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VegasWinner Casino Reviews Promotions & Bonuses

VegasWinner reviews always take not of the fact this site offers a relatively simple new customer bonus to anyone signing up, giving bonuses on each of the first three deposits made on the site. The first deposit will yield a 100% bonus up to a maximum of £100, while the second and third grant 50%, also up to a maximum of £100 for each. This seems like not too bad an offer, although the wagering requirements are quite high for the first bonus with a 30 times wagering requirement. While this might seem standard, the amount is for the bonus and the deposit, so twice as much as it appears. All of that considered, it’s far from a great offer and there are certainly many better options out there for new customer bonuses.



Our Vegas Winner review found that the regular offers and promotions fare a little better, however, with some decent regular bonuses and a dedicated VIP section if you fancy yourself as a high roller. The promotions take many forms, from free spins to boosted prizes and yet more deposit bonuses, and are on the whole a decent package. So while the new customer bonus might not be much to shout about and easily bettered elsewhere, the regular bonuses for loyal customers are a bit better. If you’re looking for somewhere to settle for the long haul, the bonuses are good – but if you just want to make a large deposit and get what you can out of it, there are much better alternatives out there.

VegasWinner Casino Reviews Of Best Games To Play

VegasWinner Reviews show this site has a decent selection of both slots and table games available, although unlike many other casinos which use a variety of different software providers to build up their library, VegasWinner uses only one. The result is that some players might feel that the available collection of games isn’t quite as large as many other companies, and lacks a bit of variety. Nonetheless, the quality is mostly pretty good, offering a decent service and some enticing and inventive games, with plenty of extra added features and good functionality.

There are some very big progressive jackpots on offer, while, fitting with the casino’s classy image, there is quite a focus on the table games. As for live dealer games, it can be quite confusing – they’re not mentioned at all on the UK version of the site, whereas a totally different US domain does have them. There’s quite a big difference between the two casinos for the two different territories, so make sure you’re signed up to the right one and that they have the games you want available. Unfortunately, with the casino requiring a download, it’s hard to gauge that from the site itself, but you can talk to their very helpful support staff.

VegasWinner Casino Review Of Software & Gaming Graphics

As we mentioned before, Vegas Winner Reviews found that VegasWinner use one third-party supplier for all of their games, and the result, while keeping things nicely focused and familiar, does lead to things being a bit ‘samey’ and the size of the collection not quite matching up to most of the very best in the industry. Nonetheless, the graphics are decent, and the software allows for a lot of extra features on the games to keep them interesting.

VegasWinner has a limited instant play section, but for the most part you’ll have to download the casino software to get it running, which is slightly annoying. What’s worse is that almost no allowance has been made for how this works on mobile, so if you’re looking to gamble on the go, VegasWinner definitely isn’t for you. The games do run smoothly on the downloaded casino, but with most companies just offering in-browser games now, it feels a little bit left behind, and not as up-to-date as many of its competitors.

Vegas Winner Reviews found that another source of frustration is that this system can get in the way of trying games for free – you have to register an account, download the casino and sign up to be able to just try things out, so there’s no easy way to have a look around before you take the plunge. While the technology and software backing up the games might be solid, they’re embedded into a site and system which can frequently be confusing, so be aware.

VegasWinner Casino Online Support

VegasWinner reviews always say the site looks to compete with the biggest names on the market by offering a professional service when it comes to online customer support, offering access to their help system 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing you to get in touch with their advisors at any time. Yet although the site claims to offer email, telephone and live chat, there doesn’t seem to be any option on the website to move to the live chat section – instead, only an email address and a UK telephone number are provided. Switching over to the US site is even more confusing, as only a contact box is provided to customers, leaving you a little bit in the dark.

This Vegas Winner Casino Reviews found that while of course it’s great to have 24 hour support, and you can still get in touch with VegasWinner via telephone or email, live chat is popular in online casinos for a reason – it’s a quick and free way of getting in touch and having problems solved without risking being misheard or misunderstood. Not offering it is slightly problematic, not a major issue, but advertising its existence when there’s no link to it is downright baffling. This is something that VegasWinner really need to sort out.

VegasWinner Casino Review Deposits & Withdrawals

Our Vegas Winner review found that when it comes to deposits and withdrawals, VegasWinner offer a wide variety of options for moving money to and from your account. Major credit and debit cards like Visa and MasterCard are accepted, as are e-payment methods including the three most popular of Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. When it comes to methods, VegasWinner absolutely have you covered. Unfortunately, there’s not a huge amount of information on the website as to how long it will take you to get your hands on your money – the FAQ section of the casino seems to have been deleted, and there are no indications, although the (very lengthy) terms and conditions do mention a ‘pending period’, so it’s probable that withdrawals will take slightly longer due to the added internal processing period added on by VegasWinner themselves.

