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Virgin Games Reviews Of Promotions & Bonuses

Virgin Games Casino review love the fact their site offers a welcome bonus of 200% off your initial deposit, although this is capped at £200. So for all you online high rollers out there, this might be a turn off. For everyone else however, this is a generous bonus that far outshines many other sites! Simply deposit £20, for example, and you will get a sweet £60 to spend on any Virgin’s games. Users should be aware though, that only slots and bingo count in any meaningful way towards the required wagering quota. However, the required wager for bingo is only 2x your initial deposit, so you can start making money from your free bonus very quickly! For slots the quota is 40x, which, while nothing special, is lower than many sites we could mention. The minimum deposit for this is £10. All the wagering quota must be completed in 30 days, however, so for light users this might be a problem.



Even so, Virgin Games reviews always mention that the site also offers many reward incentives for regular customers. Every bet you make on Virgin Games also gives you a V point. At 20 V points, users can exchange them for cash, an equivalent bet or air miles with Virgin Atlantic. This is a pretty neat feature for those who like to gamble and fly frequently, and really takes advantage of their umbrella brand’s strengths!

Virgin Games Casino Best Games to Play

Virgin Games reviews always mention that, unlike many online casinos, Virgin Games does not offer a huge collection of games. Instead it boasts a reasonable 100 or so titles. Although giving punters less choice, it helps to streamline the user experience and makes finding the games you like to play a lot easier. Virgin Games’ main focus is on bingo, so naturally they put a lot of their efforts into maintaining that popular section of their site to a high standard. Virgin Games also displays the pay-out statistics for its slot machine games, which is always nice. The usual casino games, such as blackjack, poker and roulette are also available, with a smattering of variations – fewer, however, than users might find on other sites. They also don’t have a live video poker option or online tournaments, but the casino isn’t really the main focus of their site – bingo and slots are.

Virgin games are exclusively powered by Nozee Ltd. This means you’ll find unique titles here that you won’t on many other sites. User reviews online seem to suggest that Zeus, Peggle and Double Bubble are popular titles with high pay-out rates. They also singled out Virgin Games’ swift loading times compared to their competitors.

Virgin Games Casino Software and Gaming Graphics

Virgin Games Casino reviews have to mention the fact all Virgin Games’ titles, while not as graphically impressive as some other online casinos on the market, are also less intensive and so can be smoothly run, even on lower end or budget computers. Unfortunately they do not offer live video poker or immersive 3D graphical experiences in their casino games. However, many of their slot games are aesthetically pleasing and unique to their site, so you can enjoy totally new experiences. Also, as a whole, the site is well designed and streamlined, with a simple but effective user interface. All Virgin Games’ titles are playable on a variety of platforms including Android, Apple and other tablet and mobile devices, so you can play, deposit and withdraw on the move. Or if you’re travelling with Virgin trains or Air, you can earn points towards your travel while you play!

This Virgin Games review shows that the site also allows members to play all of its games (except bingo) totally for free in practice mode, where users can work on their strategies or simply learn new games. Regular users can also download the casino as a desktop application for instant access, without going through the main site, as well as improved, smoother graphic options.

Virgin Games Casino Online Support

This Virgin Games review shows that the as one of the world’s premier brands in a variety of industries, Virgin is no novice when it comes to offering complete customer support and care and their Games business is no exception. Virgin Games offers comprehensive customer support, with a friendly team of staff available 24/7 via their live chat option. Recently adopted by more and more online casinos (but certainly not all), live chat is one of the swiftest methods to solving users problems – without them having to leave the site.

Customer queries can also be sent through email or via the more traditional phone call, which is totally free of charge for all UK residents. They also have a thorough and detailed FAQ section, which can often result in your problem being answered without the need to contact them directly. Virgin, as a globally recognised brand, have no problems convincing you of their trustworthiness as a safe and secure place to put your money. However, should you need further proof, Virgin Games is certified by both the UK Gambling Commission and the Government of Gibraltar and Gibraltar Gambling Commission (where the company’s offices are based).

Virgin Games Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

For first time users, the following methods are available for deposit on Virgin Games: Maestro UK, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Paysafecard, Moneybookers, NetTeller and Visa Electron. These are added after successful completion of your first deposit.

