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100% Up To £200 + 50% Refund

Average rating 4.5 out of 5 from 26 reviews

Titanbet Casino Review Of Promotions & Bonuses

Titanbet’s sign-up offer has more to it than meets the eye. The basic offer for new customers is a 100% bonus on your first deposit, up to a maximum of £200, a fairly generous start. Although the requirements to actually be able to withdraw the bonus seems high – you’ll need to stake 30 times the amount before you can get your hands on it – it’s not as bad as it seems. Firstly, the bonus accrues at the full 100% rate with a huge variety of the games available. And secondly, if you accrue any losses in your wagers to get the bonus money, after 24 hours of your first deposit, half of those losses will be refunded to your account, making sure you can be a bit more gung-ho about getting to that 30 times limit (for the first day at least).

All in all, it adds up to a pretty solid opening bonus, and the regular promotions are also varied and frequent to keep boosting your bankroll after the signup offer has expired too. In addition to that, you’ll also get a whopping £50 bonus for referring a friend, while they’ll get £25 in the bargain. Although this has the same play-through rules as the opening bonus before you can take advantage of it, that’s still one of the most generous referral schemes around, and adds up to a pretty comprehensive overall bonus package that rivals almost anything else on the market.

Titanbet Casino Reviews Of Best Games To Play

TBuk_casino_plenty_o_fortune_400x200A review of Titanbet will say Titanbet has a colossal number of slots available, featuring almost every theme and style imaginable. Taking many of their slots from Playtech, you’ll find a lot of inventive and interesting games, including the hugely popular Marvel series of slots, with pretty much every conceivable style well-covered. Yet while the focus at Titanbet casino is undoubtedly on the slots, they haven’t neglected the table games either. Video poker, roulette and blackjack are all well-catered for, and although Titanbet isn’t one of the largest or best-established online casinos out there, they’re still up there with the best when it comes to quality and features – you can find plenty of live dealer games available which are up to the standard of anywhere else you can find.

It’s not just the classic games on offer, either – you’ll find plenty of interesting variations on table games and plenty of different styles available. Best of all, each game comes with an option where you can try out the game completely free, giving you a great opportunity to test them out and find which one works best for you before committing your hard-earned cash. This option isn’t available everywhere, and it’s great to have when you’re testing things out and getting used to Titanbet (although bear in mind if you’re using the new sign-up bonus that you’ll only get cashback on your losses for the first 24 hours).

Titanbet Casino Review Of The Software & Gaming Graphics

With Playtech behind most of the slots and several other games you’ll find on offer here, you can rest assured that the standard is up there with the very best in the industry, and all of your favourite slots will be featured. It’s not just simple games either, with progressive slots also featuring which allow colossal jackpots to be built up over time, eventually reaching into millions stored up in one colossal jackpot for one lucky punter to win.

In general, Titanbet review will say you’ll find the graphics to be up there with the best around, and the sleek, user-friendly layout of the website is carried on into the interfaces. It’s easy to see why Titanbet’s popularity has exploded since it launched, as the site is very easy to make your way around, get between games and find out any information you need. As you’d expect from any site powered by Playtech, the graphics and software are all state-of-the-art for the online casino industry and deliver a product which can compete with anything else on the market. Titanbet may be new, but when it comes to the quality and quantity of the table games available and especially the slots, they’re not lagging behind their longer-running rivals.

Titanbet Casino Reviews Of Online Support

Titanbet reviews say this site despite Titanbet not being the best-established online casino, you shouldn’t find any problems with their online customer support. Building up to the same standards as the very biggest online casinos on the internet, their excellent and award-winning customer support team can be reached by email, telephone or live chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Titanbet casino reviews often find that Titanbet is operating under a wider network which has a lengthy experience of the online casino industry, you can be sure that you’re getting a reliable, professional and secure operation looking after your hard-earned cash even though the site itself is only a few years old. The security is highly sophisticated and the site is one of the least error-prone around, so it’s extremely rare to have any issues in the first place, with very few recurrent problems being reported by users of the casino. Yet if you do, you’ll know that you have access to a great customer support team which will be able to solve any problem you might have at any time of day, meaning that even if you are unlucky enough to come across any problems, you’ll still have a hassle-free experience and get them solved quickly and efficiently.

Titanbet Review Deposits & Withdrawals


Titanbet casino review often find that Titanbet offers a wide variety of methods to withdraw your money, featuring the usual array of major credit and debit cards as well as bank transfers, various e-wallets and, importantly, PayPal. With not every site offering PayPal as a withdrawal method, and it usually being the quickest way of getting your hands on your winnings (and often the only way of doing so the same day for no charge), this can be a huge positive for players.

Titanbet casino isn’t as clear as some of their competitors about the time withdrawals will tend to take, particularly with regard to withdrawal methods other than credit or debit cards, although these are reported at a pretty standard two to four days. PayPal withdrawals tend to be a lot quicker. You aren’t charged for deposits or withdrawals either, and can receive them in plenty of different currencies, all in all adding up to a pretty great service when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. You’ll have to be doing a lot, so it makes sense that it should be as simple and hassle-free as possible; Titanbet offers you a good choice of methods and makes it all reasonably quick.

