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Slots Heaven Casino Promotions & Bonuses

Slots Heaven reviews often note that the site has some great promotions and bonuses and, of course, similar to most online casino and betting sites, Slots Heaven offers a welcome bonus, and a rather generous one at that.

This Slots Heaven review also finds that you can get a 200% bonus on your first deposit, with a limit of £400 being given out. In comparison to a lot of other online casino and betting sites, this is quite a good deal. It gets better too, as there doesn’t appear to be a minimum deposit required to get a 200% bonus. However, when depositing money to your Slots Heaven account, the minimum deposit (depending on the method) is £15, which is still a brilliant deal, as many first deposit bonuses can require a deposit as high as £50 to qualify.

Once you sign up, there are loads more promotions to take advantage of; for example, by depositing £30 you’re entered into the Fortune Fiesta draw to win £1,000 and a host of gadgets.

If you’re looking for a promotion that’s a bit more guaranteed, Slots Heaven doesn’t disappoint: you can get a 100% bonus on your first deposit of every month up to £500 or double that if you’re a VIP member.

Slots Heaven Casino Best Games To Play

Slots Heaven reviews often find with the games being easily accessible on whatever device you choose, you won’t be left disappointed, as there are a great variety of games to choose from. Despite the website’s name it’s not just slots games available.

This Slots Heaven review was impressed because Playtech provides the online casino games to Slots Heaven, there so many themed games to choose from – it’s hard to select which is the best. As Playtech has a deal with Marvel, there are loads of Marvel-themed games from Playtech to bet on. The Incredible Hulk slots game is probably our favourite, as it adds a cool, modern, and most importantly a fun spin on a classic casino game. All you need to do is match various objects from chemistry liquid containers to American style police cars to win money. One of the best things about the game is you can practise before you bet, which allows you to get a real feel for the game before you dedicate yourself to it and bet your hard earned cash.

But the angry green monster doesn’t do it for you then there is a host of other games, themed or not, that are sure to satisfy your online casino needs.

Slots Heaven Casino Software & Gaming Graphics

As previously mentioned in the Best Games to Play section of this Slots Heaven casino review, Slots Heaven’s games are provided by Playtech which have a variety of games, all with good quality graphics.

The two main methods of gambling with Slots Heaven are to download their desktop program or use their Flash pop up. Both ways work fine, but if you don’t have a Windows operating system installed on your computer, then you’re out of luck if you want to download the program as it’s Windows only, which can be frustrating for Mac users. So if you don’t have a Windows operating system on your computer then you’re forced to use the Flash player on the website, which is actually the easiest route of playing the Playtech games Slots Heaven has to offer; it’s quicker and less hassle to open up your web browser, especially if your computer isn’t the quickest machine.

If mobile casinos are more your thing, then you’ll be glad to know Slots Heaven does have an app, however it’s not actually branded as Slots Heaven, which can be a bit confusing. This is the same for the mobile site too, however you can verify it’s the official mobile partner/ version as there is a link on the Slots Heaven website that you can follow. Like the online version, the graphics are great and perfectly optimised for whatever device you are using.

Slots Heaven Online Support

You always want to read your Slots Heaven casino reviews when you’re betting your hard earned money on an online casino, you need to be guaranteed that any queries, questions, or even problems that arise can be dealt with quickly, swiftly, and efficiently. Which is why it’s great to see that Slots Heaven has an online live chat system.

It’s a good system, but it’s not that well advertised, although a benefit to that is it isn’t an intrusive feature, which can be annoying on any website, especially if you don’t require assistance. Nevertheless, the ‘contact us’ page is easily displayed; this is where you’ll find all the contact options, including phone, email, and of course the live online chat.

One catch to the online live chat is the process you need to go through in order to speak to a representative. You need to enter an email address, a name, a username and pick a subject such as Bonuses & Promotions, and finally enter your question. Once you submit all of that you’re connected within 30 seconds (their average wait time is 26 seconds), but then it gets a little bit frustrating as you’re required to confirm your date of birth, email address and username, which is a bit tedious when you just want an answer to a quick question.

With the online live chat being such a long process until you get an answer, it might be best to check the FAQ section of the website to see if your query has already been answered there.

Slots Heaven Deposits & Withdrawals

Slots Heaven Casino reviews often say one of the most frustrating things you can encounter when using an online casino is that the minimum deposit is extortionate or that your preferred method isn’t accepted, but if you opt for Slots Heaven then you probably won’t encounter that.

Slots Heaven offers a variety of ways to deposit your money, with a minimum of £15 or £20 depending on how you deposit your money. PaySafe Card, Skrill and Neteller are the only options that allow you to deposit £15.

But if you’re happy to fork out the extra fiver then you can use bank transfer, Citadel Internet Banking, EntroPay, InstaDebit, WebMoney, EcoPayz and of course your debit or credit card, with a host of providers including popular ones such as Visa and MasterCard.