This Vegas Winner Casino Reviews found that while this isn’t too much of a problem, again VegasWinner provide inadequate information for customers on their site with regards to how long withdrawals will take. Other sites give a few varied responses from customer VegasWinner casino reviews, and in general it takes around five days or more to receive payment, depending on the pending period. While this isn’t too bad, it’s far from the best out there, and again, it would be nice if VegasWinner explained things a little bit better on their website.

VegasWinner Casino Payout Policy

As you might have guessed from the general lack of information and confusing nature of VegasWinner’s site, they don’t publish any information on the RTP (Return to Player, or house edge) figures on their website, or anything about payout rates. This is more than a little frustrating, as there’s really no way to access what is vital information and which is offered by many online casinos free of charge and often in one list to allow you to easily compare it. It’s another area where VegasWinner lets itself down in providing transparency and clear information to its players and customers.

This Vegas Winner Casino Review found that the only real confirmation you can find at the bottom of the site about fair play is a certificate showing that the random number generator from SkillOnNet has been independently verified, and since this was an issue on the site which garnered some bad publicity previously, it’s a relief to know that you’re getting a fair deal in that respect. But this should really be accompanied by Return-to-Player figures – withholding such vital information is hardly the best way to return confidence to VegasWinner, and it’s an odd and frustrating exclusion. Unfortunately, VegasWinner falls behind the competition here – you can find far more detailed payout information for many, many other online casinos out there on the market.

VegasWinner Reviews Of Pros & Cons


  • Good selection of live dealer games for players to get an immersive feel just like a real bricks-and-mortar casino
  • Good selection of developer games giving a cohesive feel to the site and fitting in with the overall theme
  • Downloadable casino runs very smoothly on laptops and desktops and allows interruption-free gaming
  • Good regular promotions for loyal customers with deposit boosts, prize drops and more
  • Ability to try games out for free before you play for real money


  • Pretty miserly bonus for new customers on their first deposits, with high wagering requirements
  • No published Return-to-Player information or payout rates available anywhere on the site, leaving players in the dark about their expected return
  • Confused support system that claims live chat is available but seemingly doesn’t actually provide a link to the service
  • A lack of a detailed FAQ section to explain the finer details about the casino, with a lot of vital information missing or unavailable
  • Only uses one third-party provider for games, so a lack of variety in their collection
  • Limited instant play section, requiring registration even to have a look around
  • Almost no optimisation for mobile players
  • No information on how long withdrawals take on the site
  • Confusing division between a UK and US site without any clear information on how the two are linked

VegasWinner Review in Summary

Overall, VegasWinner casino has tried to provide what looks like a coherent, upmarket service for players, and compete with the biggest names on the market. Unfortunately, they fail on too many of these counts – the choice of games isn’t as good as most major online casinos, the customer support isn’t quite as good, the bonuses are mostly average, and you’ll still need to download the casino to get it running, a very outdated system. There’s not even any optimisation for mobile, which is becoming an increasingly bigger market, and the withdrawal system seems archaic too.

This Vegas Winner Casino Review found that the real problem with VegasWinner is when it comes to actually getting information. They tell you nothing. There’s no longer an FAQ section on the site, the relation between the UK and US websites isn’t explained at all, the customer support page tells you a live chat option exists when it doesn’t, there are no Return-to-Player rates published anywhere, and the only real information is a very long and complicated terms and conditions section running at the bottom of the site. For a company that previously had bad publicity over their random number generator, although they might have resolved that issue, they’re hardly proving a model of transparency.

Ultimately, you can simply do a lot better than VegasWinner. The bad outweighs the good by too much, and it’s a shame, because there’s definitely a market out there for smaller, more upmarket casinos providing a dedicated player-oriented service. The regular bonuses are very good, and the other problems could be overlooked if you wish, though. So if you do want to check it out and consider it worth it, head over to

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  • Unfortunately I was trying to find my way around the site but to no avail. There’s just no information on there that I can use to help me! There’s no live chat option when it says that there is which is extremely misleading, there’s no return-to-player rates. They only thing they offer is the complicated terms and conditions which no one wants to read through, especially when the text is exceptionally small.

  • Vegas Winner looks like a classy site to play on and there is a great selection of live dealer games which I really enjoy. The downside is that the site is pretty confusing when it comes to withdrawals and payouts. There’s no information on the site to help understand this either.