Titanbet Casino Payout Policy

Titanbet reviews say this Titanbet’s payout policy is variously reported around the 92 – 96% mark, making it somewhere between decent and very respectable. There aren’t any audited payouts available, although nobody has reported the payout as anything too low, so you can be assured that you won’t be losing money hand over fist when you sign up and will be playing a fair and even-handed game when you join the Titanbet online casino. There are sites out there which offer better payouts, but not a huge amount, particularly with newer-established companies who often try to gloss over the fact.

Titanbet casino reviews often find that there have been a few reported problems with payouts on Titanbet, although most of these are either resolved by the customer support staff or are simply a result of players needing to post more security or bank details before withdrawals can be completed. This can be an issue as, common to some online casinos, these details are often not asked for until money is attempted to be withdrawn, or sometimes even later, catching some players unaware. Yet the information asked for is pretty standard and shouldn’t give you too much trouble. And of course, it only has to be done once, after which you’ll be free to withdraw whenever you want. Nonetheless, there are some issues here which haven’t been reported at some of their competitors, so it’s worth bearing in mind.

Titanbet Reviews The Pros & Cons


  • Excellent starting bonus for players and cashback on losses while trying to get up to the payment threshold make it a great choice to begin with for new players
  • All the freshness of a newer company with plenty of the benefits of a longer-established organisation, including award-winning customer support and sophisticated encryption and security systems
  • One of the highest-paying referral schemes available to introduce friends to sign up
  • A vast array of different slots available backed up by the latest technology from Playtech
  • Reasonably fast withdrawals and the ability to deposit and withdraw via PayPal
  • Live dealers on table games easily available to give a fully immersive experience like being in a real casino
  • Multi-platform support for a range of devices
  • Well-designed and sleek website and interface, allowing you to navigate between games with ease
  • Try the slots for free, allowing you to find which game suits you best without having to put up any of your hard-earned cash


  • Reported issues with withdrawals by some players
  • Moderate payout rate which is unaudited and not as high as others in the industry, whether confirmed or reported
  • Ongoing bonuses aren’t quite as good as certain other online casinos available
  • Not always clear with certain information, such as how long withdrawals generally take to process for various payment methods

Titanbet Review In Summary

In summary, while Titanbet reviews say this site is a relative new kid on the block compared to some competitors that have been around for over a decade, it doesn’t suffer much for it and doesn’t feel like a less established or less professional company at all. The slots are of the highest standard and there is a huge variety of them, backed up by the ever-reliable Playtech company. The progressive slots also offer some unbelievable jackpots stretching well into the millions, allowing you to make a small fortune in the blink of an eye.




There are some problems here, however. Not all of those slots are available on mobile, with some considerable distance between the site on different platforms and devices even if the cross-compatibility is ultimately there. The reported payout issues from some players may be a cause for concern for some too, even if it’s hard to tell exactly what the situation is – many Titanbet casino reviews don’t mention it at all, and the vast majority of players seem to have no problems. The site, while very well-designed, often isn’t hugely forthcoming with the information you might be looking for either.

But despite all that, Titanbet is still a very solid choice for anyone looking for a new online casino. It has style, it has pedigree, it has quality and it certainly has quantity. You’ll find very little at the largest online casinos on the internet that you won’t be able to get at Titanbet too, and it’s not hard to see why the site’s become so popular in its few years of existence.

Rate & Comment
  • Titanbet casino isn’t really the one for me. Although their withdrawal process if quite easy, it sometimes takes so long for me to actually have access my winnings and that has left me feeling really disappointed.
    I can’t fault the support team as they were very helpful and understanding. Other sites I have played on allow me to have my winnings within a few hours so I can’t understand why it takes Titanbet so much longer.

  • I highly recommend this casino, as a fairly new player I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent starting bonus I received. There are so many slots games to choose from too, I’m so impressed I look forward to staying up late playing on this site, definitely going to recommend this site to my friends as well.

  • I like Titanbet casino because it has so many different games to choose from, so when I get bored with slots I can head over and play one of their many live games they offer. The only problem is I find the site can be rather annoying. As they display the rising amount of different jackpots on games it just gets on my nerves.

  • Titan Bet casino is a great site that has so much to offer its customers from really fast withdrawals to great pay out rates. TitanBet casino can also be accessed on my mobile and my tablet so it makes commuting to work so much more fun and entertaining. Very impressed by their site and their services.

  • If you like live dealer games as well as high quality slots then you need to check out TitanBet casino. Before Titan Bet casino I wasn’t much of a fan of slots but now I am a solid converter.

    My favourite game to play is blackjack and Titan Bet’s live version does not disappoint it makes me feel like I’m in a real casino but in the comfort of my home, it’s great.

