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Sapphire Rooms Reviews Of Casino Promotions & Bonuses

Sapphire Rooms casino reviews always note that this site offers a pretty nice bonus package to new customers that certainly competes with the older and more established brands on the market. It mostly comes in the form of a good old deposit match – new customers will get up to £500 in welcome bonuses, staggered across the first few times they put money into their account. The first deposit is a generous 200% match up to £50, the second is a 100% deposit match up to £200, and the third is a 50% bonus up to £250. So, £500 in total, for which players will have to deposit £725 to receive. Not a bad deal, and the wagering requirements needed in order to actually be able to withdraw the money as cash aren’t too bad either – a standard 30 times.



Players can also opt for a £5 no-deposit bonus, although this isn’t as good as it sounds – it carries a quite incredible 100 times wagering bonus, one of the highest anywhere in the online casino world. That’s to be used strictly for testing out the games – it even has a maximum of £25 winnings, to boot, so you’re unlikely to get much from the offer. Fortunately, the regular bonuses on offer won’t leave you feeling left out either – Sapphire Rooms Casino has a host of regular promotions and special offers that allow you to boost your deposits even when you’ve been playing at the casino for some time. Overall, ignoring the no-deposit bonus, it’s a nice package for new sign-ups and regular stalwarts alike, certainly competitive with some of the biggest brands out there in the online casino world and worth checking out.

Sapphire Rooms Casino Review Of Best Games To Play

One of the best things about smaller indie casinos like Sapphire Rooms is that they produce all their own games themselves, so you can be sure that you can’t find the games here on offer anywhere else. This isn’t another casino just using the same games as all the other major operators – they have a real personality of their own and all of their games are totally unique to Sapphire Rooms Casino. The focus is definitely on the slots, although there are a few table games included too. Frustratingly, they’re really badly ordered on the website, without even the ability to separate the slots from the table games when you’re browsing their library. This could really do with improvement.

Despite that, the games on offer are actually very good, and have some nice variety to them as well. There are simpler slots too, not just the complex 30-line monsters, and the table games are pretty self-explanatory. Overall, Sapphire Rooms Casino have done a great job of producing their own library of games, and while that has resulted in a smaller collection of available titles, what’s on offer is varied enough to satisfy almost any customer coming through, regardless of playing style, preference and bankroll.

Sapphire Rooms Casino Software & Gaming Graphics

As we mentioned above, a Sapphire Rooms Casino review will pick up on how this site develops all their own games in-house, so the software is uniquely built for the website. While that might lead to some concerns about quality, the graphics on the games is all up to a pretty high standard, and the games have been independently tested to ensure that they’re fair, the random number generators work smoothly, and that you’re getting what you pay for. What’s more, with Sapphire Rooms Casino focusing on the mobile market, the games are all designed with handheld devices in mind, so if you’re someone who likes to gamble on the go, you’ll find all of the games in their library available on your phone, and fully optimised too.

The layout of the website is somewhat frustrating, and some of the games lack the more advanced features that you might find on software provided by larger third-party developers. In general, Sapphire Rooms Casino keeps it simple and functional. Some players may prefer that, others might not – it’s all a matter of choice. But the software here is certainly solid and trustworthy – this is a very professional outfit that definitely competes with the best the industry has to offer.

Sapphire Rooms Casino Online Support

With Sapphire Rooms being a small indie casino, you may fear that customer support might be one area where it can’t compete with the biggest names on the market, and while this isn’t always the case for smaller casinos, unfortunately it’s true for Sapphire Rooms. There’s no live chat option to get in touch with their customer support team, with the only two options available being telephone and email. What’s more, the site doesn’t state what time their customer support service is active from – it’s unlikely to be 24 hours a day, and that could prove problematic for some gamers, particularly those based outside Europe (the telephone helpline is a London number).

This Sapphire Rooms review point out the fact with Sapphire Rooms optimised and a simple site, there have been few reports in customer Sapphire Rooms Casino reviews of many problems. But for players who like the security of having a 24 hour, seven-days-a-week customer support team on hand to help if anything goes wrong, that might be a bit of a problem. In general, their staff are pretty helpful, but aren’t the quickest out there at responding to emails. The site does have a large FAQ section to work through if you can’t get in touch, but overall it would’ve been nicer to have a more comprehensive customer support service available. Unfortunately, this is one area where Sapphire Rooms fails to match the standard of the big boys on the market.

Sapphire Rooms Reviews Of Deposits & Withdrawals

Unlike some other small indie casinos, Sapphire Rooms offer a wide range of payment options for deposits and withdrawals, so you have a good choice when it comes to moving money to and from your account. Major credit and debit cards are accepted, and there’s also the option to use a variety of e-payment methods like Skrill and Neteller for quicker withdrawals (although PayPal isn’t an option, which will be frustrating for some players who prefer to use it to do their banking).

