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Sportingbet Reviews Of Casino Promotions & Bonuses

Our Sportingbet Casino Review found that Sportingbet Casino’s welcome bonus for new customers is something of a mixed bag in itself. Anybody signing up for a new account at Sportingbet will get a 200% bonus on the first deposit they make – twice as much as the usual 100% on most online casinos, which is great. The only problem with this is that the maximum bonus is only £40, which is much lower than most other sites. The second caveat is that the bonus has a huge wagering requirement – punters will need to wager a whopping 50 times the bonus in order to be able to actually withdraw the deposit – over twice as much as some of their competing online casinos, making the bonus pretty poor on the whole.

Punters will gain 20 free spins in addition, granted over three days, although these are only usable on one of their slots, with a slightly-reduced but still very high wagering limit of 40 times. Overall, it’s certainly not one of the better bonuses out there – you can find far superior ones at other online casinos on the market.Fortunately, the special offers given to regular customers fare considerably better. Each month Sportingbet have a different arrangement of daily promotions for each day of the week, which is a great system to help boost the bankroll of loyal customers. All in all, it’s of a good standard for existing players, but if you’re looking for a big sign-up bonus to make a hefty deposit, Sportingbet isn’t one of the best sites out there.

Sportingbet Casino Review Of Best Games To Play

Our Sportingbet Casino Review found that Sportingbet might not be best known for their casino, but this is no thoughtless addition to their sports betting website. This is a really well-stocked casino featuring a wide range of games from some of the best companies around. That variety helps to make sure that things aren’t too ‘samey’, and despite the massive selection on offer, it means the quality isn’t sacrificed as a result – Sportingbet have basically picked the best games from the best providers, and the result is a fantastic balance of quantity and quality, whether it’s slots, table games, video poker or the big jackpots.

There are a fair few progressive slots on here too if you’re the kind of player that likes to chase the big prizes, with the jackpots available reaching truly staggering levels. Surprisingly, given that Sportingbet have such a large catalogue of games, there are some glaring omissions – there hasn’t been a single version of baccarat available on the site for quite some time now, oddly. Yet overall, it’s a very impressive selection of games available with some really great versions you won’t have seen elsewhere. The only real problem is the lack of a free play option to try before you risk your own cash, which really would have been welcome.

Sportingbet Casino Reviews Of Software & Gaming Graphics

Our Sportingbet Review found that mostly going for two top-of-the-range providers for their games in Playtech and Net Entertainment, the standard of the games at Sportingbet is high, as you might expect. There are a small number of games where the quality isn’t the best available, but they’re hardly poor quality, just not up to the same standards as the very best – they don’t look out of place in their library of available games. Most of the graphics and software you’ll find on the site are top-notch and deliver an immersive and exciting display to really give you a satisfying experience when you’re trying your luck at the tables and slots.

Of course, Our Sportingbet Casino Reviews found that choosing two of the biggest providers in the online casino industry does have the small downside that you might find the library of available games a little bit ‘samey’ and have seen a fair few of them on other online casinos before. But they’re popular providers for a reason: they provide some of the very best games out there in the online casino world. When it comes to quality, you can be assured that all of the games on Sportingbet Casino run smoothly and provide a really great visual experience for players.

Sportingbet Casino Review Of Online Support

Our Sportingbet Casino Reviews found that when it comes to online support, Sportingbet appear to have a solid service, but there’s a pretty major hitch. Despite the site claiming on some parts of its FAQ section that telephone, email and live chat are all available to contact them, there appears to be no live chat option on the site any more. The telephone line is still up, but it doesn’t mention what hours it’s available, or how long you can expect to wait to get an email reply. The staff seem to be helpful and friendly once you’ve managed to contact them, but for a company of their size to have no live chat option at all is really unusual, and not giving customers any information about contacting them is pretty poor. Most major online casinos offer both options, many 24/7, and are always happy to talk to you and help. Sportingbet give you the impression they’d rather you didn’t bother them and tried to figure it out yourself from the online FAQs.

While we should stress that there aren’t a high number of complaints about errors from customer Sportingbet Casino reviews, this is still an annoying factor to consider for players considering joining up at Sportingbet. When it comes to customer support, they’re lagging behind many of their other established competitors.

Sportingbet Casino Reviews Of Deposits & Withdrawals

Our Sportingbet Review found that when it comes to deposits and withdrawals for moving money into and out of your account, Sportingbet Casino have you covered with a wide variety of payment methods available for both. Major credit and debit cards are accepted, as are a wide range of e-wallets such as Neteller and PayPal. The e-wallets are a very welcome addition as they’ll almost always be credited within 24 hours – in general, this is the fastest way to get hold of your winnings. The credit and debit card payments take around two to five working days, which is pretty standard, with no annoying additional pending period added to the time taken, as is the case with many other online casinos out there on the market. Sportingbet also charge no fees for deposits and withdrawals.