If you’re a big spender then that will alter the way you deposit your funds, WebMoney, InstaDebit and Citadel Internet Banking all have a limit of £5,000. If that’s no enough then every other service mentioned is £10,000, except debit/credit card which is a whopping £25,000.

To withdraw your winnings you can use you preferred method but it’s a bit complicated, as their payout policy is quite extensive. Read below to see what you have to do to get your winnings.

Slots Heaven Payout Policy

So you’re making a bit of money and it’s time to cash out to withdraw your winnings. With Slots Heaven, it’s not a very straightforward job. For a start you’ve got to prove who you say you are, this is to prevent online fraud according to their FAQ.

You need to provide a copy of a photographic identification, a passport, driving licence or national ID are all accepted forms of photographic identification by Slots Heaven.

In addition to photographic ID, you need to produce a copy of the credit or debit card used to fund your account, both front and back. Now at first this sounds very dodgy, but you can withhold your security code, as well as the first six and last four digits of the front number.

The amount of money you can withdraw is limited from £15,000 to £30,000, depending on your subscription level. The minimum also depends on how you take out your money, as does how long it takes to reach you. It can take up between one and 21 days depending on what process you choose, bank draft is the longest estimation with up to 21 days.

Slots Heaven Pros & Cons

The biggest pro for Slots Heaven has got to be the mobile site. While it’s just a partner, with Slots Heaven working on their own, it’s a good site and it’s very similar and familiar to Slots Heaven’s online site.

Their sign up bonus is probably the second best thing about the website, just solely on the minimum you can deposit in order to qualify for it. Depending on what service you use this would be £15, which is brilliant if you’re a bit hesitant about the site. If you are, you do have the opportunity to try before you buy and play for free.

Slots Heaven’s withdrawal process is probably the biggest con – it’s long, it’s lengthy and frankly a bit of a hassle. It’s understandable why they do it, but it’s not a common thing. If Slots Heaven wasn’t operated by Mansion, it’s definitely something you should be cautious about, but Mansion are a well-known brand, so while the process is long, they must deem it necessary.

The online live chat is also another long process too, which seems to be a bit of a common theme for Slots Heaven; you’ve got to do too much to just access someone to talk to quickly. If you need someone to talk to urgently, picking up the phone would probably be easier.

Slots Heaven Casino In Summary

While Slots Heaven has a plethora of great games to play, which our Slots Heaven Casino review found are all free to try or practise as they call it, it does have its hang ups. If you’re trying to make a quick buck, this isn’t the site for you.

Their long-winded withdrawal process means it could take a few days before you can even attempt to withdraw your money, and, after you’ve request a pay out, it can take up to three weeks for the money to actually land in your account.

The games on offer are great, fun, and add a twist on classic games. But what online casinos that use Playtech software don’t offer that experience? There real ace is the mobile site and app. If they didn’t have those, they would really be trailing behind competitors in terms of other aspects of their website, which is probably why they offer such a great welcome bonus.

To succeed, they really do need to streamline their withdrawal process, if they make that quicker and of course connect the brands of their mobile site/app then they could really go far as an online casino. But at the moment, there isn’t anything special about Slots Heaven.

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Rate & Comment
  • Slots Heaven is amazing because I can play it on whatever I want to, whether it’s my laptop, my phone or my tablet! There is a great load of twists on the games which really interests me and everything is really fun. The app runs smoothly and I have absolutely no complaints about this site.

  • The lengthy withdrawal process really lets the site down. It can take ages just to get the money you’ve won which is a serious point that they need to sort out. There is a good welcome bonus but it’s not something that other site don’t offer or can beat. In my opinion there are quite a lot of well known sites that do a lot better than this. Maybe if they had something a little more unique they would attract me more.

  • The sign up bonus offer on this site is really good. It drew me to want to play here straight away and there aren’t many cons that I can think of when it comes to it. All of the slots are really fun. There are also quite a few other casino games which are equally as entertaining. There are a lot of themes when it comes to the games which make it a friendly but less serious environment which might put some people off.

  • Slots heaven is really fun because they just put a unique twist on everything. The withdrawal method though is so long and just such a hassle, which is a real shame.

  • Slots Heaven, as the name suggests is a paradise for people who love slots! It is simple and modern and although I haven’t made a withdrawal yet, I have put in a lot of deposits (apparently I’m not very good at winning on the slots) and these have been almost instant. It is a really easy to use site and I would be glad to recommend it to all the people I know.

  • I’m a huge fan of Playtech software and Slots Heaven is my favourite one so far. I hadn’t played the Incredible Hulk for a long time so that was the first thing I did when I started on this site. I really enjoyed it and I think everything about the site is such eye-candy. This site has good games, a decent welcome bonus and acceptable wagering requirements.