All Sapphire Rooms reviews point out the fact the main problem, however, comes with the addition of a 72-hour internal processing time, or ‘pending period’, added on to withdrawals from Sapphire Rooms Casino. This is in addition to the time your payment will take to clear with your bank or the e-payment company you use, which means that, in practice, most withdrawals can take over a week for you to get your hands on your cash. This is far from an unknown practice among casinos, but for a small indie company to be taking such a step against the customer, it’s really frustrating. It’s not hard to find places that don’t add in this needless time to withdrawals, even among smaller casinos on the market, so this might be a reason for some players to stay away, even if there have been few reports of problems with the withdrawals actually going through overall.

Sapphire Rooms Casino Payout Policy

All Sapphire Rooms reviews point out the fact Nektan publish all of the payout rates and audits of their games online, so you can find out the overall payout rate of Sapphire Rooms Casino pretty easily if you look on the main company website (although it’s not very clear on how to access this information from the casino site itself.) There’s no option to look at the RTP (return to play, or house edge) numbers for individual games, and so no way to compare them against each other, however, which will frustrate some players, particularly high rollers or those who like to sit down at one game for long sessions at the casino.

Yet with the overall payout rates published and independently audited, you can be sure that you’re not getting a bad deal. A 95.55% payout rate for the slots, and a whopping 98.50% payout rate for table games is very good indeed, and one of the better payout rates you’re likely to find online. It’s a bit of a shame that those return-to-player figures on individual games aren’t available, but with a high overall payout rate, you can be assured that you’re getting a good deal anyway. It’s one area where Sapphire Rooms Casino certainly competes with the best around.

Sapphire Rooms Casino Pros & Cons


  • A nice indie casino offering a real personality, uniqueness and flavour to its online casino
  • Really well-optimised for mobile devices so you can game on the go without any technical issues
  •  A great collection of games developed in-house that you can’t find anywhere else on the market
  • Some very good bonuses for both new customers signing up and weekly offers for regular players
  • Fully-functional VIP section to give extra special features for high rollers
  • A decent balance between slots and table games overall
  • Very good payout rates, particularly for table games where the figures are over 98%
  • Fully audited payout rates and games tested by independent companies to ensure that you’re getting a fair deal as a player
  • All games available on mobile devices


  • A lack of 24 hour customer support or a live chat option, with the support system lagging behind more established companies on the market
  • Not as wide a choice as some other online casinos due to the games all being first-party developed
  • Some games lack the additional features of many games developed by bigger third-party companies
  • No option to pay via PayPal
  • Very high wagering requirements on some bonuses, such as the no-deposit £5 bonus
  • Needless internal processing time added to all withdrawals making getting your hands on your winnings a lengthy process

Sapphire Rooms Casino In Summary

In summary, after reading a Sapphire Rooms review it’s hard not to admire what Sapphire Rooms are trying to do – a small independent casino looking to mix it with the biggest and most established names around by offering something different for their customers. And there are certainly a lot of things they do well – their library of home-developed games is really nice and, even if they’re generally simpler than some of the other games available from third-party develops, they’re well-designed and offer a great experience for customers. Mobile optimisation also helps those who prefer to game on the go, and the bonuses are as good as you’ll find from the biggest companies.

This Sapphire Rooms Casino Review found that while this is all very nice, some players might feel that the nuts and bolts of the casino aren’t as strong as bigger brands and might be kept away. The lack of options when it comes to online customer support, as well as the lengthy payout rates and inability to pay via PayPal, along with the generally smaller and more amateurish look and design of the website might be an inconvenience for some players and drive them into the arms of the bigger casinos out there. That’s a real shame, because there’s undoubtedly something really good about Sapphire Rooms. With the bonuses on offer being pretty generous, it’s definitely worth a sign-up to see if it’s for you. Check it out at

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Rate & Comment
  • The look of the site really lets it down in my opinion. It looks too simple and makes it seem amateurish when in fact this is not the case. There’s also no paypal option which is a shame as it is used so often now. It just doesn’t quite compare to other, bigger sites but it does look like it has a lot of potential.

  • I love the indie vibe on this website. It makes it really unique which sets it apart from a lot of the other online casinos out there. The order of the website really isn’t great however and it’s really easy to get lost when you’re on it. It’s really focussed on slots more than anything else which is a shame but they do offer more if you look hard enough. I quite like the site and think I’m going to stick with it and just hope they make some website updates in the near future.

  • I find the site really annoying, but the rare and unique games that they offer are really fun to find. There’s always something different on there that I didn’t see before which is a great surprise. The VIP section is also really good but there are just a few tweaks that the website needs to make.

  • Sapphire Rooms is a great online casino that offers its customers a great range of high quality games. My favourite include Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst, If you like your slots games then you will love Sapphire Rooms. They have some really good pay-out rates that is one of the reasons I keep going back for more that and the games they do have are great.

    When I had a problem with the withdrawing process, I was able to contact their staff and they got back to me automatically and resolved the issue.

  • As a VIP member of Sapphire Rooms I couldn’t be happier with the games selection and promotions they offer. I don’t mind playing slots but I find I get quite bored of them rather quickly, I really Sapphire Rooms as I think they have a good balance of slots games as well as classic table games.