When it comes to moving money to and from your Sportingbet Casino account, you should have no problems and a hassle-free experience. There are few reports online of any problems while moving money, and with a wide range of methods available, generally speedy withdrawal times, and the option of a service within 24 hours if you use one of the e-wallets available, it’s a solid service. The only downside is that MasterCard isn’t available as a withdrawal option unless it’s registered in the UK, which will be frustrating for some overseas customers.

Sportingbet Reviews Of Payout Policy

Our Sportingbet Reviews found that Sportingbet used to publish all of the RTP (Return to Player, or house edge) rates of all of their games, although it seems impossible to find on the website now, with the old link leading to a dead page. Withholding this information isn’t entirely uncommon in the online casino world, but it’s frustrating for players who want to know exactly how much of an edge the house has and which games will most minimise their losses over the long-haul. While this is annoying, and many other online casinos are a lot more forthcoming with the information, the reported rates of Sportingbet (and the rates known in the past) were pretty high at around 96 – 97% overall, one of the best around. The seeming disappearance of the audited reports, however, is a pretty negative development.

While this is far from an ideal situation, it’s made worse by the lack of a free play option on the site, so you can’t even check out the games yourself before risking your own money. Although far from every online casino has a full list of RTP rates, many of the better ones do, and this is one area where Sportingbet is really lagging behind some of its more established competitors.

Sportingbet Review Of Pros & Cons


  • Excellent variety of games with a general high quality, delivering a great online casino experience
  • Fast withdrawals and a variety of different payment methods to easily move money to and from your account
  • Good system of regular promotions changing daily, keeping new bonuses fresh and rewarding regular, loyal customers
  • Uses some of the best technology around from providers like Playtech and Net Entertainment
  • Great balance between slots and table games to deliver a well-rounded experience
  • Smooth and well-designed site which makes it easy to switch between different games
  • E-wallets like PayPal and Neteller accepted
  • Option to play in-browser for a more hassle-free experience


  • Some strange exclusions from their library of games, such as baccarat
  • Lack of live chat support for customer problems, and unclear about telephone line opening hours and email response time
  • No published RTP or payout rates available anywhere on the site
  • No option to try games for free to get used to the rules and strategy before risking your own money
  • Poor bonus for new customers signing up compared to many other online casinos, including very high wagering requirements
  • Some country restrictions for withdrawals, such as MasterCard

Sportingbet Review In Summary

Overall, while there’s a lot to recommend about Sportingbet Casino, it’s a site which doesn’t really excel in any area and also lets itself down in a few. The library of available games is undeniably impressive, and picked from some of the very best software available on the market, providing some really good experiences. Withdrawing and depositing your cash is a hassle-free affair, and the regular promotions and bonuses for loyal customers are nice.

But then Our Sportingbet Reviews found that there are some really frustrating problems. The customer support is confusing and nowhere near as comprehensive as many other major online casinos out there. There are some odd exclusions from their games. There’s no option to try the games for free first, to get a feel for the casino before being forced to risk your own money. And the sudden lack of published RTP or payout rates is very odd and will undoubtedly put off many customers.

Some customers may still feel tempted to sign up if there was a nice bonus for doing so, but in truth, the new customer bonus is pretty miserly, and with the incredibly high wagering rates, chances are you’re unlikely to see much of it anyway. While some companies more associated with sports betting do a great job of having bespoke casinos, Sportingbet’s effort seems like a tacked-on addition. If you’re a Sportingbet customer on the sportsbook and are looking for some casino action, it’s not a bad site by any means. But if you’re looking for a new casino to try out, you can certainly do a lot better – there’s some nice stuff here, but nothing truly great, and a fair few issues that many other places simply don’t have.

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  • I think this site is completely underrated. Many think Sportingbet is just about sport bets but they have a great online casino which offers a wide selection of games so you will never be bored of this site. Most online casino sites focus on slots, that is why I like Sportingbet casino as they have a massive selection dedicated to classic casino table games.

  • As a regular player on this online casino I can’t recommend it enough. The site looks professional and is so easy to use, there is a long list of endless games where you can get some big winnings. When it comes to withdrawing my winnings there service is so swift that it takes no time at time.