The minimum deposit is £10, and the maximum depends on your payment method of choice, ranging from £750 to £20,000. For a full list, check out Virgin Games’ deposits and withdrawals page, which can be found by searching in their FAQ section. Users can easily set up a monthly or weekly deposit limit if they so wish, which is a nice step towards promoting responsible gambling. To do this, simply contact customer services with your request.

Virgin Games’ withdrawals are available 24 hours a day for you to scarper off with and spend your hard earned winnings. Virgin takes a standard 24 hours to process any withdrawal and then after that the speed with which your money reaches you depends on the method you chose. Online wallets (PayPal etc.) are almost instantaneous, debit cards take one to three days and credit cards one to five. Traditional bank transfers are the longest method, taking three to five working days.

Virgin Games prefers, unless in exceptional circumstances, that withdrawals go out through the same method of the most recent deposit. This is for security reasons and shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but if it is, users are advised to contact customer services through the variety of options available. There is also no maximum withdrawal at one time, which is nice.

Virgin Games Review Of Casino Payout Policy

Virgin Games casino offers high payout rates on many of its slots games, which are conveniently displayed for your reference. Many of the games go up to as high as 95% or 97%, which we think you’ll agree is a very generous percentage return. Like most casinos, if players are deemed to be exploiting, cheating or otherwise gaining an unfair advantage (through gambling techniques or hacking software) they are legally allowed to void any withdrawal attempts – full terms and conditions can be found here:

So, if you’re considering any new or questionable gambling techniques, read up here before you try it out as you may not be able to withdraw your winnings. Law-abiding customers, though, should have no worries. As a reputable, world-renowned brand, certified by two separate gaming authorities, accessing your money if you won it fair and square will be easy. Users should note that ID confirmation is required, as by UK law, before any payouts – you are allowed to play without this however, so it’s probably best to sort this out and confirm your account before you need to make a withdrawal, in order to avoid any extra hassle.

Virgin Games Casino Review Of Pros & Cons


Virgin is a well-known and premium brand around the world, so you can put your trust and confidence in the quality of their operation in any industry. With high payout rates, a great welcoming bonus and a reasonable wagering requirement, as well as exclusive games you won’t find anywhere else, it’s easy to see why Virgin Games is a respected online casino games provider. Simple but effective customer support and a well-designed site, as well as the ability to play on a variety of formats – from mobile to desktop – and some interesting and unique customer rewards, help make this a great site for the casual gambler to the frequent player.


With no live 3D poker or roulette like some other casinos, a fairly low deposit limit and a cap of £200 on the welcome bonus, true online high rollers might be slightly disappointed with Virgin Games. Although they have exclusive games from Nozee which might appeal to some, those used to the other major providers available on their competitor’s sites might miss being able to play them all in the same place. This lack of diversity in their title selection is honestly the biggest criticism of Virgin Games, as other than that they run a smooth ship, just like all other areas in which Virgin operates. It is also only to residents of the UK and Ireland, although this isn’t a con of the site itself exactly.

Virgin Games Review Casino in Summary

To summarise all the sections of our Virgin Games Casino reviews, Virgin Games is a great place to gamble for all-comers but particularly casual players with a low budget. If you’re new to the online casino world, Virgin’s smooth and simple user interface and their less dense selection of games might be a boon. Ease into the online gambling game with their free practice mode and accrue a selection of different rewards for consistent betting. Earn real life or cash rewards for each bet and participate in one of their frequent weekly or monthly offers and deals. Compete in the traditional casino games of poker, roulette and blackjack or play one of Virgin Games exclusive slot games – the choice is yours! With a very reasonable (read excellent) welcome bonus and a low, low wagering requirement in the bingo section of their site, you could be winning big in no time at all.


This Virgin Games Casino Review shows the site is simple and easy deposit and withdrawal process, as well as a dedicated customer service team, also add to the charm. However, the lack of a truly immersive 3D casino game experience (like live poker) and the low deposit cap might put off your seasoned veteran of the online gambling scene, although having a completely separate provider for their slot games is a draw for those who think they’ve seen all the online gambling world has to offer. Overall, Virgin Games doesn’t let the parent franchise down with a popular and well-designed site that offers a variety of options and benefits to regular customers. Although slightly less attractive to high stakes gamblers, it’s still worth a look at. And for everyone else? Virgin Games is a perfectly adequate arena in which to spin some wheels, have some fun and hopefully win some money!