  • As a loyal player to Sapphire Rooms I am so happy, not only do they accept debit card as a form of payment whereas most online casino don’t, they process their withdrawals within a few days. I couldn’t be happier that they process the withdrawals so quickly as I can’t stand waiting. Sapphire Rooms also have all of their games available on my phone so when I’m commuting to work I can keep myself entertained.

  • This site is quite indie which I like. The game definitely focuses on slots more than anything else but they do feature some good table games too – they can just be a little bit hard to find when you haven’t been on the site before. However, the site does look good and the graphics are quite good too. It’s simple and it works.

  • Love the new games Sapphire Rooms casino have added, it has just topped their site, not that it needed improvements in the first place. Sapphire Rooms casino is a great casino, and in my opinion they have the best games of blackjack.

  • I like this site a lot because it’s really individual and the site is quite unique. I think the best part of this site is the fact that they do some really nice bonuses which are both regular and genuinely quite good value. I love this site.

  • A good friend of mine recommended this, and am really glad that I signed up to Sapphire rooms. They have a fantastic range of games that are all of a very high quality. Really happy that they allow you to make deposits and withdrawals using a debit card as many online casinos do not permit this,. Overall very happy with my experience.

  • With a really quirky and unusual site, I think sapphire Rooms casino is by far one of my favourite websites to play on. The pay out rates a re very good, even though I haven’t won big money, every little really does help. Very happy with my experience.

  • Great choice of games cannot praise them enough everything is superb. Fast withdrawals to very friendly customer service, would recommend.

  • After using the larger company websites I found Sapphire Rooms really refreshing. As a smaller casino they deserve this review completely. The fact that they produce all of their own games themselves made it more fun and exciting to use. In addition to this, I really like how easy it is to use Sapphire Rooms on my phone so I can play their unique games like Twin Spin on the go.

  • At Sapphire Rooms Casino you get a grand variety of games, and some of the best promotions I have ever experienced. I would highly recommend this casino, it definitely offers something different.

  • Sapphire Rooms offer a pretty nice bonus package to new customers, the first deposit is a generous 200% match up. It is really well optimised for mobile device so you game on the go, very good pay out rates. First review on the site itself is very simple not much appealing to the eye just very blue. Overall review Sapphire Rooms is a great online game play.

  • I chose to play on Sapphire Rooms because unlike many other sites it allows me to use my debit card to make withdrawals and deposits. I decided to write a review after I had some problems finding my way around on the site but their online support was able to help me very quickly.

  • I tried Sapphire Rooms after reading reviews on this website. I play a lot of games on the go and I find Sapphire Rooms to be the best casino website for my mobile. I’ve never had any technical issues while playing and I like that there’s a good balance between slots and table games. I can play all games on my mobile phone which is unique. I’m super happy with Sapphire Rooms.

  • I like most casino sites but my favourite one is Sapphire Rooms Casino. I love the colour and the lay out. Also you can get up to £500 welcome bonus and very good playout rates, particularly for table games where the figures are over 98%.

  • Sapphire Rooms casino has a great selection of games and promotions that make me proud to be a VIP member. Sapphire rooms also have a fast and efficient withdrawal option which makes it even easier to collect my winnings.

  • I have given Sapphire rooms a go a couple of times but didn’t really enjoy it as much as other online casinos i have used as some of the games seem a bit basic. If you like the thrill of the flashier games then i would recommend you use a different site. On the other hand the welcome bonus was a really great attraction.

  • First review on Sapphire Rooms I must note that this site offers a pretty nice bonus package to new customers and players can also opt for a £5 free + 200% match bonus. Sapphire Rooms.

  • Sapphire Rooms casino is fantastic and they accept debit card as a form of payment whereas most online casino don’t, they process their withdrawals within a few days. I couldn’t be happier that they process the withdrawals so quickly as I don’t like waiting. Sapphire Rooms also have all of their games available on my phone so when I’m commuting to work I can keep myself entertained.

  • The bonuses are brill!!!! I really love sapphire rooms casino! It works brilliantly on my laptop and my phone, it has a good range of games that are all fun and good looking, plus it’s got that little bit of PZAZZ that I like in my online casinos. Can’t fault it at all!

  • WOW! the bonuses!, I never seem to be out of pocket when playing Sapphire Rooms Casino. It works on a number of devices and has some really impressive graphics. A must site for the casual players.

  • Sapphire Rooms is still quite new so I was willing to give it a go and test it out for other users. I wasn’t disappointed. Sapphire Rooms is slick and well designed and is great for mobile gamers like me. It has some great introductory bonuses to try out so why not test it out and see how much Sapphire Rooms can give you?

  • My review on Sapphire Rooms I must say is great as it can be played safe on all mobile devices. As a great selection of games to choose from. a nice VIP section to give extra special features to the high rollers. The match bonus is good up 200%

  • Sapphire Rooms offers up to £500 in welcome bonuses, that is pretty cool, and with Christmas on its way, you just have to join in the fun of the of Secrets of Christmas, and Foxin wins. Overall review on Sapphire Rooms an excellent gaming site with an amazing VIP Club to join with fantastic prizes up for grabs, makes a special Christmas present bonus.

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