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Unibet Casino Review Of The Promotions & Bonuses

Unibet reviews always state the welcome bonus isn’t the highest, and you won’t have to look much further to find better offers. It’s a pretty standard 100% bonus for your first deposit, up to a maximum of £200. In order to withdraw it, you’ll need to gamble 25 times the amount, too, with table games not counting 100% towards the total. This isn’t unusual or too bad, but there are definitely better bonuses out there, particularly if you’re not playing slots or bingo, the only games that count a reasonable amount towards the total.



In terms of regular promotions, however, Unibet fares slightly better. There are a variety of promotions that are regularly updated, and most of them are pretty universal so you won’t get them just for specific games (although those exist, too). Random prize giveaways on certain days and jackpot increases are just some of the examples. There’s also a handy referral system where you’ll get £20 for every friend you refer, up to a maximum of £100, another good way to boost your bankroll.

Overall, the bonuses week in, week out at Unibet go some way to making up for the poor welcome bonus, but if you’re looking to gain a major, immediate boost to your bankroll, there are better places to go. There’s also a structured loyalty program, so if you’re a regular player you won’t feel left behind.

Unibet Casino Review Of Best Games To Play

Unibet reviews always state the Unibet has a huge selection of games on site, featuring a massive variety of different table games from the various versions of roulette, video poker and blackjack, although the focus is clearly on the slots. With literally hundreds to choose from, all backed up by the very best providers in the industry, you’ll have to go a long way to find a better selection than what’s on offer here, with a wide variety of themes, styles and prize structures available in their exhaustive library of slots.

Unibet’s live casino section also offers some very high quality live dealer games, which are always a nice addition and make for a much more pleasurable experience and some variety. While Unibet’s casino is browser-based, it doesn’t suffer for it, with the games still of a very high quality across the board. One common criticism is that the mobile casino has offered a much more limited selection of games compared to the browser-based site, and while this is still true, the number of games is constantly updated and the situation is improving. You should still find a good selection available on mobile – while it’s not the biggest selection around, it should be more than enough to satisfy almost anyone.

Unibet Casino Reviews Of Software & Gaming Graphics

With the latest clients and software by a wide variety of providers powering the Unibet casino, you can be sure that the games are of the highest standard available. The graphics and technology are all very much up-to-date and new games become available frequently. With live dealers available for a host of different table games, you’ll also have the opportunity of taking in a much more immersive experience – just like being in a bricks-and-mortar casino!

Unibet review will always mention this despite Unibet operating in-browser and not requiring any additional software to be downloaded. Surprisingly, this doesn’t lead to a compromise of quality in the games offered, as is often the case for browser-based casinos. This also comes with the advantage that you can use your account easily across multiple platforms and devices without having to download software, switching easily from one device to another. With a wide variety of platforms supported, you can easily play on your tablet, laptop and mobile at your own leisure.

Overall, Unibet offers a great software package backing up its games, and with few problems and the ability to use them easily across a variety of devices, the sophistication of Unibet’s online casino is a huge positive if you’re considering opening an account.

Unibet Review Of Online Support

Our Unibet review shows that the site offers a wide variety of customer support options, although the easiest is to contact them over live chat, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While this is standard for many online bookmakers now, especially large established companies like Unibet, this service is also offered in a variety of different languages, which will be helpful to customers based across Europe and the rest of the world, with those offered including even less widely-spoken European languages such as Czech, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian and Dutch.

The multiple-language support also works on email, although some customers have reported that this service is not as quick as some other online casinos. Phone support is also available. The Unibet staff appear to be very friendly and helpful, with few reported problems that weren’t able to be quickly solved, whether simply compatibility issues or problems with withdrawing money (although very few problems have been reported that needed to be solved in the first place). As a long-running company with an established history of providing an online casino service, you can rest assured that Unibet’s customer service department can solve any problems you might have, leaving you to focus on the fun of taking advantage of the slots and table games in their online casino.

Unibet Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

Unibet Casino Reviews say this site offers a wide variety of options to deposit or withdraw money, with most major bank cards accepted and a lot of major currencies dealt in. Bank transfers take 1-3 days, which is pretty standard, while card withdrawals take 3-5 working days – not the best, but certainly not the worst either. One problem with Unibet is that PayPal isn’t an available option for deposit or withdrawal, which can be frustrating as operating through PayPal is often one of the quickest ways to withdraw money. Deposits are, of course, always instant, with a 2.5% fee charged (withdrawals, although they of course take longer, are free.)

There have been a limited number of problems reported with withdrawing money on Unibet, but not above average for an online casino, with the vast majority of these resolved by the customer support team too. As a well-established, professional company, you shouldn’t have any worries about putting your money in Unibet – they’re well-staffed and know what they’re doing, and with the latest technology backing up their encryption, deposits and withdrawals as well as their games, you can rest assured that your hard-earned winnings and deposits are in safe hands when you play on Unibet’s online casino.

