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Prospect Hall Casino Promotions & Bonuses

Prospect Hall casino reviews have shown us this site has some pretty tempting promotions and bonuses, they are obviously aiming to please their customers and attract potential new customers. Although their welcome bonus isn’t the best around, it’s still decent, with a 100% bonus on your first deposit with a ceiling of £300, and it includes 50 free spins on their Starburst game. A second deposit will get a 50% bonus up to £100, and a third deposit will get a bonus of 100% up to £100 with 50 free spins. It’s not the best on the market, but the free spins do make it an intriguing package.

While the welcome deposit isn’t the best, Prospect Hall offers a great cash back deal every Saturday, where you can get 10% up to £100 withdrawable cash back on your losses, this is an excellent deal and it’s especially handy if you’re down on your luck. However, there are strings attached: to qualify, you must have made a minimum of 25 wagers.

On a Tuesday you get a 50% bonus, although it only applies to your first deposit and not every deposit, it’s still a good deal. There’s a great daily prize game which is free to play, every day you get a chance to play the Daily Dig game with everything from five free spins to a £100 bonus up for grabs. Considering you don’t bet anything it’s a brilliant chance to boost your winnings.

Prospect Hall Casino Best Games To Play

This Prospect Hall Casino review found that If you like Guns N’ Roses, you’ll love Prospect Hall as they have NetEnt’s official Guns N’ Roses slots game, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Who wouldn’t want to rock out to some great tunes like Welcome to the Jungle while playing a virtual slot games? It’s a great way to play and it’s by far the best branded online casino game Prospect Hall has to offer.

Perhaps rock music isn’t your thing? That’s fine, as Prospect Hall reviews have found that this site caters to everyone and you’re bound to find a slots game you like, as they have Playtech games. Prospect Hall boasts all sorts of well-know branded slots, such as Monty Python’s Life of Brian, which adds a great twist to a classic game; it even has little clips when you match the slots adding a side-splitting adventure to your online casino experience. Or perhaps Marvel is your sort of thing? Well then, you’ve got access to Iron Man and Black Widow themed games.

This Prospect Hall review finds that if slots aren’t your thing, don’t worry – Prospect Hall has a countless amount of games, with everything from blackjack, to a live casino, there’s bound to be something you love on the site. You can even download the app to make sure you have access to their extensive library of games on the go.

Prospect Hall Casino Software & Gaming Graphics

This Prospect Hall Casino review discovered that this site is powered by Playtech and NetEnt, Prospect Hall casino reviews show this site has access to an extensive collection of themed online casino games – you can play themed games based on everything from Scarface, to Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. It doesn’t stop there, as South Park, Britain’s Got Talent and the Avengers all among the big names available on the Prospect Hall website.

But you’re not just limited to the website with Prospect Hall, you can go mobile, with the site’s very own app offering. Unfortunately for Android and Windows phone users, this is only currently available on iOS, but other app store additions are bound to be in the pipeline, so keep an eye out! Although the free app is limited to just three games, it’s still useful if you want to game on the go.

This Prospect Hall review finds that the graphics are great as Playtech and NetEnt are some of the best online casino game providers around, so you know you’re getting a decent quality game when you gamble on a site that stocks games from them.

If you’re still apprehensive about Prospect Hall then you can test and play most games for free before you actually bet. This is a great feature that allows you to make an informed decision over whether a game is for you or not.

Prospect Hall Casino Online Support

The online support for Prospect Hall really lets the casino site down, as there really aren’t a lot of options if you have a query or a problem. Quite a lot of online casino websites offer a live chat option, which is usually very responsive. It’s a very useful feature that can help customers feel at ease when they’re betting their hard earned cash, as they will be safe in the knowledge that if they encounter a problem while gambling, they have someone behind a screen somewhere ready to make sure their queries and questions are answered quickly. Unfortunately, Prospect Hall doesn’t have this, which is a real shame.

