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PrimeSlots Casino Promotions & Bonuses

Usually most online casino websites are very up front and promotional about their bonuses and promotions, especially when it comes to the incredibly common and industry standard welcome bonus, but that’s not the case for PrimeSlots. There’s no big, flashy, colourful banner; there’s just a little grey mass of background and text at the bottom of the screen that you actually have to click on before you can see the welcome promotion.



The welcome package on offer from PrimeSlots is decent, once you’ve found it. In total, they offer 110 free spins and a 100% bonus. It’s not the best, but it’s certainly OK as far as welcome offers go. You get 10 free spins just for registering, which is absolutely brilliant, giving you the opportunity to win a bit of money before you have even put anything in (although you probably have to deposit before you withdraw, which is common practice for these types of promotions, look at the Payout Policy section for more details). You then get 50 free spins after a minimum of £10 deposit, for the first two deposits.

There doesn’t seem to be many other promotions and bonuses available on the PrimeSlots website but you can also win a whopping £1,000,000 just by playing the spin games. How many times has this jackpot actually been won? Who knows? But why would they tell us anyway?

PrimeSlots Casino Best Games To Play

As PrimeSlots casino is exclusively a slots casino website, you’d be sensible in assuming that there wasn’t a great deal of choice in regards to games. Well you would be wrong, as there are over 250 slots games on offer. But if you ever get sick of playing slots games, then you are out of luck and you should probably find another online casino website to use, because PrimeSlots doesn’t offer any casino or table games whatsoever.

They claim that every third spin wins something, which is something we have found to be true in our experience of playing the slots games that PrimeSlots has to offer. But of course, at those odds, you won’t win big every time you play.

Unlike a lot of other online casino websites, PrimeSlots doesn’t have many branded games, which is quite a disappointment as they add a fun twist to slots games. But they do have some of the more popular NetEnt games, such as Guns N’ Roses and South Park. Of course, when it comes down to it, most of the games are pretty similar as they are all slots games. So it’s probably just best to pick a game and play, rather than fussing about with a theme.

PrimeSlots Casino Software & Graphics

NetEnt are one of the most popular providers of online casino games. They enjoy deals with lots of big name brands, so when you choose PrimeSlots to gamble, you will have access to the likes of Guns N’ Roses and South Park but that seems to be the only big names you can play games with.

The graphics are pretty much industry standard and they work fine on just about any device you can imagine, however you can only the play the PrimeSlots casino games on the desktop for free without signing up for an account. If you are a mobile user you will need to sign up and get an account before you can play games for free. This is a bit frustrating because you would be wasting ten free spins by signing up to just to try out the games.

PrimeSlots Casino Online Support

One of the integral parts of an online casino website is the online support. It is incredibly important for the online casino customers and users to have a quick and easy way to contact the online casino websites they are using or are considering becoming customers of.

So it’s good to see that PrimeSlots do provide a live online chat system, however it’s not the greatest, in fact its response time is actually pretty poor for an online live chat system. This kind of defeats the point of having an online live chat system. If it’s not responsive enough then it becomes a pretty frustrating feature, especially for users who only have a quick question and can’t find the answer easily on the website.

You do have other options if you have questions and queries that need answering. They do indeed have an email address you can send a question to, or alternatively you can phone them on a free number which is available from 8am to 1am CET (Central European Time), it’s a bit annoying that they haven’t posted the GMT equivalent time.

Prime Slots Reviews always mention that  before you do contact PrimeSlots they encourage you to look at the help section of their website to see if they have already answered your question. Their help section is quite extensive and it features eight pages of helpful topics, including Game Information and the History of Prime Slots. Of course it does include a frequently asked questions section, so you should be able to find any answer to any question or query you have about Prime Slots.

