000 per month. This is particularly curious in light of some of the massive jackpots the site offers; it would currently take 47 years to withdraw the Millionaire Genie jackpot with those limits. Presumably other arrangements could be made, but how are we to know?

Wicked Jackpot’s payout policy is perfectly adequate for normal play, if a little slow. However if you are a high stakes player or dream of massive jackpots, you might consider playing elsewhere.

Wicked Jackpots Casino Pros & Cons

There’s a lot of information to consider when choosing an online casino, so to make things easier we’ve boiled down what we know about Wicked Jackpots casino into a easy to read list of pros and cons.


  • Decent range of games with the usual NetEnt quality with respect to presentation
  • Website is nice and responsive both on desktop and mobile
  • Sizeable deposit bonus, with multiple stages to keep you earning bonus money
  • Ability to filer machines by high jackpots for when you are looking for a high stakes thrill
  • Capable customer service with 24/7 phone and email support
  • Some genuinely enormous jackpots


  • Lack of transparency with respect to terms and conditions; customers will have a hard time finding relevant information without an FAQ
  • Limits on withdrawals are very low and don’t fit well with the jackpot theme
  • Withdrawals are also quite slow, despite Wicked Jackpot’s stated commitment to fast payouts
  • Almost nothing on offer for the casino gamer

Wicked Jackpots Casino In Summary

This Wicked Jackpots Casino review cover most of the important aspects to consider when choosing a casino. Our opinion is that Wicked Jackpots is a good casino for a limited audience. If you want to play high quality video slots with some enticing jackpots and nothing else, Wicked Jackpots is a good fit. Everyone will find at least one game they like, and the cash back bonuses and elaborate VIP scheme make Wicked Jackpots one of the better value slot sites out there.

However, if you’re a serious slots player who needs to move money faster than at a snail’s pace, or you have an enthusiast’s eye for slot machines, you will likely be disappointed. There’s nothing to be found in the way of experimental games or new machines, and the banking and withdrawal policies are a bit all over the place.

Overall, this Wicked Jackpots Casino Review shows that Wicked Jackpots is a great place to play slots and not much else. All the evidence is that Wicked Jackpots is a trustworthy and fair casino operator and the usual checks for outstanding complaints were clear, so if slots are what you are all about, feel free to play with confidence.

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  • I really enjoy playing on the slots here. Fluffy favourites and sugar train are my two favourites! I play on my mobile mostly so it’s nice that everything runs so smoothly. The only thing I don’t like about Wicked Jackpots is the fact that it takes so long for my money to come through and that I can only withdraw a little bit of it at a time.

  • The first thing that drew me to Wicked Jackpots is the promotion where you can with up to £1100 as a bonus! This grabbed my attention straight away and made me eager to find out more about the site. I absolutely love the layout of the site it’s so easy to move around and play on and find exactly what I want. The games look appealing before you even get a chance to play them. You can also get 25+ free spins which is another of the many greats offers Wicked Jackpots are promoting. Just put down my first deposit on the site, but I can definitely see myself playing here for a long time!

  • There are loads of great offers and huge jackpots to be won on the slots on Wicket Jackpots but there’s almost nothing when it comes to the table games. I was left extremely disappointed too when I was trying to find out a bit more info about the site and the ins and outs of it but there wasn’t even a FAQ section. I could have read through the terms and conditions but who wants to do that?!

  • Really impressed with Wicked Jackpots Casino, sign up was really quick and easy. Their site is bright and easy to navigate. And on my first deposits I also got loads of free spins on top of the bonus deposit, very good start in my opinion. I even won on a few of the spins very happy indeed.

  • Wicked Jackpots casino has been a great online casino so far, nothing but happy with their games and their service. When I had a problem with withdrawing my first winnings, I called even though it was really later at night and they didn’t keep me waiting and were very friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend to my friends and anyone thinking of joining.

  • I have just signed up to Wicked Jackpots and I really liked the welcome offer as you get a lot for your money. Their site is so easy to use and has one of the best layouts I have seen on an online casino. I really like the variety of slots and can’t wait to get stuck in and try them out.

  • Could not be any more impressed with Wicked Jackpots casino, the sign up was super quick and navigating the site is really easy, especially for someone who is new to all of this like I am. On my first deposit I got a great range of promotions, with a matched bet and plenty of free spins.