  • I like the variety in games this online casino has to offer but when I first joined the bonus seems so little compared to other sites I play on, and it has left me feeling really disappointed. Although there are a lot of promotions once you become a regular I feel there is not much incentive to play on their site compared to others that are out there.

  • When I play on an online casino site I like to make big winnings and to be able to withdraw them fast and with ease and Sporting Bet fulfils all of those and more. Sporting Bet has the biggest variety of games from slots machines to live dealer casino games and when you need help they also have a telephone line in which the staff don’t leave you hanging, they get back to you instantly and will resolve any problems quickly.
    Very happy with everything on this site.

  • I’m not a fan of slots games, and I’m incredibly happy that Sporting Bet is casino that offers just as many classic table games. I’m a big fan of blackjack games and Sporting Bet has so many variations to choose from.

    Along with their collection and variety of games, they offer good pay-out rates and some great promotions that I often take advantage of when I play on their site which isn’t as often as I’d like.

  • Although I don’t like going to an actual casino I really like the live casino games on Sporting Bet I find that they can be a great source of fun and a great source of entertainment to pass the time. They also have the biggest selection of video poker games to choose from which is why I will always choose Sporting Bet over any other online casino.

  • Sportingbet casino is a really underrated casino in my opinion as not only do they have the best range of games but they have daily promotions for all players and in think that they now have the highest casino bonus for many different countries. Never had any troubles with withdrawals, they have great bonuses and a good loyalty programme.

  • Sporting Bet is really great because there are an absolutely humungous variety of games which is amazing. On top of this, the withdrawals are super speedy and there’s a huge selection of withdrawal methods too just to make the site even better! My favourite thing is the balance between slots & table games. I like to play both so having a mixture is really great.

  • I have been a member at Sportingbet casino for a good few months now and I have never had any troubles with my withdrawals. They always have good promotion and have a good loyalty program.

    There are special offers for players, free spins if you played the previous day. Every day there is a different offer, would strongly recommend.

  • In my personal opinion Sportingbet casino is a great online site. They have a grand selection of different games as well as many different promotions that I often take advantage of. If you are looking for a new site to join, then I would definitely consider SportingBet casino.

  • I am a new Gambler and started playing at Sportingbet casino i was pleasantly surprised. Their website is very clear and easy to understand. The have good games. I really like the Microgaming Slots.

  • I originally used Sportingbet for sports betting however I have found myself often using the casino aspect of the website. Sportingbet provides a selection of the best slots and table games, also available from other online casinos, in one place on a professional looking, easy to use website. The graphics are amazing and the regular special offers for loyal customers all help in rewarding Sportingbet with a positive review.

  • In my personal opinion Sporting Bet Casino is one of the best online casino to play on. They have all of the best high quality games, and when i had a problem with depositing my money online the support staff were incredibly friendly and helpful.

  • Sporting bet casino is my favourite online, and it is absolutely massive with all of my friends. The site has plenty of games, not just sports betting which is really important to attract a wide number of audiences. The welcome offer of £50 is really good and after your first, 5th and 10th bet you get a bonus, which really encourages me to stay playing!

  • Sportingbet casino offer many classic games such as slots, poker and blackjack, all of which have a number of variations. There are also live dealer games to enjoy 24/7. Sportingbet review is a very professional looking site and the wide variety ensures that you will never get bored.

  • I have been an avid online casino player for a while now and I have to say that Sportingbet casino offer a brilliant service. A particular pro of Sportingbet casino I want to highlight in this review is the fast withdrawals. There’s nothing worse than having to wait for your winnings to come back to you and Sportingbet casino have really tackled this issue.

  • Sportingbet Casino is a pretty good site. The only downside for me is the site speed is a bit slow. It’s good as you can deposit using e-wallets which is my preferred way of making deposits online as it feels more secure. Good amount of games and fairly good bonuses.

  • Sportingbet casino is a professional site that is super smooth and sleek with all my favourite games. I prefer the classic casino table games and Sportingbet has that in abundance. Thumbs up.

  • My review for Sportingbet, I think its smooth and well designed site which makes it easy to switch between different games. Also they has good system of regular promotions changing daily, keeping new bonuses and rewarding regular, loyal customers.

  • Sportingbet is great for any sport fan has a fantastic bonus for new customers with 200% bonus on the first deposit. Excellent variety of games to play, with a great balance of slots and table games. My review on Sportingbet a professional site smooth and sleek for a lover of sport themed games.

  • if you loves sports and your live games than you will love Sportingbet. The promotions they offer are fantastic £50 welcome offer. And if you like to play on the go join the weekly mobile free bet and become a mobile master win a £250 free bet. Overall review a great live gaming experience.

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