PrimeSlots Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

There are so many ways to deposit funds into your PrimeSlots Casino account; PrimeSlots probably have of the largest selections of services you can use to deposit money. They also accept a wide range of currency from the obvious ones such as sterling, euros, dollars, to Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, and even Yen. You are going to find it pretty difficult to not deposit money to your PrimeSlots account.


Prime Slots Reviews always mention that they have an extensive list on their website which you can easily browse, they even provide helpful links to most of the service providers so you can set up an account with your chosen provider before depositing money into your PrimeSlots account. The only major money service that isn’t listed is PayPal as PrimeSlots allows you to deposit money with Visa, MasterCard, Netller, EntroPay, Trustly, among loads of others. Most of them are instant too and there are only a few ways of depositing money that is not – wire transfer takes up to six days, whereas Boleto Bancáiro and Fast Bank Transfer take up to three days. So, if you want an instant deposit you should choose a different method.

Our Prime Slots Review Team says there isn’t an advertised deposit minimum for any of the methods, so it probably is £10, which is what the welcome bonus advertises.

PrimeSlots Casino Payout Policy

There’s a pretty extensive payout policy on the PrimeSlots Casino website, which they call a cash out policy. This PrimeSlots casino review will aim to give you the essential information.

First, our Prime Slots Review Team says like many other online casino websites, you must first make a deposit on the website before you can cash out – this is an important detail to note, especially for PrimeSlots, because as mentioned in the Promotions & Bonuses section of this PrimeSlots casino review, you can actually get free ten spins for just simply signing up, so it is no surprise that you are required to deposit funds before you can access your winnings. This is a standard practice though.

Prime Slots Casino Reviews state the minimum amount you can withdraw is a low £10. This is quite good, as many online casino websites can have a minimum withdrawal amount of at least double that in some cases.

Like many other online casino websites, there are restrictions to the amount you can withdraw, and PrimeSlots is no different. They have a monthly limit of £10,000. Which is OK – it’s not the best but it definitely isn’t the worst limit available. If you’re attempting to withdraw more that £2,300 at once, then you will need to provide PrimeSlots with proof of identification, your age and where you live. So, if you constantly win big, it’s best to withdraw in smaller amounts.

To see the full PrimeSlots cash out policy, you should check out their website.

PrimeSlots Casino Pros & Cons

Our Prime Slots Casino Review states the biggest pro about PrimeSlots is obviously the extensive amount of slots games available to play, with over 200 slots games available on the PrimeSlots website then there is bound to be something for you. The selection is very varied too, which is great, however, while there are absolutely loads of slots games to play, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of branded games. This is a bit short sighted on PrimeSlots’ part, as branded slots games are quite popular among online casino slots players at the moment, but PrimeSlots only have two NetEnt games in the Guns N’ Roses slots game and the South Park slots game. This probably isn’t going to be enough of a pull for a lot of online casino slots players, especially those who enjoy the branded games.

Prime Slots Casino Reviews state one of the best things about the PrimeSlots website is the sheer amount of ways you can deposit, although with such an extensive list you would have figured PayPal would be on there, but, for whatever, reason it’s not. The minimum deposit amount is another big bonus to using the PrimeSlots, a minimum of £10 is pretty good.

PrimeSlots Casino In Summary

Like mentioned in this PrimeSlots Casino review pros and cons section, there are absolutely loads of slots games to be played on the PrimeSlots website, but it really does lack in the branded slots game department. This is a problem, as one feels they need to appeal to different demographics by widening their horizons a little.

However, they do have a lot of redeeming qualities, such as the minimum deposits and the incredibly broad and various methods by which customers can deposit money.

Our Prime Slots Casino Review states PrimeSlots does lack in the promotions and bonuses department, with the only real promotion we could find being the well-hidden welcome bonus. This means PrimeSlots is severely lacking in tangible offers for its users, even if it is a good promotion. They need to add a few more for their regular punters before they can bring customers in through promotions.

In summary, PrimeSlots has some strong points in its favour, especially in the deposit department, but it has a lot of work to do if it wants to be one of the best online casino slots websites.