    I feel like this online casino really appreciates me as a customer even though I have only been playing on this site for a few weeks now.

  • Extremely impressed with this site, and I can’t say I’ve ever had an issue. It’s a really easy site to navigate and they offer some really great bonuses on top of that too. In addition to this, the free spins are incredible and you can also get cheeky live offers from the live chat and email throughout the week that you take you by surprise. Fantastic site and you’re getting a lot extra for the deposits you make.

  • I am completely impressed with Wicked Jackpots casino. When I signed up it was quick and I was able to navigating the site easily.On my first 3 deposits I also got free spins on top of the bonus deposit! A big thumbs up on the free spins is that it’s given as a games bonus so I could use it on any game I liked! This is different to some other sites I’ve played on, and I am really impressed.

  • This casino is amazing, could not be happier with my experience with them. Great choice of games and very fast withdrawals.

  • I joined earlier this week and really like the welcome offer! At first I didn’t understand where my free spins were but live chat were really great and explained it to me. Big thumbs up for me!

  • Overall I am incredibly impressed with the amount of different games Wicked Jackpots casino has to offer. On top of all that they also have really fast withdrawals and a friendly support team.

  • I absolutely love NetEnt, it’s my favourite site by far. There’s a huge range of decent games on this site, and I absolutely love everything it has to offer. From a website that is really nice to navigate and 24/7 support, this site really does offer something for everyone.

  • Wicked Jackpots is a very good casino they have a lot to offer their customers. The customer support was easy to use. followed alongside by even more promotional offers which is great.

  • Wicked Jackpots Casino is so much fun! They have a range of great games, a huge proportion being slots, but there are also a few casino games if you fancy your luck. The best part of Wicked Jackpots, however are the humongous jackpots. I’m not surprised by the amount of positive reviews Wicked Jackpots has.

  • High impressed with Wicked Jackpots, not just with their amazing list of different slots games that they have on offer but with their welcome package. Casinos that have a poor bonus for new customers really put me off but with Wicked Jackpots casino you can get up to £1,100! They even go one step further as you can play their games easily on any device which is perfect. Overall, Wicked Jackpots is very understanding to the different needs of different people.

  • If you’re a slots player i would definitely say try out Wicked Jackpots Casino as they have some really great slot games, if you’re more of a table fan i would say you can play better table games on other online casinos.

  • Wicked Jackpot Casino is seriously a lot of fun! Their slot games are one of the best I’ve ever played and they offer a really impressing welcome package. Most Casino offer poor bonuses for new customers, yet with Wicked Jackpot Casino, you can get up to £1000! You must give it ago.

  • I thought I would leave a review for Wicked Jackpots as I’ve recently won some sizeable jackpots and love the great range of games they have on here! Wicked Jackpots really does live up to its name!

  • Whenever I get the chance I am constantly using this site on my laptop and on my phone! There are so many different themed games to choose from and I think most of the games graphics are really quite good. As a new player to Wicked Jackpots I am really happy with my experience so far, not only have I received a few great offers, I was very happy with their initial promotions that were available to me.

  • Wicked casino has a hefty welcome package to entice new customers, you can get up-to £1,100 in matched deposit bonuses, as well 130 free spins on a variety of popular machines. Some of the bonuses are for VIP players only, so if you want to get those extras you will need to play Wicked Jackpots on a regular basis to make it worth it. Overall review the site is bright and easy to navigate.

  • My review for Wicked Jackpot i love it. if you like your slot games quirky and fun, my personal fave TED. If your looking for something a little bit different try out the scratch cards. Or if you want to take your experience to the next level in the comfort of your own home there is the VIP Lounge although it is strictly by invitation only, so if your of the lucky few selected, you can expect to be treated to the Red-Carpet treatment with some wicked perks. Also get your own personalised manager wot bet with and be at your beck and call 24/7 so to say.

  • i just had make a review on Wicked Jackpots as I’m loving the hot offers on the Wicked Wheel, play whatever you desire and earn spins on the and your’re guaranteed a prize. A great variety of over 300 games and a astonishing £5,000,000 in jackpots and more to be won. And if that is not enough to entice you then VIP get more, with an exclusive invite to top perks, weekly cash backs and a personal account manager and so much more. Overall review a fantastic site, the background maybe plain black, which in my view is a good thing as too much colour and quirky characters can distract you..

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