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Rate & Comment
  • As one of the world’s biggest brands I cannot fault my Virgin games casino experience. They offer all the games I would ever want to play and more. When I first joined I instantly started making money from my free bonus which is really quick compared to other sites I have played on. I am so impressed with Virgin Games, they even have a wide variety of live games you can play which is great when I get bored of slots.

  • I love the fact that Virgin Games offers a selection of live casino games. Most online casino sites don’t offer live games and I think those who don’t are missing out. So far I have joined in with their live blackjack and roulette games and it has been a great experience which I can’t praise them enough for.

  • Virgin Games casino has one of the sleekest online casino websites I have seen in a while. As well as it being stylish they have a simple layout which makes it visually appealing and almost more of a higher class site compared to other online casino sites. Not only is the site stylish it also has a broad selection of games which I am very impressed with and am happy to be a loyal customer.

  • I can’t fault Virgin Games on anything as they offer great promotions and bonuses on plenty of great games. Slots are a firm favourite of mine when it comes to casino games and I haven’t been disappointed yet, their games list is always growing which keeps things interesting and I never get bored of playing on their site.

  • Not only is the Virgin Games casino website so easy to use it looks flawless. I think some online casino sites can look quite tacky, that is why I like to play on Virgin Games casino. I am really happy that I can play any slots games I want on my iPhone as well as my tablet. I have been a loyal member of Virgin Games for a while now and one of the best things is that you play most games for free in practice mode, so it allows me to work out the best strategies.
    I have made some pretty big winnings from a lot of their games which I am quite proud of, they have a quick and efficient withdrawal system unlike most online casinos. Most of the time because of their fast withdrawals I can have access to my winning within 24 hours.

  • As a recently new player to Virgin games casino I am really glad I decided to join their site over any others. Not only do they offer so many different types of games from slots to bingo they are also really generous with their welcoming offers and bonuses.

    I had problems when I first joined and their customer service was amazing as you would expect. Not only were the staff friendly and helpful but they offer 24/7 support which is great as I work long hours and normally play on their site late at night. And if I have any problems I know they will be there.

  • If you like live dealer games on online casinos then Virgin Casino is the one for you. I have tried a variety of different live classic games including blackjack and poker. Although most games haven’t been much of a success for me the one I played last week really paid off and I got a fairly decent pay out which I couldn’t be happier about. If anything Virgin casino is a very fair, safe and trusted casino that I enjoy playing on for a variety of reasons.

    For starters they are a very well-known brand so I know I can trust them, and when I made my first deposit they asked to see ID straight away which didn’t bother me in the slightest as it only means they are a regulated casino and take it seriously. The other reason I have stayed a loyal customer to Virgin casino is that I really like their live dealer games and their selection of games in general, they have some of the highest quality slots games I have ever played. Would highly recommend.

  • Virgin Casino is one of the only online casino that give away regular promotions and I even received a nice birthday bonus which actually really made me happy. Virgin casino has some of the top UK slots games on their site and you can play instant play or download the casino if you prefer better graphics. On Virgin casino depositing money is not only safe but easy too, and you are even able to pay through PayPal which is really convenient for people who use it all the time, like I do. This is by far one of my favourite casinos, and one of the best in my opinion.

  • From bingo to slots, both gambling games that I love to play, how can I not be impressed with Virgin games casino. As well as supplying a variety of both they have some of the highest quality games too. They have everything you need to make a casino world class, great games, low deposits, easy withdrawals and great rewards.

  • Virgin Games casino has a good selection of different games which I highly approve of, they also have one of the fastest withdrawals systems I have ever experience. Somehow I have managed to win quite a bit of money on this site so I will continue to be a very happy and loyal customers. Very impressive with such high level of service and quality website.

  • It’s a really fun casino that I’ve been playing for a long while. The games selection is really good and the customer service is also really great. In addition to this the site offers some brilliant withdrawals that are fast and super secure. I’ve never had any trouble whatsoever with this site.