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Rate & Comment
  • Prime Slots is a great place to go for slots on the internet but there’ are quite a few big branded slots games that are missing which I was looking for. There are hardly any bonuses which also put me off the site quite a lot. If they can give a bit more then they could be one of the best places to go for slots but at the moment the site is pretty average.

  • I had quite a few problems when I started up on Prime Slots but couldn’t get through on the live chat to get someone to help me. I don’t really see the point of having what is meant to be a quick fix chat option on the site if you can’t get a quick answer from them like every other live chat I have ever used. There is an email address and a list of answers and questions on the site, but I don’t want to spend my time waiting on a response or trying to find it myself when there is the option of a live chat which should be instant.

  • I enjoy my time playing on Prime Slots. I managed to make a little bit of money and the withdrawal process was simple and fast. I’m not a huge gambler so Prime Slots is an ideal site for me. The progressive slots are the most fun in my opinion and it was quite easy for me to find my favourite game (Lucky Charms).

  • Primeslots is really interesting. There are so many slots games that it must be hard for people not to find something that suits them. But for me, even though there are so many slots, the ones that I’m looking for are just not there. Like the big branded slots, they’re either not there or I’m finding them really difficult to find. They have the Guns N Roses game which is fun, but where’s all the Marvel and DC games?

  • I’m very much a DIY type of person, so when it comes to trying to find out the solution to a problem I really appreciate decent FAQ and help sections. Fortunately Prime Slots has a really extensive help section AND a FAQ section which really helps when it comes to trying to find out about the site if I get stuck.

  • The welcome bonus doesn’t seem to be too great, and it’s actually quite difficult to find on Prime Slots but when you do eventually find them they’re better than expected. The site offers 110 free spins and a 100% welcome bonus, which is always handy. The best part about it is that you get 10 free spins just for registering which I think is a lovely gesture from the site!

  • I feel like Prime Slots really offers a different type of online casino, and I am pleasantly surprised because I rather quite like it. Their site is very bright and filled with colour which is exactly what I look for as it is a place to have fun. Prime Slots is well thought out online casino and their site couldn’t be easier to use. They also have a great selection of some of the best games going. Very happy and highly impressed, will continue to be a loyal customer to Prime Slots for many years to come.

  • As a fairly new gambler at Prime Slots I couldn’t be happier. They have some pretty decent promotions which I instantly took advantage of when I first signed up. I have played a few of their most popular games including Starburst and Fruity friends and I was surprised that I made some rather good winnings. Unfortunately when I tried one of their instant win games I didn’t have much luck but that won’t put me off coming back for more.

  • PrimeSlots is a very much underrated online casino they have a great selection of slots games and promotions. Although they don’t have many table games but it is clear that their target audience is to slot players. When I wanted to withdraw my winnings it was really easy and not that restrictive in the slightest, and I had access to my money within a few days. Overall very happy to be a loyal customer at PrimeSlots

  • This is a great site because it’s just slots slots slots! There are so many ways to deposit and withdraw money and it is pretty quick and easy to do too. There’s a lot of different slots games too, some of the well known branded ones and some of the lesser known ones too.

  • Prime Slots offers a great bunch of games and I first signed up as they have a very small no deposit bonus to offer to its new users, as well as a typical 100 per cent match up bonus just like most casinos. I registered and started playing some slots games and they were pretty good and I quickly made return on money which is always a big hit with me. All in all very impressed and happy.

  • They have a really big variety of different games which are really fun to play and all of the major deposit options are also available which is good. The welcome offer is quite good and so far this casino has done me well. I’ve never played on a site that uses Cryptologic software and I found it really exciting because I love exploring a whole bunch of new games.

  • Prime Slots casino have the games from Netent and Cryptologic and this was my first casino playing with the Cryptologic software and I was very excited because I love exploring new games. They have a very large and good collection of games as well as fast withdrawal systems, received my winnings within a few hours! Very impressed!