  • Slots Heaven uses a lot of Playtech software which I’m a massive fan of, so I thought I’d give their website a go and I’m really happy I did. It is worth being a regular player at this casino as you can put on few deposits but still make some fairly decent winnings. Their live chat operators are available at any time and respond to customers within minutes. For new and experienced online gamblers I would highly recommend SlotsHeaven.

  • The long winded withdrawal system does put me off a little bit but what they lack in speed they make up in variety and quality. They have the best and most varied set of games that I have ever seen, and their live casino games are top notch!

  • Slots Heaven is an online casino perfect for those who love slots because they have the widest variety of slots games to offer their customers. The software that supports this casino is playtech which is by far the best in my personal opinion.

    I think they have a really good set of promotions and bonuses and it seems they like to keep their customers happy and reward them often from my experience playing on their website. The other thing I really like about SlotsHeaven is that their mobile site is just as good. Full stars.

  • I am a really big fan of Playtech software and personally I think it’s the bets. So when I saw Slots Heaven casino with all Playtech I decided to give it a go. I haven’t looked back since, I think it’s a great online casino especially with all the different slots machines would highly recommend.

  • Slots heaven is a really fantastic site. It’s bright and colourful and super easy to navigate your way around. It has loads of decent games although obviously focussing on slots rather than table games, but I think that’s what everyone should expect when they visit this site. There’s a decent amount of promotions during the month too which is also really great.

  • Slots Heaven casino has now loads of NetEnt slots which I absolutely love and I love Slot Heaven casino. There isn’t one time that I haven’t enjoyed playing here. Very good casino with a 24/7 support. Also the bonuses are the promotions are endless!! Earned a lot of money here and rarely lost.

  • Slots heaven is a casino room strictly for slot lovers because they have the widest variety of slot games to offer to their users. In my personal opinion I think slots are the best thing to play which is why I like Slots Heaven casino so much.

  • In my personal opinion I like Slots Heaven, I think their look is really appealing. They have all Playtech games I enjoy, the have live support, but even in my case they answered to my email shortly. I will make another deposit there and so far recommend.

  • I am a massive fan of Playtech software and currently it is my most favorite so when I saw that there’s a casino called Slots Heaven Casino with really beautiful logo with all playtech qualities, I decided to try it. And i was not disappointed!

  • I like Slots Heaven, I think their look is really an eye candy. They have all Playtech games I enjoy, the have live support, but even in my case they answered to my email shortly. I will make another deposit there and so far recommend.

  • Slots heaven Is really bright and actually quite artsy. The mobile app is really great too and it suits me really well as I like to play on my morning commute. There’s plenty of promotions and the welcome bonus is also really great. I love this site because of how generous it is and I feel like I really have a chance of winning at Slots heaven Casino.

  • Slots Heaven casino have a sign up bonus that is probably the best thing about the website, just solely on the minimum I can deposit in order to qualify for it. Slots Heaven Casino review the opportunity to try before you buy and play for free.

  • Slots Heaven Casino is available on computer, smartphone and tablet which is great if you’re on the go like me. I like the fun modern versions of classic games that are available on slots heaven as I always like to try out a new game. Slots Heaven casino also has a number of bonues to takes advantages of.

  • Slots Heaven have the widest variety of slot games ever! Plus the software that supports this is playtech which is extremely good. The games run incredibly smoothly and are of really high quality. It gives you a similar experience you get on the slots in real like casinos. Although many people may think that this online casino is only for customers who enjoy playing slots games but this is not the case as they do have a range of other popular games including blackjack and roulette.

  • Slots Heaven definitely has an amazing choice of slot machine games to play which all have extremely good graphics but really the whole withdrawal process has left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth as it is too much hassle and feels like they dont want to pay you your winnings.

  • Slots Heaven had really professional lay out, I love the colour on this website they made really attracted me. However, when depositing money to your Slots Heaven account, the minimum deposit (depending on the method) is £15, which is still a brilliant deal, as many first deposit bonuses can require a deposit as high as £50 to qualify.

  • Slots casino is wicked as it’s so modern and runs so well that you end up spending ages on there without realising the time! If you’re a keen mobile game player and prefer to play on the go then give Chomp Casino a try and see how you get on!

  • The mobile casino is my favourite part of this site. I love being able to play on the go and the fact that the site runs just as smoothly on my phone as it does on my mobile makes me a really happy customer. There are such a huge number of games on here and the Slots Haven Poker section is definitely my favourite. There are so many different variations of the one game to play that I love it!

  • My first review for SlotHeaven love the colours on the website its what first enticed me to play. And with Halloween coming up enjoyed Halloween fortune a bit too early to play but hey ho gets in the spooks. However when depositing money to your account the minimum deposit is £15 which is not great offer but it is start for the first time players

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