If you do encounter a problem on the Prospect Hall website, or you have a question you need an answer to, what options do you have? A frequently asked questions section and a contact form. However, the FAQ section is quite extensive, so you should be able to find the answer to any query you may have. However it’s still useful to have a person to speak to if you have trouble understanding something on the website, or even if the FAQ doesn’t answer everything.

Prospect Hall Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

There aren’t many options to deposit your money into your Prospect Hall website account, it really is limited, which hinders an otherwise good website. Credit cards, debit cards, Neteller, Skrill and PayPal are the only accepted methods of depositing money on to the site. This is quite a limited selection in comparison to a lot of other websites, especially as some have numerous methods of depositing money, which would satisfy all types of customer. However, Prospect Hall do offer the most common ways, so perhaps they think it might not be necessary to include every way of depositing money available.

Prospect Hall were only founded in 2015, so it may be that these other methods are in the pipeline, but if you don’t want to use any of the aforementioned methods of depositing money then you’re out of luck and Prospect Hall definitely isn’t the online casino site for you.

While your options for depositing money is limited, Prospect Hall does redeem itself with a minimum deposit of £10 – one of the best you’ll find anywhere.

Prospect Hall Casino Payout Policy

Prospect Hall reviews find minimum withdrawal amount from Prospect Hall is £10, which is incredibly competitive. Most online casinos don’t allow you to withdraw such a low amount, and it’s especially surprising as the minimum deposit amount is also £10. However it’s not too surprising to see it from Prospect Hall, who evidently care about their customers: as with a lot online casino sites, you can set a limit for yourself. In fact, Prospect Hall’s FAQ section provides a lot of links to help you if you’re unsure whether your gambling is becoming a problem, which is great to see.

There are some charges to your account when withdrawing money, however, these aren’t standard charges and probably would not apply to the average user; they only apply when you haven’t wagered all of your deposit. So if you only wager a fiver and win big and you want to withdraw that money, you will be charged a small fee of £3, which isn’t too bad but it can be frustrating if you get beginner’s luck, that’s for sure.

If you do decide to put a temporary stop to your gambling, your withdrawals won’t be affected, which is very encouraging, as it doesn’t promote gambling to someone who feels they are at risk of becoming addicted.

Prospect Hall Casino Pros & Cons

The obvious pros for Prospect Hall found in this review of prospect hall casino are the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts; they obviously promote responsible gambling by allowing the customer to deposit and take out a very reasonable amount of money.

Another great pro for Prospect Hall is the design of the website, it’s brilliant and it really stands out from a lot of the other online casino websites available. It adds a bit a mix up to things, of course a well designed and a good looking website is essential to making sure that you get repeat customers.

The availability of a mobile app, although limited, is another pro for Prospect Hall. It’s surprising how many online casino websites are still ignoring the mobile experience (with the exception of a mobile-friendly website), so Prospect Hall is among the leaders of the pack when it comes to this.

While Prospect Hall has a lot of pros, there are some cons and they come in the form of the deposit methods. While they do accept most major methods it’s still limited and there are online casino websites that have a wide range of methods for depositing cash. This is something Prospect Hall could definitely improve on.

Of course, the biggest con is the lack of communication opportunities for customers – there’s no phone numbers or live chat for customers to access. That’s really something Prospect Hall should look into making available.


This review of Prospect Hall Casino found that the general overall look of the website is quite frankly amazing, it’s probably one of the best designed online casino websites on the web, and it’s really out there, with an out of this world look it makes gambling a whole new experience.

From a responsible gambling point of view Prospect Hall are outstanding, giving the opportunity to put limits on the amount you deposit and self-suspension of accounts is slowly becoming available on other online casino websites. However, when you couple that with low deposit and withdrawal amounts, it’s obvious that Prospect Hall are very conscious about making sure they promote responsible gambling.