  • Although there isn’t a lot to see on the site in terms of information you eventually get to know your way around and manage to work things out. The games are interesting and drew my attention pretty quickly. It’s a nice, pretty to look at site and with a few tweaks I think it could really excel.

  • With over 500 different games to choose from I don’t know how you can get bored of VegasWinner. They don’t just have slots games but live dealer ones too, which are the ones I prefer to play. I’ve only played a few slots games as they offer free spins at times. I think they have quite an unusual game which is really interactive and easy to use. Very impressed and happy with their service.

  • VegasWinner casino is based on Skillonnet software and I couldn’t be more impressed. I am now part of their VIP lounge which I think is a really interesting scheme as it’s like rewarding your players for being loyal which I think my online casinos should do. With VegasWinner casino you are also able to try any games for free first which is a feature I really admire.

  • As a new gambler to these online casinos I thought I would try Vegas Winner casino first and I have been pleasantly surprised.

    They offered some very generous welcome bonuses and when I had a problem with depositing money there was a variety of ways to contact their staff. I choose the live chat option and their support staff were very friendly.

  • VegasWinner casino is one of the last casinos I joined that use SkillonNet software, I was really impressed when I discovered this casino as I think it’s great. Although it can be rather slow at times when I contacted their 24 hour support staff they were very friendly an d helpful and gave me an extra promotion for my troubles would definitely highly recommend.

  • The name of the casino first drew me to it. I loved going to Las Vegas when I was younger and so I wanted to recreate that experience from the comfort of my own home, and that lavish atmosphere is exactly what Vegas Winner provides. The live chat support is available 24/7 and the customer service operators are extremely professional, quick at replying and really helpful. I really like this site and I have had a couple of decent wins here.

  • Really like Vegas Winner casino it has a good interactive site and is swift and easy to use. The best part about Vegaswinner casino is that they have a fast withdrawal system, at times I can have my winnings in my account within a few hours.

  • All in all I think Vegas Winner casino is a really good online casino. When I first joined their site I was highly impressed with their variety of games and their generous promotions. If you are thinking about signing up to Vegas winner casino then you should give it a shot because in my opinion its great.

  • nice looking and really swift site at Vegas Winner, the bets part is every time i play I seem to win at least something. In my opinion they have great payout rates and it is by far one of my favourite online casinos.

  • In my personal opinion overall Vegas Winner casino is interesting to play and i have now become a regular. The withdrawals have always been super speedy each and every time. the support staff are also incredibly friendly- very happy!

  • Well, well, well… Vegas Winner is a fantastic online casino! They have all the best games that you could ever want as well as very friendly support staff if you ever need help. A friend told me about this casino and I am very glad they did!

  • Vegas winner is a fantastic site to play on, and they have done really well to rebuild their image. The game has a load of bonuses, and a huge selection of games which all run really well. The casino is well-run and is a great option for an online casino.

  • VegasWinner casino is a very professional and interactive site that is very easy to use and offers hours of fun-filled gameplay. VegasWinner review has a variety of games and generous promotions. VegasWinner casino review also have a fast withdrawal system that means my winnings are in my account within a few hours.

  • As a new gambler, I thought I would try Vegas Winner as I found it appearing to me. Good promotions for loyal customers with deposit boosts, prize drop and more, ability to try games out for free before you play for real money which I really like. But what I found it disappointing is that they should provide information about how long withdrawals take on the site.

  • VegasWinner makes you feel like you’re in a real life dealer game and is more immersive than most platforms. It’s easy to download so you don’t have to worry about slow and annoying play. I always try to play games for free before committing and spending so I love the fact that VegasWinner lets me do that.

  • Vegas Winner has such a wide selection of games and has really high quality immersive games that you won’t want to trek all the way to a regular casino anytime soon! They have regular pay-out options and you can try games out before playing them with real money, which is always a bonus.

  • If you want the ultimate casino experience then sign up to Vegas Winner casino. You get fast pay-outs, great bonuses and friendly customer support. As a big blackjack fan I love the range of variety of games they have to offer. I’ve also used some of the scratch cards and they can get quite good if you’re looking for something fast paced. Gotta love Vegas Winner!

  • For fast payout and a smooth service where the site runs like a dream, join Vegas Winner today! i am always flabbergasted with their wide array of games and come back every time after venturing off to see if any other sites are as good (they’re not)

  • My review for Vegas Winner gives out a bonus of 100% up to £20 + £15 free spins and use the bonus code when you sign up. Very fast payouts and daily rewards. Good promotions for loyal customers, as well new. A great app to play on the mobile for the those on the go. Overall review on vegas winner very impressed.

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