Unibet Casino Payout Policy

The Unibet payout policy is reported to be very high, over 95% for a combined total for most games. This isn’t the highest you’ll find in the online casino world, but it’s certainly well above average and will be a big positive for regular gamblers who want to find a site with a good payout ratio to use regularly. Although their huge variety of slots feature a wide range of payout structures, comparing them can be difficult and time-consuming as there’s no easy way to check them without clicking through different screens for each individual game.

Nonetheless, with high payout offers, Unibet Casino Review say this the obvious advantage is to regular players, also backed up by the fairly generous regular promotions and loyalty program. The only issue remains that it can be quite difficult to find exact audits for each individual game and as a whole if you’re considering putting a lot of money into the site over a long period of time. But in general, the reported payouts seem to be very high indeed, and you can be sure that you’re not being ripped off. Very few sites will offer more generous payout rates than Unibet, so if you are a regular gambler, it’s a massive positive to consider for minimising your losses over time.

Unibet Casino Pros & Cons


  • Reported very high payout rates which will be a huge advantage for regular gamblers and keeping losses low over the long-term.
  • A good loyalty program and regular promotions and special offers to help players boost their bankroll as they spend more time on the site.
  • Long-established company with a well-deserved reputation for professionalism giving security to new players.
  • Browser-based games allow you to avoid the hassle of installing dedicated software and allow you to switch easily between different devices and platforms using the same user account.
  • Great twenty-four-hour multi-language customer support for a huge variety of countries to solve any issues you may have with using the site.
  • A huge variety of slots and games on offer all backed up with the latest and best technology from a wide range of providers and clients.
  • Great selection of live dealer table games to give you an immersive experience just like being in a real casino.
  • A play-for-free option on games allows players to experiment and try out all the different types of games available to find the one that suits them best.


  • Fairly poor welcome bonus, with a standard rate which is only likely to be advantageous for those playing bingo or slots, with table games only counting 10% towards the bonus.
  • Website can be difficult to navigate, making it difficult to compare odds and payout structures across games without clicking through multiple pages.
  • No no-deposit bonuses available for new players.
  • No option to use PayPal to withdraw money instead of a card or bank transfer, meaning transfers aren’t the quickest available.
  • More limited selection of games available for mobile devices.

Unibet Reviews In Summary

Overall, with unibet having been established for almost twenty years as an online casino, most Unibet Casino reviews are positive as they’ve made the most of their vast experience to deliver an experience that is efficient, fulfilling and rewarding. Both the basics – high payouts, good regular bonuses – are here, as well as the more boring stuff behind the scenes that keeps it running smoothly, like sophisticated technology and excellent multi-language customer support (although the withdrawal options could benefit from the addition of PayPal or at least speeding up card transfers.)

Unibet Casino Review say this the games are all of a very high standard and live dealers are available for a huge variety of different games. While the mediocre welcome bonuses are perhaps where Unibet lets itself down in attracting new customers, the regular promotions, special offers and loyalty program will help to make up for that loss over the long haul if you’re a dedicated gambler. Unibet is definitely a good option if you’re looking for a new home in the online casino world to dedicate most of your expenditure and bankroll to, as regular customers are well-rewarded. With a thoroughly professional basis for the site and good numbers for payouts, it’s hard to go too far wrong with Unibet, who fully deserve their excellent reputation in the online casino industry earned over the years.

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Rate & Comment
  • I really like playing on Unibet, but I’m just not a fan of their site. I wish it had a better lay out and brighter colours. Compared to other sites I have previously played on their site just seems really bland and boring.
    Although I get great offers now, when I first joined their site they didn’t give me that many great promotions.

  • As a regular gambler I am really impressed with the amount of times I have won on this site. Unibet is constantly giving me promotions and special offers which is why I am such a loyal customer to them. Their withdrawal system is really simple and I have my winnings within a few days so I am a very happy customer.

  • Unibet is a great online casino I wish more sites had their variety of games. I’m not fond of playing slots and most online casinos only seem to cater for slot players, whereas with unibet they have a great range of live casino games.
    Every time I have played their live casino games it has felt like I’m actually in a real casino, I don’t know how they do it. I always feel like I’m on a constant winning streak when I play on their site too.

  • UniBet is definitely the online casino for me. They offer the biggest selection of promotions I have ever seen. As a regular and loyal customer I can’t fault their service. As well as all the offers they have on their site and the wide variety of games their customer service is top notch too.

  • They have endless promotions for poker, bingo, as well as all their casino games. The only problem with UniBet is that their website is just too green for me if only they would add some different colours and brighten it up a bit. The logo also blends in with the background which makes their site look slightly unprofessional in my opinion.

  • Easy to use and good fun. I’m really impressed with UniBet they have some of my favourite games to play including Starburst and Aloha cluster pays. When I play on their site I always feel like I’m winning especially as they provide a great range of promotions. I couldn’t be happier with their site.

  • Unibet really has it all with lots of jackpots, slot machines, video poker, a variety of table games and loads of other games. The best thing about UniBet is that the casino is available on both my phone and tablet as well as my laptop. Cannot rate this site more highly, very good online casino.