  • Titan Bet casino uses software from Playtech so you know the slot machine games aren’t just of a high quality but the best. On top of that whenever I have had a problem, their support staff have always been a massive help. Would completely recommend, 5 out of 5 from me.

  • Finally an online casino site that has far more to offer than just slot machines. TitanBet casino is a great place that has so much more to offer, I particularly like their live dealer games as the live dealers are really friendly and it makes for a great experience. They don’t just have casino games but general arcade games too.

  • The starting bonus for the site is really great and the cahsback on losses is even better particularly for new players and inexperienced online gamblers. There’s a huge range of slots available and the withdrawals particularly for e-wallets is quite fast. I really like the site and will continue to come back and play here to take advantage of the bonuses.

  • Slots, slots and even more slots! I am so impressed with the variety and high quality slots Titan bet offers, cannot fault them one bit. As a fairly new player to Titanbet casino although I had difficulty with the signing up process their customer service team were very friendly.

    Five stars from me!

  • Titanbet casino is a rare online casino, because it truly has everything to create the ultimate casino experience. In my personal opinion Titanbet casino is the best online gambling site, I feel like they have the best games and promotions on offers and that is all you need. Five stars from me.

  • Fantastic and very fun game play at TitanBet casino I would definitely recommend if you are looking to mix it up a bit.

  • I make all my sporting bets with Titanbet casino and the fact that they have a wide selection of games is just an added bonus. I know when ever i use Titanbet casino that i get quality and consistence.

  • The best thing about TitanBet casino is the fact that their are live casino games around the clock, you can play poker or blackjack whenever you want. The live casino games are a great experience too as all the dealers are very friendly and nice.

  • Titan Bet has a great selection of Playtech games to try, and the online casino, which is also paired with Titan Poker, has managed to build themselves an excellent site that is great for both beginners and experienced players. The site has a wide choice of games to pla on, and the software runs seamlessly. Really happy with this site.

  • After reading the positive reviews here and getting a bit bored of other online casino’s I thought I’d give TitanBet a try. The vast amount of slot games was like a breath of fresh air, there are so many different styles and themes that you could never get bored. TitanBet also offers casino table games and the live dealer section provides the chance to mix it up a bit. I would definitely recommend.

  • I like the fact that on Titanbet I can play live games all day round and even at night time, so I can use it whenever I feel like it. I also like how helpful their customer support is and that it is accessible 24 hours as well. All in all a good 4 star review for Titanbet from me.

  • I like the fact that on Titanbet I can play live games all day round and even at night time, so I can use it whenever I feel like it. I also like how helpful their customer support is and that it is accessible 24 hours as well. All in all a good 4 star review for Titanbet from me.

  • My experience for Titanbet Casino for the first time, the basic offer for new customers is a 100% bonus on your first deposit, up to a maximum of £200, a fairly generous start which is great for beginner like me! Also they have a great selection of Playtech games to try, and the online casino.

  • Titanbet casino came highly recommended to me and when I signed up I found out just how good it is. My favourite part of the Titanbet casino site is the collection live dealer games which brings the feel of a genuine Vegas style casino to the comfort of my own living room. I suffer from insomnia sometimes but I don’t mind anymore as live games on Titanbet are available 24/7.

  • This site is probably the best site for me, as they have fast withdrawals and the ability to deposit and with withdraw via PayPal which really helpful to me.

  • My review for Titanbet for the first time has a basic offer for new customers a 100% bonus on your first deposit, and up to a maximum of £200, a fairly generous start. With a well-designed website and mulit-platform support for a range of devices, Titanbet makes excellent play with vast array of different slots available.

  • I used Titan bet for the first time and the reason for this was because of the great new bonus they offer to their new customers. That is why my Titan-bet casino review is 5 stars. You can use the site on a number of devices without any hassle, so wherever you are, you’ll be able to use this site. Titan-Bet casino- you get a big thumbs up from me!

  • Titan bet really is the titan of all casinos! you can be sure that you are in a safe and immersive environment when you choose to play on Titan bet Casino and because of this, there are huge pros and benefits that you can take advantage of. Whatever you decide to do, you can be sure that the right game will be with you at all times. This is a fantastic casino that you can truly take advantage of whenever you want to play!

  • My experience of Titanbet Casino is a great place that has so much more to offer. There is a huge range of slots available and the withdrawls particularly for e-wallets is quite fast. Excellent variety of games to play i review this with 5 stars

  • My first gaming experience and review for Titanbet Casino, is great if your lover of sport and enjoy the odd bet. but if that is not for you then there are some great adventure arcade type games for you to play and enjoy. And a fantastic offer of 200% up to £300 welcome bonus.. They have fast with drawls via paypal which is really good. Overall review also supports most mobile and tablet devices so you can play on the go go.

  • Love the sunshine and love your sports then you will love Titanbet as i must admit is one of the best sports online betting site out there. With a wide variety of sports for you to bet from everyone fave football to horse racing and tennis. And if that is not enough Titanbet has a few quirky slot games and even Bingo. Overall review some great promotions on offer

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