  • As you can play on Prime Slots casino without having to deposit money first there is no risk and fear of losing money. You can check what the games are like and check the server and processing of games. After all the assessment you can decide whether or not to join the casino room and the you can deposit your real money and benefit from the earnings from this casino room they also have a 100% match up bonus on the first deposit you do with them. So for someone who is low risk like me it is perfect.

  • I tried their mobile version which was good but i prefer Prime Slots on PC. have started liking the net entertainment casinos now. The withdrawal system is super fast and I haven’t had any problems as of yet.

  • I really enjoy playing on Prime Slots Casino, not only is there a huge selection of great games but there is all the payment options you could think of and more. They are a very flexible online casino.

  • For me Prime Slots casino is always my go-to casino. I love all of the great slots they have to offer. On top of high quality games they offer a great range of promotions – overall i am incredibly impressed with my experience and will continue to be a loyal player.

  • The chance to win £1,000,000 just by playing the spin games is too hard to resist. As a massive fan of slot games I couldn’t recommend Prime Slot casino more, there are over 250 games to choose from so I don’t see myself getting bored any time soon. Prime Slots casino deserves the positive reviews I’ve seen.

  • Prime Slots Casino creates a very enjoyable experience that I simply love. I come on Prime Slots most nights for a little break on my night shift, my usual game of choice is Lucky Charms. I love that Prime Slots casino keeps their site fresh with a number of new games including ones that use the DC and Marvel brands.

  • PrimeSlots casino is really great because it’s so simple and easy to use. It’s a little bit in your face and brightly coloured but that is the sort of theme that really attracts me to it. I love bright and colourful because it reminds me of Vegas! It has a really low minimum deposit which is super important to me because I can’t always guarantee that I can put the usual £10 to £15 deposit down that most casinos require. The app is also exceptional. I have no complaints whatsoever when it comes to this site.

  • Prime slots is an okay online casino, but if i am honest i much prefer to use the bigger branded online casinos as they have more of the top slot games to play. Prime slots do have quite a good selection but if you looking for an old time favourite then you more than likely won’t find it on here.

  • The minimum deposit is what keeps me playing Prime slots casino. I just want to play a good game every now and then without spending a fortune and they let me do that. Other than that, games are good and paying in is really easy.

  • The jackpot is what keeps making come back to Prime Slots casino. It really a fun game that makes me want to play over and over again! It just has this come back factor. Be sure to check it out!

  • Prime slots casino is a great site because it is full of slots! There are so many ways to deposit and withdraw money and it is pretty quick and easy to do too. There are lots of different slots games too, some of the well known branded ones and some of the lesser known ones too.

  • Prime slots casino is a great site if you want slots! Slots slots slots! There are multiple ways in depositing and withdrawing money and because of the amount of games available I think you’ll be stuck on this for a long while. Get slotting now!

  • If you like your slots then this site is needed for you. There is a huge range of games and you can deposit and withdraw your money really easy. You will not be disappointed as Prime Slots Casino is a cracker of a site.

  • Prime Slots is not just about slots as some of the reviewers may suggest. They have some super fun slot games on offer but there is also so much more to experience too- such as classic games and some new ones that always get me addicted. Prime Slots 4 life!!!

  • Hello Prime Slots! This is an awesome platform for those who adore slots as much as I do! They have loads of promotions on offer here and currently have a 110 free spins for you to take advantage off- why not sign up now!? With 200 or so slot games to pick from you would be mad not to!

  • Prime slots is one of the best slot games out there in my opinion. With an astonishing £1,000,000 jackpot and 110 spins what is there not to love. It is very mobile friendly so you can play on mobile or tablet if you cant get enough of you fave slot games. Overall review a great gaming experience and very well explained on what types of slot games are at play, and Prime Slots is very secure with payouts.

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