  • I have been a member of Unibet casino for a long time now and I never get bored of playing on their site. Unibet casino has a variety of different games to choose from although not a lover of slots although I play now and then. My favourite games to play are the ones with the live dealers, with blackjack being my favourite and they do not disappoint. I always seem to have the best of luck on Uni Bet casino so that may be why I’ve been such a loyal customer, that and their withdrawals are so quick and easy.

  • It is very rare for online casinos to have poker on their site, but I am incredibly happy that Uni Bet does. UniBet doesn’t just have poker tournaments but lots of promotions too which first drew me to them. Since then I also play on a variety of their slots machine games as they pass the time while I am on my way to work. Never had any problems with them, they are great all around.

  • Unibet casino is a very popular online casino that can offer players a vast amount of games, bonuses, promotions and even bigger jackpots. The best games I have played on Unibet casino are Starburst, the invisible man, and Mega fortune all of which have made me some great winnings. And when it comes to accessing my winnings I can normally have them within a few days which is perfect for me.

  • I’ve been playing on this site for a really long time and I first started playing there for sports bets but I decided to give the casino a proper go. I’ve seemed to have had a really great run on this site which is fantastic. I really trust this casino and I’ve seen some decent promotions on the site too. I don’t have a bad word to say about this casino.

  • The best software and good games. Plus sports betting, poker and bingo if you fancy a change. The best thing about Uni Bet casino is prompt payment, I withdrew £100 on Wednesday lunchtime and it was processed and in my pocket the following day, what could be better than that?! So impressed with UniBet casino.

  • Unibet casino is a really well designed casino and it is a place with very good amount of games available. Not only do they have lots of different promotions on offer but they span over a huge variety iof games. ultimately really happy with casino experience on UniBet casino.

  • I think this is a quite good place where you can play casino games. I trust Unibet casino, I had a few withdrawals and I received my money in 2 days on e-wallet account, very happy customer indeed.

  • In my review the biggest highlight for me when using Unibet is the live casino games. I really enjoy having the live dealer making the whole experience feel more real and fun. I was also impressed by the loyalty programme as many other casinos only focus on enticing new customers in. Overall I really enjoyed Unibet casino and will definitely keep playing here.

  • My favourite thing about Uni Winner casino is the fact that their payout rates are really high. There’s a great loyalty program that I love to be a part of, and the regular promotions are fantastic. In addition to this, the site is browser-based which is fantastic, and the customer support cannot ever be knocked.

  • Unibet casino is very well designed with a huge choice of games to suit any kind of gamer. At Unibet review I really enjoy the live dealer games as they make the casino experience feel more genuine, all the while I am comfortable at home. I have been a member of Unibet casino review for a couple of months and I intend to carry on for a long time.

  • If you like live dealer games on online casinos then Unibet Casino is the one for you. The Live games are really engaging and make you feel like you’re actually sitting in a casino playing! If anything Unibet casino is a very fair, safe and trusted casino that I enjoy playing on for a variety of reasons. One of the many reasons I have stayed a loyal customer to Unibet is that here is a good loyalty program and regular promotions and special offers to help players boost their bankroll. I really like their live dealer games and their selection of games in general, they have some of the highest quality slots games I have ever played. I found Unibet to be a really smart site. Big thumbs up to this site!

  • Unibet Casino definitely has a loyal fan base and the reason for this is because you get so much in loyalty rewards and bonuses. I am more of a table game girl and the live games on Unibet are really fun, i have given the slots a whirl and these have been enjoyable to play also!

  • Unibet gives me the best variety of games and I do feel like their live dealer games give you the same excitement as being in a real casino. Play Unibet if you’re a bit unsure of which games will suit you as they offer a play for free option.

  • It’s really hard to tell you which of the games on Unibet are the best games to play because there are so many. The welcome bonus is quite good, and the deposits and withdrawals are easy and simple to navigate. I would say Unibet has made me really enjoy online gaming and has made me better at it too!

  • I love Unibet casino, offers new customers 200% Welcome bonus, deposit £100 and play with £300 when you register. I’m loving all the Christmas games at mo, especially Scrooge, but if the fun and quirky slots are not your thing, then there is Live Casino games Blackjack and Roulette or Poker. Or why not try your luck at Bingo with a whopping £50,000 cash up for grabs, and new to UniBet Lottery Betting lets you bet on over 20 lotteries worldwide. And if all that is not enough for you, there is Sports for those who like the odd bet on the horses. Overall review i can honestly say I love Unibet one of the best online casino sits out there. Merry Christmas!!

  • If you love sports you must sign up now for a £30 welcome offer and with loads of sports game to play with best odds guaranteed. The most amazing thing about Uni Bet is you can watch over 40,000 events live on TV like WOW. What i also like about Uni Bet is it gives you some news on some of the games which is good to know about the key facts. Oh the Casino Tournaments are a great way of earning rewards while playing your fave games. Overall review Uni Bet is one best online casino games out there i have experienced.

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