While some parts of the website are severely limited, Prospect Hall do make up for it with an excellent range of games available. Monty Python and Marvel, among others, really make the online casino experience so much better. It seems that Prospect Hall eclipse a lot of their competitors in the branded games department.

Obviously, there are some aspects of the website and online casino experience that Prospect Hall can expand on and improve on, but at the moment they’ve got off to a great start and clearly have a lot of potential to become a big player in the UK online casino market.

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Rate & Comment
  • I had quite a few problems whilst setting up my account which the FAQ couldn’t answer. Unfortunately there is no live chat option which is a really useful feature on most other sites. There’s also no phone number so you have to wait for an email response which could take days! Prospect Hall is appealing to the eye, but the communication issues really need to be fixed.

  • The themed games on Prospect Hall were great fun and was one of the things that drew me to the site in the first place. The Guns N Roses video slots were recommended to me and I wasn’t disappointed. The minimum deposit and minimum withdrawal amounts are both £10 which is good for people who don’t want to commit too much money, but a downside is the limited deposit options. I was disappointed to learn that there was an app that was only available for IOS on iPhones which is a shame as I would spend a lot more time on Prospect Hall if I could access an app from my Windows phone.

  • Prospect Hall allow you to trial games before you put any money towards them so you can be 100% sure you want to play. This is a great feature as there have been many times where I have put in the minimum deposit on other sites, which is usually around £10-£20 and not wanted to play there anymore but have been unable to withdraw all of my money. The site looks really attractive and there is a great range of games which includes a Live Casino. They offer a great welcome bonus package and more. It’s a shame that you only get 3 games with the free version of their app, but it is pretty inexpensive to buy so that’s not the end of the world. I would recommend Prospect Hall to all of my friends. It’s so user friendly and the games are great fun to play.

  • There are a lot of different games that are all inclusive and really easy to play. If you don’t know how to play some of the games, it doesn’t really matter too much as they are really easy to pick up. I like the fact that there is an app for my iPhone and fortunately it has my favourite game on their! The problem I can see with it though is the fact that there’s only three games available on the free download version, which some people might see as a bit of a con.

  • Prospect Hall really stands out to me. It just looks so great and professional, and runs really smoothly most of the time! It really stands out from a lot of other sites and it’s completely the look that brings me back. The games could be awful (which they’re not!) but the look of the website alone makes me want to keep playing with Prospect Hall.

  • It’s annoying how it is almost impossible to get hold of any customer service. There’s no phone and no live chat. What’s up with that?! They also don’t show their return to player stats which could put a lot of people off. Other than that though, I really enjoy the site as a whole. I like to think of myself as a pretty experienced player and that I know what a good site is and what’s not. Prospect Hall runs smoothly, there is a good range of games and the whole site looks great.

  • Finally a casino that looks classy as well as having all of the games I want to play, Prospect Hall is one casino that I cannot rave more highly about. I very rarely play slots games but I’m a big fan of Starburst, especially as I always seem to make some good winnings on that game. My favourite games to play is their live casino games, their dealers are really fun and they make the live casino experience in my opinion.

  • Not many online casinos have video poker, but I am really glad prospect Hall does as I’m a big fan of their site. They have the fewest restrictions I have seen when it comes to withdrawing winnings and their system is also really easy to use and simple. At Prospect Hall I feel like I am a truly valid customer as when I had a problem I found it on their FAQ page and was able to resolve it rather quickly myself.

  • If you like to dabble in various different games from blackjack to the latest slots games then Prospect Hall is the site for you. I am really impressed; their site is modern without being flashy and in your face.

    It is also easy to navigate and has as simple layout. I personally think that they have some of the best promotions as well, I will certainly be recommending Prospect Hall to my friends.

  • It’s really good that the minimum deposit and withdrawal is so small. I think this is really important on an online casino site because some people can’t afford to put in the big deposits that are needed. The website itself really stands out, it looks so sophisticated and it’s really easy to work your way around it. To me this is just as important because I choose the casinos I play by the way they look. So far I’m really happy with Prospect Hall and will continue to use them in the future.