  • Very impressed and completely amazed! At Virgin Games casino the game selection is good. Fast withdrawals. Good customer service. I have won quite a lot of money on here and had no trouble getting it back into my bank account.

  • Virgin casino is one of the most famous casinos I have played on and I came to know about this casino through a site which was promoting this casino and I checked it out and quite liked so I joined this casino site. They have some different platforms supporting their casino and it was quite a change for me as I am always playing on Microgaming or Netent so I decided to give it a try. and i am really happy that I did.

  • Virgin Games Casino is great. I have been playing about a year, they have fun slots and quick withdrawals. The live chat is pretty good and the chat games add to the fun of the site.

  • I feel more comfortable and secure playing on a well-known brand such as Virgin Games. I was also really interested in the fact that on Virgin Games you can earn points towards your travel whilst playing the games! My whole experience of Virgin Games has been top class, their website is professional and easy to use, unlike the more gimmicky online casinos, and they provide a range of games to keep the customer entertained. Altogether I rate Virgin Games 5 stars in my review.

  • I think Virgin Games is a really fun casino. I have been playing about a year and am very impressed with their variety of fun slots and super quick withdrawals. The live chat is pretty good too!

  • Virgin games is a really great well-known brand that is known everywhere. I never knew the name Virgin to be a games site for a long time, but since I’ve signed up, I’ve found just how great this is! IT has really high payout rates, and a fantastic welcoming bonus too, which really makes it the best. The games are also exclusive on the site which I think is fantastic.

  • Virgin Games is like a breath of fresh air after trying the numerous other online casinos. My review focusses mostly on the exclusive games offered here and not found anywhere else alongside the fact that you can earn points towards your travel, Virgin Games truly offers a unique experience.

  • The Virgin Games website is easy to use both on the go and at home on my computer. It’s user friendly and aesthetically pleasing as well as providing a great range of games. It feels safe to use Virgin Games as it’s a well-known and respected brand throughout the UK. I’m very pleased with my gaming experience which I hope came across in my review.

  • Virgin Games casino is a very sleek website that offers a selection of live casino games, I particularly enjoy the live roulette and blackjack. Virgin Games review has some great promotions and bonuses on offer which makes playing their games ever more pleasurable.

  • Me and my gal pals love to play on the Virgin Games casino, we all love the slots, the bingo and some casino table games usually blackjack. I referred all of my girl friends that also play online casinos and even got a bonus for this. We all feel really comfortable using this online casino as Virgin is such a well known brand.

  • As I recently a new player to Virgin games casino and I think Virgin Games does not offer a huge of games. Virgin Games’ main focus is on bingo, so naturally they put a lot of their efforts into maintaining that popular section of their site to a high standard. If you are fan of bingo games then this is the one for you

  • Virgin Game Casino is not appearing to me at all, the layout is really simple and it looks really boring. Most games doesn’t look interesting, not a lot of offer and bonuses, not for me unfortunately.

  • Virgin Games is the crème de la crème of online casino gaming platforms. I don’t play that often but I would only use Virgin Games because they have such a great reputation. You don’t have to deposit loads of money so it’s great if you’re a part-timer. Their site is well designed too which makes it so much more enjoyable to play.

  • While so many people seem to play their casino games on their phones, I find that I enjoy the games more when I play on my desktop. Unlike so many other online casinos, Virgin Games works really well on both platforms, which I really appreciate Maybe one day I will use my mobile for gaming but for now I am more than happy on Virgin Games on my computer!

  • Firstly Virgin Games offers an offer of up to 200% up to £30 deposits which is awesome- more bang for your buck! Similarly with Virgin you can be assured quality as they have a very good reputation and are a very popular company for people to deal with. They have everything you need to enjoy yourself whether you are a frequent player or a more casual player.

  • Upon playing Virgin games for the first time I must admit i love it. Not only does it offer a welcome bonus of 200% but deposit £20 and play with £60 now this may not seem like a lot for those who like to play big, but its the best you gonna get to start with and build up for the jackpot. My overall review great gaming experience and hours of fun if you love your live blackjack and roulette games.

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