  • I think Prospect Hall is a great site, it has plenty of slots and the site has a great layout. The customer service support is also way above par, as they have always responded to my emails rather quickly.

    Another bonus with Prospect Hall is that the withdrawal system is superb, I made a withdrawal with my e-wallet and my winnings were in my account in minuets.

  • I think this is a really great site and the layout is really easy to use and to navigate around which is good. The customer service I’ve come across has been really good and I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with the site. They’ve always responded really quickly too which is always a great positive.

  • Plenty of slots and the layout is great. Customer service is excellent, always quick to respond to my emails. The speed of withdrawals is superb. I made a withdrawal to my e wallet and it was actually in my account within minutes. Prospect Hall could teach some of the other casinos how it is done.

    This is by far my favourite site, very trustworthy, fast withdrawals, good customer service, that’s all I ask for and what I get from them.

  • I really love this site, I have seen it around for a while but for some reason never bothered signing up until recently. Great bonuses, a good range of games and I find the return on the slots a lot better than most casinos. When you use Paypal withdrawal was instant and when I say instant I mean the quickest I have ever experienced.

  • The speed of withdrawals is superb. I made a withdrawal to my e wallet and it was actually in my account within minutes. Prospect Hall could teach some of the other casinos how it is done.

  • I personally think that this is a great online casino site, as it has a very clear layout and is easy to navigate. Prospect Hall Casino has the best range of games, as well as all of my favourites.

  • I would definitely recommend this casino to anyone who is thinking of joining. Prospect Hall Casino has a great range of games and has some of the best promotions i have ever received. not sure how i can across it but very happy that i did.

  • Prospect Hall Casino has some pretty tempting promotions and bonus that are obviously aiming to please their customers and attract potential new ones. If you like Guns N’ Roses you will love Prospect Hall as they have NetEnt’s official GNR slot game and it is absolutely brilliant. Who wouldn’t want to rock out to some great tunes like ‘Welcome the jungle’ whilst playing a virtual slot game. If rock or slots are not your thing but Marvel is you have Iron Man or Black Window to play overall review this is awesome gameplay.

  • The Prospect Hall website really stand out to me, it’s sleek, professional and easy to use. It takes the gaming experience to a whole new level which is why I had to write a review. They’ve got a great range of games with amazing graphics. The minimal withdrawal amount of £10 is lower than most other casinos. I will recommend Prospect Hall to all of my friends!

  • prospect Hall casino is great because they offer their members the chance to play the games for free in order to get a feel for them before playing with real money. For me Prospect Hall really stands out in a crowded industry. I love it.

  • I really love the Prospect Hall casino as i really like online casinos that will payout my winnings sooner rather than later. I also like the feel of the site as it’s a little bit different to other ones i have played on.

  • Prospect Hall is a great online casino site with a very clear layout that makes it easy to navigate. Prospect Hall Casino has the best range of games, as well as all of my favourites.

  • Prospect Hall is considered to be quite new to the online gaming scene but is really impressive in the range of games that it offers. I am very happy with the service I have received so far and love playing its regularly updated and improved games!

  • Prospect Hall Casino was a new one for me- I clicked on it by accident but ended up enjoying the whole casino experience online (which I never thought I would). It’s well designed and works without being glitchy

  • It truly believe that Propsect Hall casinos are one of the most fair and trustworthy sites you can play on. I recommend this site as they offer good payout rates and a wide variety of games- perfect!

  • Prospect Hall offers a generous welcome offer of £300 bonus + 100 bonus spins and when you make 1st-2nd-3rd deposit 50% up to 100% to £100 + 50 to 25 spins. Overall review Prospect Hall has a huge variety of arcade games, am loving all the quirky Christmas games as tis the season to be jolly. Very easy to navigate and find your way around and you can enjoy very fast payouts within minutes!!!

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